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Middle East » Kuwait » Al Jahra May 16th 2008

The weather has cleared. It is not clear and sunny but hazy and hot. The dust is still thick in the air but it does not blow too hard so that you do not need goggles. Another day of aclimization. My buddies and I spent the day getting ready for tomorrow's training. We are exploring the camp and figuring out the best places for Internet and phone use.There was a concert tonight. The Air Force has a pop/rock band that plays covers all over the theater of operations. My friend Mark and I sat outside and enjoyed some ice cream during the show. The band played some really new tunes that I did not know the names of but played some clasics too. I really enjoyed the country and rock. The band played American Pie and ... read more

Middle East » Kuwait » Al Jahra May 15th 2008

The weather is terrible. There is a light sandstorm the wind is voracious and the sand is in everything. My uniform is buttoned up all the way. I have a boonie cap, sun glasses, and bandana tied over my face. Picture a soldier robbing a bank. There is pallets of bottled water in front of every tent. I think that the water has sand in it - all I taste is grit and dirt. Maybe it will whiten my teeth. We stay in large tents made of plastic. The floor is plywood which is nice as my feet don't get to dirty when I get up to go to the bathroom (the bathroom is a little walk from the tent). We had our first experience with 220 voltage. The ourlets here have a funny shape. They ... read more

Middle East » Kuwait » Al Jahra May 15th 2008

Arrived in Kuwait today. It is wierd - I lost May 14th. I do not know where it went. It is 7 hours ahead of East Coast. We arrived and had yet another briefing. I learned that we had a suprise benefit.Since a war zone is tax free and you only have to be in the war zone for one day to recieve the tax free benefit we begin today. Pay is 1-15 and 16-30. We arrived on the 15th so tax free from the 1st-15th - hooah. We drove to our base which is a few hours away. It is real now as we had live ammo and had to ride with the windows blacked. After we arrived we ate and took a nap. Food is good. I sure miss everyone. ... read more

Middle East » Kuwait » Al Jahra May 13th 2008

Today we left Ft. Hood on our great eastward journey. We left for the airfield about 1700. When we got to the airfield we had a briefing on Anti Terrorism which seemed odd as everyone on the plane had a rifle or pistol, and a knife. After the briefing we had dinner, a sandwich and chips. The USO, Salvation Army, adn some churches had many offerings. The USO had snacks, drinks, and gum. The Salvation Army had toiletries and chapstick - they also offered to send our mail home for free. I wrote letters to my family and sent a singing card to Lizzie. We soon boarded our plane, a DC 10. It was a bare bones 1960 era aircraft. The intercom was broken so the flight attendant used a bull horn. We flew to a ... read more

Middle East » Kuwait » Al Kuwait April 16th 2008

So another exhibition in a gulf country and I was on my way to Kuwait. Totally spent five days there. If you were a kid like me in the 80's, Kuwait has a different meaning for you. It was the ground where another episode of Star Wars took place and this was shown on TV's live. Good allied forces were fighting against the bad guys, to save Kuwaiti people from torture, killings and rapings. It was a magnificient war, which we watched at our living rooms with exictiment, still all of us has the image of the bombs hitting the buildings, demolishing it with clones inside. Anyways besides that I did not have any information or an image in my head about Kuwait. During the flight it was not suprising to see many Americans with military ... read more
Japanese Restaurant, Marina Mall
Kuwait Marina
Independence tower

Middle East » Kuwait February 18th 2008

After announcing our plans to travel the World, many folks have asked us how we decided to take an adventure of this grand scale. I’m sure there is a simple answer to these questions, but everyone knows that I have never given a simple answer to any question. Lynne and I pause for a brief moment in our planning and reflect on the primary factors that led us to this fascinating decision. For both of us, it all started in the days of our youth. Although our tales are a little different, the experiences of our youth shaped and molded our adventurous spirit. For me, it started out at a very young age. I was a fearless and curious kid who had to find out what was over the hill or around the next corner. I ... read more
Wild Kingdom
Christopher Columbus
Bryce Canyon, Utah

Middle East » Kuwait February 16th 2008

Oh yes, Now comes time to plan it all out. Since we decided to peruse this great adventure on the 13th of February, we have begun a very extensive research and planning mission to ensure we are fully able to execute when it comes time to launch into an unknown world. This is no small feat. Just to give you a little glimpse about some of the planning factors, I'll take the time to break it down for you and give you a little introduction to planning and around-the-world adventure. This whole adventure begins with research and lots of it. Thank goodness for the World-Wide-Web and the access of information at our fingertips. This certainly helps in many aspects of putting this adventure together. This is certainly nothing like planning a trip to Disney World. This ... read more
The research begins
Money, Money, Money
Planning Central

Middle East » Kuwait February 13th 2008

***NEWSFLASH***NEWSFLASH***NEWSFLASH***NEWSFLASH***NEWSFLASH*** On the evening of Wednesday, 13 February 2008, Lynne and I made a decision that would change our lives forever. We have decided that when we leave Kuwait, we will return to the states to visit friends and family as well as take care of business prior to our next GREAT ADVENTURE. Our next great adventure will begin with a flight to Iceland. Iceland will be the first stop on a nine-month Around-the-World adventure of a lifetime. WOW--go ahead and say it outloud--WOW In the 8+ years that Lynne and I have been together, we have capitalized on the opportunity to get out and explore. Our adventure began when she joined me in South Carolina just a few short years ago. We soon found ourselves in Northern Japan which changed our entire outlook on life. ... read more

Middle East » Kuwait February 12th 2008

LTD Passport--Just what the heck is this all about? Well, let me explain in simple terms. Lynne and I have formed an LTD. We are not in any business venture, nor are we providing any product or service. LTD simply stands for Living The Dream and the passport is the tool that allows us to do exactly that--Live The Dream. Since the begining of our life together, we have found one common thing that binds us together. ADVENTURE. Some of our adventures take on a really mild appearance, while others take on a whole differnt facad that allows us to explore things we never dreamed possible. We hope to share our experiences with family and friends through this blog. Check back often. In the near future, we will announce plans to take our life of adventure ... read more

Middle East » Kuwait » Al Kuwait December 21st 2007

Hey again all. Well. Just got back from a few days up North. Kuwait city is a very interesting place. We didn't visit there at all when I was coming into the region a few months ago (has it been that long already?) so this chance to see it was jumped at. We had a port visit planned with our unit coming in for a few hours for maintainance. We flew in and headed straight for the hotel. Crowne Plaza. Very nice. 4 star or something ridiculus like that. Meh. All in a days work hehehehe. We were supposed to have that afternoon and the next day working before the ship was arriving the day after. That afternoon however it never showed. We had issues getting the diplomatic clearance through the local authorities. At the moment ... read more

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