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September 9th 2008
Published: September 9th 2008
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I'm back.

I'm still a bit dizzy from the trip. A arrived friday and now I'm already back at Kuwait - not so happy, very tired and a bit depressed. To make it worse its ramaddan, to make it better its only for 4 days.
I think the trip has put somethings in perspective. It is really difficult to be satisfied whith everything that life offers you (at least for me). And the one thing I found out is that what is able to do it for you is people. As much as I am kind of a loner and like to be alone more than most, the only trully peacefull moments come when I'm surrounded by good people. This is much more important than the place where you're at. (of course a good paradisiac beach or a wild jungle around you help a bit).

Also I might join those who try the lottery every week. I have found out that work is not that important for me and I would gladly, spend my life travelling arround a chilling out whith friends. Its not that hard to find good stuff to do. If I had quit my job before I went on the trip I would have probably continued my journey until by bank account was zeroed.
However I can only say this with ease now that I am back in my old life. Truth is there are still things that keep me at home and a week ago I really wanted to come back.

To conclude I might have not found what I was looking for but I certainly found something else.
Also Kuwait has bever appeared to be such a shitty country as it seems now. :P


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