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Massah Israel Journey Missions Program

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NI48wLVN0w0 This video sums up the program
13 years ago, March 25th 2010 No: 1 Msg: #107292  


We are now accepting applications for Massah Aleph 2010… Contact us for more information!
Catch the vision of Massah!

A journey of discipleship and Jewish evangelism

massah israel -
Massah is Hebrew for “journey.” It was the term used in the Torah (Pentateuch) to denote that life-changing journey the people of Israel made into the land of Israel. Massah provides a unique experience for young adult Jewish believers in Jesus who desire a deeper relationship with God, a stronger sense of Jewish identity, and a vision for sharing Messiah with Jewish people in Israel and abroad.

Massah is about investment in the future of the people of Israel and in the future of Jewish evangelism. By raising up Jewish believers in Jesus as they seek God’s plan for their lives and by extending the love of Messiah to Jewish people, we can make a difference.

Massah is a ten-week program beginning in June. The discipleship phase takes place in Israel during the first seven weeks. Together, we explore God’s Word, pray, study, eat, worship, visit Biblical landmarks, and share our faith with Israelis. We hear from local pastors and teachers, and fellowship with a range of Israeli believers across the land. Participants study Modern Hebrew with a professional instructor and learn about the history of Israel and its people. Through this, we gain a deeper understanding of Jewish life and form a community committed to serving God and speaking about Him to our people.

The goal is to lay a solid foundation for reaching Jewish people for Messiah. The team reaches out to Israelis after being trained in apologetics, Messianic prophecy, conversation techniques, Israeli culture, and how to lead someone to Y’shua (Jesus). We explore traditional and new creative evangelistic methods. Each participant brings his or her gifts and unique perspective into the team. Together, we can be very effective in communicating the gospel among Israeli young adults in the land of Israel. But we discovered that we could accomplish something far more global in scope. In recent years, hundreds of thousands of Israeli soldiers have traded in their uniforms for a backpack and a “Lonely Planet” guidebook in pursuit of the ultimate travel experience. India, Nepal, Peru, New Zealand, and Thailand are a sampling of the destinations thousands of Israelis visit annually. In these countries, Israelis form a unique sub-culture. Tight-knit and receptive to a wide array of alternative spiritualities, Israeli travelers are often open to the gospel. A significant number of them have come to know Y’shua as Messiah while traveling outside the land of Israel. During the final three weeks of Massah, we journey to these destinations to meet Israelis where they are. We see God at work as we offer a unique spiritual perspective that challenges our Jewish brothers and sisters to consider Y’shua.

get involved!
Journey with us through prayer, participation, or financial support. Reply to this

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