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Middle East » Kuwait November 10th 2018

Just finished a smooth uneventful flight to Kuwait. The flight path map seemingly becomes more relevant as we flew over places like Mosul, Kirkuk, Baghdad and Teheran. A few hours of sleep and we’re on our way to landing - 8 time zones ahead. We are arriving a bit late...about 5 PM and a tight connection to make!... read more

Middle East » Kuwait » Al Kuwait March 29th 2017

So, the smooth sailing had to stop at some point, yah? Not that anything bad happened. At all. I have had far greater travel woes. We flew into Kuwait instead of Basrah because it was about half the price. Probably will splurge next time. It started great. We land in Kuwait City and we obtain our visas and skate through customs. We meet with Dr. Rick Wilkerson and Professor Thamer Hamdan. Rick is a sports surgeon in Iowa and Thamer is the Chancellor of the University of Basrah, where he also works as a spine surgeon. He is dressed sharply in a suit and speaks English very well. He is gracious and kind and makes it clear he hopes that I find a second home in Basrah. He is a charmer and carries an air of ... read more

Middle East » Kuwait » Al Kuwait May 17th 2015

So, the Arabian Gulf trip came around, and the first port of call proper was Kuwait City, the capital and indeed only city of any size in the small Arab State of Kuwait. Oil rich and blighted by an early 90s state of all-out emergency and conflict, Kuwait in the realm of today is an abode of peace, and with the right amount of planning, you too could enjoy the highlights of Kuwait City in the condensed time frame of a mere two days. The House of Mirrors was first on the agenda, and this could so very easily be the final word in all of the artistic statements which the country has ever been associated with. The majority of ground floor level of the building is adorned with fragments of mirrors, both inside and out ... read more
One of the city's more prominent mosques (Kuwait City; Kuwait)
Kuwait City's skyline, as viewed from Souk Sharq (Kuwait City; Kuwait)
The liberation tower, as seen from Souk Al Mubarakiya (Kuwait City; Kuwait)

Middle East » Kuwait » Al Farwaniyah January 24th 2015

Versatility by G As I type this I am sitting in a fancy hotel in Kuwait Airport, provided free by Kuwait Airways because they had to reschedule our flight. I would have been happy with Travelodge quality but Safir Airport Hotel is at least twice as good as the average Travelodge, and the food I've had so far is as good as a £10 a dish restaurant. This is in total stark contrast to how E and I have spent the past couple of weeks: ranging from ridiculously ill in a traditional Nepalese mud-and-brick house with infrequent electricity and no running water; to a basic but comfortable guest house in Pokhara; one night in a backstreet B&B in Kathmandu; and the past two nights in a middle class flat in New Delhi where we drank, smoked, ... read more

Middle East » Kuwait October 28th 2014

So for the final flight I was off to Kuwait. Not sure if this was on purpose - send the party animal Scottish girl to a dry country for her last trip! Mmmmmm, probably for the best! Was quite glad I got it actually as get free breakfast and good for some shopping, especially with Christmas coming up. Only a night stop, so we got there about 8am local; had free buffet breakfast then went to bed for few hours. Got up and sat by the pool for a couple of hours. Was really warm but unfortunately not that sunny for me to get my last tanning session. At 6.30pm, myself and three other people on my crew got a driver to take us to The Souk. This is the place to go for all your ... read more
Nice last flight chill by pool
Kuwait city
Another one

Middle East » Kuwait August 31st 2014

If like me you have numerous large gaps on your CV that often require quite constructive/imaginative explanations while in job interviews, then here is the best justification I have so far discovered. (Although if they take big issue with gaps due to travelling then I’d suggest these aren’t people you want to work for.) “Not too hot today is it?” I say to Kishore the site civil engineer from Andhra Pradesh as we arrive back at the cabin at the same time. “No sir, perfectly manageable.” He replies as we go to check the thermometer in the shaded porch. It’s 46C. It’s 8.30am. We’ve already been out in the desert working for 4 hours. You know you have been in Kuwait too long when any temperature below 50C is deemed “mild”. Think about when you’ve put ... read more
Kuwait Desert
At Work
Kuwait City beach

Middle East » Kuwait » Al Kuwait August 18th 2013

My first destination will be Dubai where I have a brief stop over before continuing on the Persian Gulf state of Kuwait. Kuwait gained independence from the British in 1961 and was invaded by Saddam in 1990 triggering the first Gulf War. Accommodation expensive here but comes with various luxuries including free Wifi and importantly airconditioning because the heat here is extreme. After leaving Adelaide just before 10 pm I finally arrived after 19 uncomfortable hours, I then had to go get a visa which was annoying before passing through customs and stepping out into the furnace. I decided to take a taxi and was surprised when my driver was an Arab, I was expecting an Indian of Pakistani. The man was very pleasant and friendly but drove way to fast relying heavily on his breaks, ... read more
Souk Marbakia
The Grand Mosque
70 metre tall minaret of the Grand Mosque

Middle East » Kuwait » Salmiya January 5th 2013

This is my fourth year in Kuwait. I teach at a private university here. I'm here for the money, I won't lie. But I do have a very good job that I like and there are some cool things to see here. If you live here. There is absolutely no reason to come here as a tourist, although I did meet some rather naive backpackers last year who thought there was. They looked like fish out of water walking around in 40 degree heat with huge backpacks on the Gulf Road. I bet they got more stares than a blond woman in a ankle length skirt and modest t-shirt. I took some pictures over the last few days and though I would share them. I'll add more when I have more. Pictures tell just as good ... read more
Cheesecake Factory
Me at The Cheesecake Factory
Glass Ceiling

Middle East » Kuwait December 13th 2012

Kuwait: The country without rivers but a lot of oils so gasoline is cheaper than water and about $1 or .26 Dinars for a gallon making the Kuwait Dinar the highest valued currency in the world. Kuwait 4-2008 Dubai oman kuwait 4-2008... read more
Kuwait tower
At Iraq border

Middle East » Kuwait February 27th 2012

When I walked through the door I was almost blinded. Outside, the day was quite uncharacteristically – for Kuwait – grey and rainy. Inside this house, tucked into the non-descript residential area of Qadisiya, all was ablaze in light and color, refracted off every possible surface.There was no hiding the fact that this was the House of Mirrors. The life’s work of Lidia al-Qattan, an Italian-born, British-educated woman who married a Kuwaiti man (Khalifa al-Qattan, who became one of the most famous Kuwaiti artists), the House of Mirrors is just that: a house covered inside and out in mirror-fragment mosaics. This vivacious septuagenarian woman, a widow since 2003, gives private tours of her home if you ring ahead. Originally, I had planned on joining my hosts, Hamlet and Anita, for an excursion... read more
The Living Room, Where It All Started
Lots Going On Here
Details, Details

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