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Middle East » Iran » East » Yazd December 31st 2018

It was supposed to be so easy. Have the hostel book me a taxi to the bus station, buy a ticket to Yazd at the station, get on the bus. The first part went according to plan apart from my driver not being able to change a 500,000 rial note, so he asked some fellow taxi drivers if they could help him. One guy with very light eyes and who could easily have passed for being Spanish or Greek was able to give my driver change. He asks me where I am going. “Yazd”, I tell him. He then tells me in very broken English that I was at the wrong station and that there wouldn’t be a bus leaving from here to Yazd for another three hours. He says I can get a bus leaving ... read more
Tunnel Alley
Amir Chakmaq Mosque Complex
Desert View From Chak Chak

Middle East » Iran » East » Yazd November 19th 2017

Tuesday 7 November We left Shiraz to travel to Yazd. En route we stopped at the early Achaemenid ruins at Pasargardae. Not too far from Persepolis this was the city built by Cyrus the Great somewhat earlier. There isn't a vast amount to see at this spread out site - but enough to give an impression of what this could have been like 2,500 years ago. Slightly hard to imagine the gardens that were here in the desert but we saw the irrigation channels. We had a lunch break at a small town called Abarkuh - we saw a very impressive ice house here in the desert. The town also has an old Cypress tree and a tall wind tower... We arrived in Yazd as night fell, staying at the lovely Dad hotel, a converted caravanserai. ... read more
Pasargadae - Tomb of Cyrus
Tower of Silence
Eternal flame (since c470AD)

Middle East » Iran » East » Yazd March 7th 2017

My soul is from elsewhere, I'm sure of that, and I intend to end up there. - Rumi Passenger trains in Iran generally run overnight between major cities, a perfect travel solution when you’re on an independent journey because you save the expense of a hotel while getting to experience the best way humanity has invented to travel overland. When you’re on a tour you spend the day taking the bus, like we did – six hours to Yazd with one stop to stretch our legs. No tea for me, please. To be fair, the journey was lovely, passing through the eastern section of the Zagros mountain range where we experienced snow flurries, flocks of goats and sheep and distant snow-covered peaks on our way towards Yazd, the driest major city in Iran as well as ... read more
Bus Ride to Yazd
Bus Ride to Yazd
Tekiye Amir

Middle East » Iran » East » Yazd November 14th 2016

Before leaving Yazd we nipped out to a travel agents and bought bus tickets to Esfahan for the next morning. We wanted an early departure so as to try and do most of the travel before it got hot so wanted to get it organised rather than getting to the bus station earlier and sorting it out there. With rucksacks on we headed to the main street in front of the mosque as often taxis tout at the end. We’d used a few now and knew a couple that were good. We turned down the first guy that asked and went with and went with a young guy that is a student and drives between classes, who we’d met when we first arrived. We were heading to a village outside Yazd called Fahraj. We wanted to ... read more

Middle East » Iran » East » Yazd November 13th 2016

We were on an 8:21am train to Yazd so our accommodation did us an early breakfast and dropped us off at the train station for 8. It didn’t arrive until 9. We looked enviously at the old rolling stock that had earlier arrived from Tehran as our rather shabby modern train arrived. It was dirty and boiling hot. It you think about an modern train that has no opening windows so you rely on the aircon but someone forgot to put the aircon on and stuck you in a desert you get the idea. Thankfully when we finally pulled out of the station some faint aircon came on to take the edge off. It was an agonising slow trip, lots of work is being done replacing or building more tracks next to the existing one so ... read more
Shop by night
Wall repair
Backstreet derelict mosque

Middle East » Iran » East » Yazd February 24th 2016

Day 33 Saturday 20th February 2016 Up with the sparrows and out the door in the dark to the Tehran Railway Station. We walked over to information and before we spoke the man said “Yazd through there”, guess the other trains are not going to any tourist destinations and we obviously look like tourists. As we went to enter the gates we were stopped and told we have to check in with the police who had a counter just off to the side. Walk over to the counter but no one was there so we lingered for a while before I asked at the information who phoned the office next to the counter, next he appears from the room which was like a furnace when we entered. A quick check of our passports and ... read more

Middle East » Iran » East » Yazd September 23rd 2015

Getting into Iran was straightforward but slow. We knew we were here as soon as we got off the bus that had brought us from the Turkmenistan immigration post. On one hand a bored, surly soldier interrupted his watching of a volleyball match on the tv to grunt at me to change my shorts for long trousers (shorts are banned here), and for Atsuko to put on her headscarf. On the other the immigration doctor was quite apologetic assuring us that once we got away from officialdom things would be much easier and attitudes different, happily he was right. Our bags were searched so no chance of smuggling in any illicit beer, it's going to be a dry couple of weeks, at least it should be good for our livers. As we have a guide – ... read more
Jame Mosque, Yazd
Jame Mosque, Yazd
Amir Chakhmagh Complex, Yazd

Middle East » Iran » East » Yazd July 28th 2015

Geo: 31.92, 54.37Easy drive to Yazd and even easier was we noticed the traffic was calm and minimal. Evidently the nicest Iranians live in Yazd. We easily found the road into the old area of town which we needed to take to get to the Silk Road Hotel however it was a construction zone… so not too fazed I decided the next ally will do fine….. apparently the old town was not setup with a big Landcruiser in mind.. we managed to get down a few adjoining alley's and then got stuck.. yep had to reverse and then get back down to the main road… we struck out on foot to find the place and to establish if it was worth the effort and just how do we get in…. it was worth it… apparently all ... read more
Cute Local
Mosque and Windtowers

Middle East » Iran » East » Yazd October 6th 2014

I'm catching a bus this afternoon to the desert so this morning my plan is to relax. I say goodbye to Kurt and Oliver and plant myself in the garden in the shade with the i-pad to try and catch up with my blog, alas, there are lots of distractions so I end up escaping into the alley ways. I am convinced that I know exactly how to get to the main street then the bazaar- sooo, take a left- connect with the main road, it's not far from there. I take a left for the bazaar and 10 minutes later arrive right back at the front door to the hotel! Resort to Plan B- take a right and walk- this time I end up on Emam St- gold! My main mission is to find some ... read more
Yazd Bazar
Yazd Bazar

Middle East » Iran » East » Yazd October 4th 2014

Early start, up and packed by 0630. Have an explore of the garden- the herbs and veggies all look really healthy. They have peppers, corn, chillies, spinach, basil, lettuce and tomatoes as well as a lot of pomegranates (which I have had a lesson in how to peel thanks to Hamid's sister). Take a walk up another hill with Rezani, the nearly 3 year old. She's very cute. Her brothers catch up with us before they go to school- they start at 7am. Have a quick breakfast, check out the loom- the mum and Hamid's wife are working on a carpet, and then head off. Hamid's mum has prepared a bowl of water with some leaves which she douses the car with- it's a Persian custom to ensure a safe journey. It is 0739. A big ... read more
Chooks Minus Last Night's Dinner
Morning Glory

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