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Middle East » Israel » Tel Aviv District » Tel Aviv October 22nd 2018

We are looking down from the top floor of a converted Bauhaus cinema, now the cool boutique hotel where we are staying. Around Dizengoff Square, with its drum-shaped fountain, are a number of fine Bauhaus buildings. Characteristic long horizontal lines formed by smooth balconies and ribbons of windows, skinny verticals (including the classic “thermometer” windows of internal stair ways), gentle curves and occasional sinuous forms abound. There is over 1000 of these remarkable buildings remaining from the Modern Movement of the 1920s and early 1930s. They were built by European immigrants schooled in the International style and adapted for a hotter climate. They display an elegant simplicity and functionality of style. The majority are built from smoothly rendered white washed concrete and possibly result of the “poverty of materials” experienced by this city during its early ... read more

Middle East » Israel » Tel Aviv District » Tel Aviv April 29th 2018

Last day in Israel, packed our bags and said our farewells to Michal. After a wonderful stay with them, John drove us to a local train station for the 20 minute trip to HaShalom Station. He was kind enough to come in with us and assist us with the luggage and in buying the correct ticket. The train wasn’t very full as it was just after 9am and we got into the last carriage as John suggested and got the side section which saved us carrying our bags up or down stairs. When we got to HaShalom the lift was right in front of us so it was all perfect. Then we asked about lockers and found 2 large ones available for 30NIS each. Put the bags in and then went to the shopping centre (next ... read more
Tel Aviv Government Complex
Office Buildings behind Sarona

Middle East » Israel » Tel Aviv District » Tel Aviv April 28th 2018

Had my first sleep-in on this trip and woke up at 8am thanks to our comfortable accommodation at the Bostock house. Had some of John’s muesli for breakfast which was great as it’s my usual type of breakfast. John then drove us to the old port of Jaffa which we had only briefly visited the day before. This time we had a leisurely walk through the whole area which was great. Very interesting walking through the Ottoman era alleys and admiring the views of Tel Aviv. We then drove to the Neve Zedek area which was the first area of Jewish settlement when Jaffa became too crowded. There are many original houses, some needing a lot of restoration work. It was very interesting walking through and seeing all the families out and about as well. It’s ... read more
Old Jaffa Port
Old Jaffa Port
Old Jaffa Port

Middle East » Israel » Tel Aviv District » Tel Aviv April 27th 2018

Isreal Delicious...what an apt description for this tour! If any of you who are reading this comes to Tel Aviv, this is a must...without a doubt! A group of 7 met our tour host at the mouth of the Carmel Market. However, she took us around the outskirts of the market to get samples of all her favorites. (I will be going back to the market later today to just take it in.) With all her knowledge of food and relationships with the shop owners, this was an incredible experience. We started off at a juice bar, but this was no Jamba Juice! Hearing the background of the shop owners to the history of their products was incredibly interesting...and samples of course! Then, off to her favorites bakery. We were able to sample the original bagels ... read more

Middle East » Israel » Tel Aviv District » Tel Aviv April 27th 2018

What can I say other than senses overload! The colors, sounds, atmosphere and much of everything! Almost chaos with the amount of energy around this market. It was hard to take everything in, let alone take pictures. It didn't help the it was Friday afternoon and the market was dealing with Shabbat happening soon. I made it through once and had to refresh and hang out for a half hour before going in again! I suppose this is what a middle eastern market is all about. Vendors yelling, people shopping and eating. There was all sorts of fruits, vegetables, spices, breads and pastries and candy. Household items, paper products, clothes and souvenirs. I am not sure how people were actually able to buy anything with the mass of humanity roaming...but they did! After this experience, ... read more

Middle East » Israel » Tel Aviv District » Tel Aviv April 26th 2018

Whelp...I made it! The flights and layovers were long but everything went smooth. Had a 5 hour layover in Munich and the highlight there was the showers! Yup...showers! For 15 euro, you can use a dressing room/washroom/walk in shower. Equipped with towels, body wash and shampoo along with a blow dryer. And after a long 10 hour flight, this was heaven! Also had the best pizza. Crazy I know, but it sounded good so I got it...ate the whole bloody thing...I am on holiday after all! The flight from Munich was a short 3 1/2 hours and then it hit me...I am a foreigner in a foreign land! While there were some English signs here and there, there were not as many as I was hoping in the terminal. However, by following the crowd (and trying ... read more
Waiting for Pizza
Tel Aviv

Middle East » Israel » Tel Aviv District » Tel Aviv April 26th 2018

From what I read about sites to see, the street art was a must in Tel Aviv. Great thing was, I didn't have to go looking, it found me on my way to dinner and back!... read more

Middle East » Israel » Tel Aviv District » Tel Aviv February 26th 2017

Well this brief stopover certainly doesn’t feel like a pilgrimage. I am on my way to Tiberias in Galilee, but now find myself in the swanky Ultra Hotel in Tel Aviv. The interior of the hotel and the room just ooze a kind of slick vibe. This is the type of room that I would have described as “pimp” in my crazier younger days. The giant shower is right in the middle of the room. Its walls are frosted clear and if you were lying in bed you could easily make out the figure of the person in the shower. As I said it’s not quite the right kind of room for a solitary pilgrim. After finally finding my way out of the beyond confusing Tel Aviv Central bus station and getting overcharged by a sketchy ... read more
United States Embassy

Middle East » Israel » Tel Aviv District » Tel Aviv February 22nd 2017

I booked a flight on February 22 beginning from DFW International airport to Tel Aviv, Israel that leaves at 12:35 pm and arrives in Tel Aviv at 4:25 pm on Thursday Feb 23. A total of 19 hours, 50 minutes with two stops will complete the trip. I left Belton around 7 am on the morning of February 22 to arrive at the airport a few hours early. My parents dropped me off at the airport 10:15 am. Here I am boarding my flight with The Christian Travelers Guide to the Holy Land (typical. I know!) in one hand and a latte in the other. Our first stop was in Philly and went over pretty smooth. After hours of sitting next to a man who snored extra loudly we made it to our second stop in ... read more

Middle East » Israel » Tel Aviv District » Tel Aviv February 15th 2017

Day 6 started at 7:oo am sharp that morning as we made our way to Hakovshim Bistro for breakfast before we parted to the ancient city of Dan. We ordered schnitzel and mashed potatoes, shawarma and rice. And to make things better, their coffee was excellent. The ancient city of Dan was a two hour and ten minute drive. The city of Dan, located in upper Galilee near the Golan Heights and the border with Lebanon, was originally a Canaanite city called Laish before the Israelite tribe of Dan conquered it and changed the name. I was going over a few facts before we made it to Dan. On our way I noticed signs going to Nazareth, Tiberius and other names I remembered from the Bible. At 11:oo am we finally made it to Dan and ... read more

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