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Israel Travel Savings

Some deals on savings on car rental in Israel. The best way to see the whole country.
14 years ago, October 21st 2009 No: 1 Msg: #90154  
How the tourist to Israel benefits from the global economic crisis

It’s irrefutable. Tourism to Israel is down. As much as people may want to come, looking for a job or working hard to hold onto the current job takes precedence over vacations abroad. And even if you do have vacation time, you have to have the funds to travel to Israel and to enjoy yourself once you are there.

Ironically, now is the best time to travel to Israel. The country badly depends on incoming tourism, and will work hard to entice visitors. What this means is that prices are dropping dramatically – something visitors can take advantage of. From car rental to souvenirs, you can be saving more money.

Some tips to keep in mind:
1. If you don’t want to crash at friends and relatives, there are options to hotels. Today, there are many vacation rentals available, and their prices have dropped because of declining incoming travel. You can learn more on the internet at sites such as www.janglo.com
2. If you are staying in Jerusalem, you don’t have to take a private taxi from the airport if your darling son-in-law is finding reasons not to pick you up. The Nesher car service offers very low transport rates, bringing you directly to your accommodations.
3. Today you can find really good car rental bargains – with GPS and other perks. One that is offering a deal of free car rental when you fly El Al is Hertz (you have to check out their offer to learn the details; I’m just telling you where to find good deals). Although Hertz is a leading car rental company and in the US may be known as one of the more expensive rental companies, in Israel its prices are very low and it is known for its high standards of service.

These are some ways for you to take advantage of the global financial crisis – with savings that will make your trip to Israel more affordable. Pleasant travels!

Learn more at www.Hertz.co.il

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