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FAQ about Israel tourism

i would like hlp people that come to israel with advices of a local man
13 years ago, August 9th 2010 No: 1 Msg: #117291  
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Greeting to all inhabitants of this forum! My name is David I’m 27 years old from Israel. I’ve came to Israel from Lithuania at age of 10 years. As the time passed, after living here, serving in the IDF (Israel Defence Force) I’ve came to conclusion that my family had made the right choice of coming here. I really felt that we came to the historical motherland. Looking around, I’ve understood that in Israel are lots of places that are mystical, religious, and historical and other significant places. Jerusalem, all the Holy places that are connected with Jesus Christ, all the Jewish holy places- like Wailing Wall, narrow streets of Jewish, Muslim, Armenian and Christian quarters of old.. or should I say Ancient city of Jerusalem. Haifa, Bahai gardens, Haifa’s churches… I can talk about all of these forever…
After finishing 4 years in the IAF (Israel Air Force)- finished as First Seargeant. I’ve serving in the reservist platoon that guards Israel- Egypt border. While servicing in the board I became aware of how many ppl from the lands that are our neighbor try to get into Israel, some heavily armed and some armed with a knife. I’ve understood that we must protect this tiny piece of land that we call Israel, and must fight over it until the last drop of blood.
Since my young years I’ve was interested in history and read about everything that got into my hands, whether in Wikipedia, when the high-speed internet appeared or read books. I would love to be tour guide in Israel, but its very hard course that lasts about two years and it is first academic degree in Israel History. Came to conclusion that I cannot combine this course and work and family I’m married and have 6 yr old daughter
In the beginning I was learning Israel history in my home, as I said reading books and internet. I walked couple times with tourists- guided them in Jerusalem but these were relatives of our friends that came from Russia to Passover, so I had to take them to the Holy Sepulcher where I understood that I like explaining people, to guide them inside the Holy Sepulcher and over the Via Dolorosa, explaining everything that have to do with Israel's history religion or any other aspect.
In October I begin to learn a course of international guide- ill be able to travel the world with Israeli tourists. Understanding that Israel guide option is closed to me I came to learn the other side😊. Course includes theology psychology, lots of history, different holy places all over the world and so son. The course will last 10 months.

I’m really happy that I’ve found English speaking tourism forum. I’m sorry for possible mistakes in English because its not my mother tongue, although I have fair English skills. I would like to help ANYONE that would like to visit Israel, whether for resting or business trip. I would provide professional answers for every aspect of Israel, army living here tourism, holy places, restaurants discoteques, Eilat, TLV, how to behave in Israel. Justabout anything. I’m waiting for your questions, and also you can write in this forum or email me at . Waiting for your letters!

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13 years ago, October 5th 2010 No: 2 Msg: #120375  
Hello David, my name is Andrew. In the summer of 2011 I am going to go on a solo trip to Israel to volunteer on organic farms. I have done this in several other countries, and know how to conduct myself in a place other than my own. The thing is, that all of the countries that I have been to have been in Europe or South America. I need to know how Israelis view a couple of things. I am Jewish, but I am American and not totally versed in Orthodox Judaism. Will this be a problem for others around me? How do Israelis view tattoos? I have The Hand of Miriam in the middle of my chest. I am blonde haired and blue eyed, I have had problems with this in the past. Will this be an issue in Israel? I have been studying Hebrew but I have no way of knowing how well I speak the language. If I needed help would someone be able to understand me. I want to visit many of the more tourist oriented places, but also some of the more rural areas. Will I find difficulty in these places? I am confident in myself and have traveled a great deal, but from what I hear the middle east is different. All of the Israelis I have met while on the road have been great people, many of them I would call friends. Many members of my family are nervous about me traveling alone in the middle east, I am not afraid and would never go looking for trouble. Is there anything else that I should watch out for while in your country?

With great respect

Andrew Giles Riches Reply to this

13 years ago, October 5th 2010 No: 3 Msg: #120395  
N Posts: 3
Hi Andrew.
First of all I'm really flattered chat you have chosen our small country to visit and to contribute to it in a way of volunteerism. I wish that there would be more people like you. I was thrilled to ready your mail, and I feel a responsibility on my shoulders in explaining you the issues of visiting the Holy land of Israel.
Foremost i have to calm don you and your parents- there are no troubles here in Israel. Our country is welcoming its tourists that come from every corner of the earth. Yes, there were some problems and some IDF operations in the north like 2 years ago, missiles were falling down even in the city I live in called Beer Sheva. But now, everything is calmed down. Lots of tourists are coming in and lots of people make Aliya- coming to live in Israel.
I write in many forums- part Russian and part English, because I speak these two languages freely, beside Hebrew. I was born in Lithuania and came to Israel at age of 10. As you might think there are only orthodox Jews here. WRONG. They are not all the population. For example, I am secular. There are lots of kibitzes here that grow pork, and I don't follow the rules of Kosher or not Kosher. There are lots of Jews that drive in Shabbat (like me) and do other things that religion says not to make. I'm secular Jew although my grandfather was a rabbi in Lithuania, in Vilno.
Israelis view tattoos very well, we have lots of people from both genders with tattoos, and in Tel Aviv there are lots of Tatoo studios.
Now about your problem with being a blond haired and blue eyed. The only problem that you might get is too much ladies find interest in you  but believe me, it’s a good kind of a problem.
Your Hebrew studies: there is no need to be worried, lots of people here speak English in addition to Hebrew, and they will be capable to understand you.
Traveling to different places in Israel- well at least in Jerusalem you can be sure that I can help you to see the Old city and its sacred sites of Judaism and Christianity. I believe it will be interesting for you. I've been to Jerusalem lots of times, and sometimes with tourists from Russia being their guide.
Your parents should not be nervous about letting you travel here
It’s a quiet country and one that fun to be in.

Ill be very happy to contact you by email or any other possibilities. I have lots to tell you and you have lots to listen to. Anyways my email is
Waiting for a letter from you
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13 years ago, October 5th 2010 No: 4 Msg: #120424  
N Posts: 3
Andrew please check you private messages...
thanks and waiting for a responce Reply to this

9 years ago, April 29th 2014 No: 5 Msg: #181054  
Hello I suggest 2 locations in Israel: Tel Aviv & Jerusalem.
You can choose a nice hotel in Tel Aviv from Atlas Hotels: http://www.atlas.co.il Reply to this

9 years ago, August 14th 2014 No: 6 Msg: #184271  
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I would like to visit Israel with my husband in the near future, but I watched news <snip> this morning. I worry about what's happening in the Middle East right now. Militants firing rockets at Israel. What is the airlines be flown safely now?
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