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Middle East » Kuwait » Al Kuwait October 24th 2008

Dear Friends, Family, and Readers, We are currently undergoing maintenance on our website, so blogs will not be available for public reading. If you are already subscribed to our blog, you don't need to do anything. If you were not subscribed but would like to receive updates, please send us a private message on this site including your name and email, and we'll add you to our list. : ) Joel and Emily... read more

Middle East » Kuwait » Al Kuwait September 9th 2008

I'm back. I'm still a bit dizzy from the trip. A arrived friday and now I'm already back at Kuwait - not so happy, very tired and a bit depressed. To make it worse its ramaddan, to make it better its only for 4 days. I think the trip has put somethings in perspective. It is really difficult to be satisfied whith everything that life offers you (at least for me). And the one thing I found out is that what is able to do it for you is people. As much as I am kind of a loner and like to be alone more than most, the only trully peacefull moments come when I'm surrounded by good people. This is much more important than the place where you're at. (of course a good paradisiac beach ... read more

Middle East » Kuwait » Al Kuwait May 21st 2008

Laundry day. I took my clothes to the laundry trailer today. The laundry is run by the Indians too. They first weigh your laundry in kilograms then ask you to dump it out. They thouroughly check your pockets for cash and ammunition; then inventory it. They list the size and type of every item and write it up as if you were at a real dry cleaner. It will be ready in three days - better than the turn around at my home dry cleaner. Hopefully it will smell better. This evening we went to an outdoor concert at the Camp stage. The Redding Brother's from Nashville, Tennessee played. They are a rock band who played some original music and covers. They were not great but the best band in Kuwait right now anyway. The singer ... read more
Mark with the SA80

Middle East » Kuwait » Al Kuwait April 16th 2008

So another exhibition in a gulf country and I was on my way to Kuwait. Totally spent five days there. If you were a kid like me in the 80's, Kuwait has a different meaning for you. It was the ground where another episode of Star Wars took place and this was shown on TV's live. Good allied forces were fighting against the bad guys, to save Kuwaiti people from torture, killings and rapings. It was a magnificient war, which we watched at our living rooms with exictiment, still all of us has the image of the bombs hitting the buildings, demolishing it with clones inside. Anyways besides that I did not have any information or an image in my head about Kuwait. During the flight it was not suprising to see many Americans with military ... read more
Japanese Restaurant, Marina Mall
Kuwait Marina
Independence tower

Middle East » Kuwait » Al Kuwait December 21st 2007

Hey again all. Well. Just got back from a few days up North. Kuwait city is a very interesting place. We didn't visit there at all when I was coming into the region a few months ago (has it been that long already?) so this chance to see it was jumped at. We had a port visit planned with our unit coming in for a few hours for maintainance. We flew in and headed straight for the hotel. Crowne Plaza. Very nice. 4 star or something ridiculus like that. Meh. All in a days work hehehehe. We were supposed to have that afternoon and the next day working before the ship was arriving the day after. That afternoon however it never showed. We had issues getting the diplomatic clearance through the local authorities. At the moment ... read more

Middle East » Kuwait » Al Kuwait September 3rd 2007

welp, i have to admit, updating this travel blog thing was more work than i had thought, so i'll make this a quick update... most of my pics have been uploaded through facebook cause its much faster than the system this site uses, so i'll just post links to those pictures instead of re-uploading them enjoy ;D London Pics: 1) London 1 2) London 2 3) London 3 Paris Pics: 1) Paris 1 2) La Louvre Egypt Pics: 1) url= read more

Middle East » Kuwait » Al Kuwait August 18th 2007

Was it a dream? Took me a while to get to bed last night. The baby usually sleeps through till morning, but for some reason she woke at 12 wanting an extra feed. All fed and watered she got into bed with us and fell off into a deep sleep. I followed very soon after her, I was exhausted after a day of entertianing. 1.43AM omg bed shaking, whats going on.... I was physically wiggle woggled out of my bed. I looked over to see my hubby snoring sweetly and baby didnt stir. Im standing by the bed with my heart pounding, things rattling and clanking around me. After a short while silence fell. I run into the bedrooms of my 2 other children and they are both sleeping sweetly. My adrenaline is rushing and ... read more

Middle East » Kuwait » Al Kuwait August 15th 2007

FUN LAND !! There are very few play areas for children that are indoor, so when I come across one I like to share it's information. Fun Land is an indoor childrens play area which consists of a large climbing sliding soft play area, arcade type games, and some small scale fair rides. Its very very cheap at fun land. All rides are 250 fils (except soft play area/ climbing frames, this is 1kd per child but they get to stay in as long as they like and go in and out for drinks etc). You purchase a plastic swipe card nd add as much or as little as you like. Theres a man who sits in a booth at one end of the room and he adds credit to your card (he isnt always sitting ... read more
1/4 of soft play area
more games

Middle East » Kuwait » Al Kuwait August 13th 2007

I'm Back. Its been so long since I updated this blog I almost forgot how to get back to it. I have an announcment to make, We have a new baby :D yey... Welcome baby Salma into the world. She is the cutest thing, but of course I am going to say that arn't I.. hehe I have only positive things to say about my birth here in Kuwait and will get to that further into my entry... So this entry is dedicated to my birth here in Kuwait... Good luck to anyone who is pregnant or trying and congrats to all new babies in kuwait and the world. Im walking on air :D ok what have I been up to.. I did not travel this year as I had a very rocky pregnancy (nothing to ... read more
My Room

Middle East » Kuwait » Al Kuwait September 19th 2006

I hope someone read that title and freaked out…... I have been on my little journey for about 3 weeks now o an update is well over due. So, everything is going……. (drumroll) really rather well. I will sum up some basic stuff/events in a few witty-ish bulletpoints: - 45 degrees weather does feel quite normal after a couple of days, I play football sometimes in the midday heat - "Mad dogs and Englishmen" etc, but you get used to it. As long as your're downing 3/4 litres per hour of sport everything seems OK, only collapsed once during sport activities. - Have joined lots of clubs to keep myself busy and sporty (lack of alcohol DOES actually make you more active - I always thought that was a myth). Clubs including Tennis club, local footy ... read more

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