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Middle East » Kuwait » Al Kuwait August 27th 2006

This journal account is primarily about what happens from the time after September 06 in Kuwait, but feel that a quick recap of the 26 odd year before 06 might help give a more rounded picture. So.... here goes (Will be like the Reduced Shakespeare Society etc) So, were born in January 1980 to parents, Roy and Jacki, in Poole - Dorset. Waiting for me was my big sister Jayne who arrived a couple of years before me. Oh, and Filley - pet English Setter Dog. Parents moved us to Seaford (sussex) 3 months after my birth and Tamsyn (second sister) was born in 1983. Ummm everything else was pretty standard for a few years. No major events or issues, very 'normal' childhood if such a thing exists.... Morgan (Great Munsterlander dog joined the pack in ... read more
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Middle East » Kuwait » Al Kuwait June 1st 2006

I had always wanted to see the Kuwait Towers in person. The architecture of them is amazing to me! I finally set out to do just that on May 31, 2006. I would also visit the Kuwait Hard Rock Cafe while there. I departed Indy to Philadelphia in the early afternoon on a Northwest Airlink CRJ-200 aircraft. After a few hours at PHL, I caught British Airways flight 66, a 777 to London and they upgraded me to business class! I arrived early the next morning into London and waited a few hours again for Kuwait Airways 104, another 777. I was really impressed with the Kuwait service! We arrived into Kuwait in the early evening and the sun was still out. The visa process was not quick but after about an hour I was out ... read more
Kuwait Towers
Kuwait Towers
View from my hotel room

Middle East » Kuwait » Al Kuwait August 11th 2005

Hello all, and thank you for coming back yet again. I haven't updated my diary for nearly a month now as it has been incredibly hot and I have been hiding away inside the house where the air conditioning keeps me from cooking internally and turning into a blistered lobster. They record the temperature in the shade and today it was 47c... so I guess in the sun that would be hitting around 52c and it feels it too. The hot air dries your throat, blisters your lips and dries your eye balls so they feel like ping pong balls that have been rolled in sticky sand bobbing up and down in your sockets :S takes a little getting used to but I think we are getting there. So life here has been a little subdued ... read more
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