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Middle East » Kuwait May 3rd 2006

Just had to rave about this place This week myself and a group of friends decided to go some where different for our breakfast outing (we try to go as often as possible using the excuse that we are researching eateries in kuwait hehe). This week we decided to try a Lebanese restaurant we had seen close to a place called Fresh where my friends have eaten before. The food, service and surroundings were so good, I rushed back here to tell you all about it. Anyone who is alredy in Kuwait MUST go and try this place out. Its called Al Berdawny (find it at this link ) When you first arrive, the thing that strikes you the most is the beauty of the restaurant itself. Its very castle looking with the most ... read more
little stream running under the bridge in the garden area
Outside view or AlBerdawny

Middle East » Kuwait May 1st 2006

Do I feel Guilty Hi everyone again.. Thank you so much for coming back.. Ok here is the score. Back home in blighty I would spend my mornings getting Laila up dressed fed and ready for school, while rugby tackling my toddler into his half decent clothes and rolling the pair of them out the door and into the car (porridge oats in hair, toast up nose and looking like they had been dragged through a hedge backwards) all leaving myself 10 minutes to drive 20 minutes away to the school to post Laila safely through the gate before the bell went.. Yes for those of you paying attention I did miss something out. GETTING MYSELF DRESSED !! Race back home.. 2 minutes left before bell goes. take nighty off, throw tracksuit on, race back out ... read more
The lady herself
Perfume anyone??
Amazing View

Middle East » Kuwait April 29th 2006

Where have I been Hello everyone. Firstly I really have to apologise for not updating this blog for such a long time and not checking in to see if it was being read. It all started as a way of me keeping friends up to date and I never thought so many people would find it and read it, and wow.. so many people have found it interesting.. So here goes. I will now promise to keep updating hopefully at least once a month or more as the longer I'm in Kuwait the more I learn and the easier life gets. (and more fun hehe). Where to begin. Ok well there is quite a large gap from my last entry to this one. Quick recap is in order I think. When I wrote the last ... read more
Camel in Kuwait Zoo
Gate to Yuam al Bahar village
Twin towers Kuwait.

Middle East » Kuwait » Al Kuwait August 11th 2005

Hello all, and thank you for coming back yet again. I haven't updated my diary for nearly a month now as it has been incredibly hot and I have been hiding away inside the house where the air conditioning keeps me from cooking internally and turning into a blistered lobster. They record the temperature in the shade and today it was 47c... so I guess in the sun that would be hitting around 52c and it feels it too. The hot air dries your throat, blisters your lips and dries your eye balls so they feel like ping pong balls that have been rolled in sticky sand bobbing up and down in your sockets :S takes a little getting used to but I think we are getting there. So life here has been a little subdued ... read more
green and lush
Budgie fooood

Middle East » Kuwait July 18th 2005

Hello to all, Well the heading speaks for its self really... hehehhee I think this statement is a great rule to live by. When in rome do as the roman's do... So that's exactly what I have done. nearly 90% of Kuwaiti's have a maid (or two) and a driver to boot if ones needed. Maybe a nanny also to help with the children but many maids do that. Envy was not the word. Every day I would see the maids washing cars, doing laundry, ironing (my most hated thing in life I think), food shopping, mopping..... you name it they did it. Great... Darling, I said... I want one... I sounded like one of those children you see with the faces pressed up against the window of a toy shop "I want one".. So being ... read more
Long live air con

Middle East » Kuwait June 23rd 2005

So here we are. Our lives in London have well and trully been left behind and we are now at the point of nooooo return. How do I feel? well. actually its a strange mixture. I feel scared, excited, aprehensive, expectant, nervous, lost.... and strangely.... at home. Our contact in Kuwait had arranged an apartment for us. He also bought a few essencials like bed for us, bed for Laila and a cot for Adam. A tv, fridge freezer, cooker, microwave and 2 plastic garden chairs. There were a few bits put into the fridge to tide us over for the morning also. First things first was trying to get the children settled in and try at least to get some clothes unpacked and make this new "home" some what like a home. A little bit ... read more
What a view. hehehe
Laila at Sharq Harbour

Middle East » Kuwait June 23rd 2005

Well, we have been here for a few weeks now and I think we are adapting well. We seem to be finding most of what we need to get this place fixed up, and making a few mistakes along the way which is all part of the learning process. (You can laugh about my mistakes in a bit). OK so most of what we have done over the past 6 weeks is trail shops and follow advice from people we have met on which shops we should go to, which ones to avoid, wheres the cheapest, who's the trendiest. WOW... Im very lucky hubby has a great sense of direction... All roads lead to somehwre here but to me its major confusion.But Gad says it works on an huge grid basis. Each area is a grid ... read more
food glorious foooooood
wow Mo, thats huge
Shop within the old suok

Middle East » Kuwait June 21st 2005

Welcome to my life. Firstly let me introduce myself. My name is Lucy. Im 28 years old. I have been married for 9 happy years and now have 2 little ones. Laila is nearly 6, and Adam who has just turned 2. I was born in the United Kingdom in London. I met my Husband 10 years ago. My Husband was born in Egypt, in Alexandria. And thats us so far :) a very quick introduction. On 17th April, we Emigrated to Kuwait. My husband was offered a Job working with the UN, and then later with the ministery of education, so it looks like we will be here for at least 6 years. It wasn't a huge decision to move here. Life in the UK was mainly work eat sleep work eat sleep. No social ... read more

Middle East » Kuwait October 11th 2003

I am a U.S. Marine that was deployed to Camp Fox, Kuwait from June 2003 to October 2003. I was attached to Ammo Company, 2nd Supply Battalion, 2nd FSSG. Kuwait was a very hot, dry country that doesn't have much to look at. Kuwait City is the only city that I saw, the rest of the country was sand dunes and oil wells. There is still a lot of destryed Iraqi tanks and other military equipment scattered around the desert and quite often you get to see herds of camels wandering around.... read more
Emperor Scorpion

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