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Middle East » Israel » Tel Aviv District » Tel Aviv July 24th 2014

Travel in Israel is like something delicious you try- once you get to taste it, you don’t want to leave it and you want again, and again, and again or simply leave it… Having been traveling in Israel 4 other times, ( never to Tel Aviv) always came back home amazed with the contrast in landscapes, the nice and curios people I have met, the colors, aroma and rhythm on the streets , the diversity in religions, languages, cuisines, music, dances etc. After visiting Jerusalem ( twice), Haifa and Dead Sea, it was turn to Tel Aviv now. Booked the flights and hotel spontaneous- the traveling time was set for end of July 2014. 5 days of sunshine, street performers, shopping and… Israeli cuisine were awaiting me. Stayed in a hotel on Ha- Yarkon street in ... read more
The Bauhaus complex
The view from YAfo to Tel Aviv

Middle East » Israel » Tel Aviv District » Tel Aviv June 1st 2014

The shuttle ride to Tel Aviv was over before I knew it, such was my exhaustion. To this extent I almost fell asleep on the Orthodox Jewish chap next to me. That might not have gone down well. Our first impressions of Tel Aviv weren’t great – we were dropped off at a decidedly dodgy looking bus station in a decidedly ropey looking area, while having to work out between us which bus to catch, where to catch it from, and in which direction, all while the type of creepy men who hang out at dodgy bus stations were eyeing up Anna’s blonde hair and blue eyes. The bus driver seemed particularly interested in Anna as well, being extra friendly and helpful in telling us were to get off. Also helpful and friendly was the lovely ... read more
Sunset Over Tel Aviv
Tel Aviv Or Miami?
North Abraxas

Middle East » Israel » Tel Aviv District » Tel Aviv May 22nd 2014

So, after being up over 24 hours straight, the sun is just setting over the Mediterranean here in Tel Aviv, the city that never sleeps. Our group will be sleeping well tonight. Great flights on El Al but we all look forward to heads on the pillows tonight. Uploading photos from this first day with our amazing guide, Nadav BenGal. Highlights of day included visit to Independence Hall and Bialik House. Plus walk on the tayelet (boardwalk) along the beach for some of us, with a dinner by the beach. Photos included, hopefully. Group is bonding nicely and expect even more fun when we are more awake and refreshed. We did start to use the Birkon Artzi booklets with lovely readings at historic and holy sites. Highly recommend this for anyone traveling to Israel. I had ... read more
Hurry up and Wait #2
Susan and Peter at Independence Hall
Independence Hall

Middle East » Israel » Tel Aviv District » Tel Aviv May 17th 2014

Arriving in Tel Aviv We have arrived in Tel Aviv! After an extremely long and cold day in Vienna we were greeted by a night temperature of 19°C and a very clean and organised airport. But before writing about our amazing days in Tel Aviv, I'll add a few words about our journey from Austria. After a long and windy day in Vienna, we found ourselves finally boarding the flight to Tel Aviv, scheduled to land at 0:50. The boarding was in every aspect a different experience. The passengers were mainly Israeli and many of them Orthodox Jews with big black hats and beatiful facial hair. Everyone was carrying hand luggage that seemed to weigh several tonnes and getting everyone on board was a puzzle that I still don't know how was solved. The Israelis moved ... read more

Middle East » Israel » Tel Aviv District » Tel Aviv May 17th 2014

If you put two jews in a room you will end up with five opinions! An iPhone is a peace of plastic with an Israeli brain!It is our second day in Tel Aviv and we are starting it off with a tour of the White City... The White City Despite the terrible jokes of our guide, he provided us with a thorough description of how Tel Aviv began back in 1909. He showed us the architecture of Rothchild Blvd and the surrounding streets while describing the first decades of Tel Aviv existence. According to him, it is possible to walk down Rothchild Blvd and see as the city develops through the changing architecture. Except for the modern skyscrapers, which are from the last decade or so, the most dominant architectural styles of the area are the ... read more

Middle East » Israel » Tel Aviv District » Tel Aviv February 11th 2014

After a quick flight to New York, we were on our way at midnight for the 6650 mile flight to Tel Aviv. At over 600 miles per hour with a tail wind we made it in 9 1/2 hours. That was the good news. The bad news I could not sleep, at all! So I am blogging you with no sleep since Monday am Independence time. We arrived here at 5 pm Israel time so I should get the opportunity for a good sleep tonight if I am not too wound-up to go to sleep. It was a beautiful flight today. Even at 39000 feet you could see the distinct shore lines and topography of France, Spain, Italy, Greece, Bosnia, Turkey, and old Macedonia. The Alps were particularly beautiful over Northern Italy. I sat with two ... read more

Middle East » Israel » Tel Aviv District » Tel Aviv November 14th 2013

Shalom! Well, I made it to "Medīnat Yisrā'el", the official Hebrew name for the "State of Israel". The country was another of my top-3 countries I really wanted to visit. I wanted to see and experience the capital, which is a holy place to three different religions, visit and float on the Dead Sea which is unique in the world and I also wanted to visit because I'm a Christian. I have to say that my visit to Israel doesn't automatically mean that I agree with every decision and measurements of the Israeli government in general!!! I don't like politics at all and I'm not going to discuss about any political and ethnic issues of the region. I have a friend in Israel, Gidi, who I wanted to visit too and I haven't seen him anymore ... read more
Floating on the Dead Sea
Masada, UNESCO World Heritage site
Tel Aviv; Carmel market

Middle East » Israel » Tel Aviv District » Tel Aviv October 20th 2013

Shavua Tov (Remember what it means?) I know I blogged just yesterday morning, but it seems that I need to write any chance I get because my travel days become very busy, and I soon lose track of what I want to write about! I've learned that the best way to remember what to blog about is my photos (visual learner you might say.) Since I stayed in Tel Aviv this weekend, I explored the city even more yesterday. The city of Tel Aviv has a large variety of things to offer from beach to historical to markets, and unless you are curious about them or in the know--it's hard to identify and get to all of the top sites. Yesterday I finally walked myself over to the Tel Aviv Port. I've seen the boats of ... read more

Middle East » Israel » Tel Aviv District » Tel Aviv October 18th 2013

Shabbat Shalom! I have heard quite a hand full of talk about the Carmel Market here in Tel Aviv, and I finally put it to the test today and went out on an adventure to find it. At first I was ready to take the bus--why? Because I had heard from a hand full of people that it was not walking distance. I spent some time waiting at the bus stop this afternoon...waiting, waiting, and waiting. It was raining a little bit so I took this into consideration and thought that is why the bus was late. Eventually, I took it upon myself to ask one more person where the Carmel Market was...they said it was just a ten minute walk away. I was shocked to hear this answer. It really does matter who you ask ... read more

Middle East » Israel » Tel Aviv District » Tel Aviv October 17th 2013

Betaavon! This means “good eats” or something similar to that in Hebrew. I say this because I am sitting in my “go to” coffee shop on Dizengoff enjoying some coffee and cookies. I also have heard this phrase many times from the locals in Tel Aviv, or even on a bus on the way back from a volunteer day when I am eating raw broccoli out of my back pack. True story..this happened to me last night, a local bus rider looked at me and said “Brocoli for dinner, lady? You are what you eat. Betaavon.” I replied “Todah Rabah!” Thanks , locals. I was speaking to another local at the bus stop in Shoham (this is the city where I volunteer in) and explaining to him about my time here in Israel, what I’m doing, ... read more

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