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Middle East » Iran » East » Yazd April 16th 2010

Friday 16 April Today we have travelled over 300 miles to Yazd, a smaller city than we have been used to finding our way round in nevertheless, no-one told us that it was a historic town and where our hotel was. Before arriving here we did find the time to visit the world heritage site of Perpelese. Some pictures show you the site. So back to Yazd. We found ourselves parking up the car and walking to find the hotel through a maze of alley ways which were part of the old city and prison area. Eventually, after asking many passersby where the hotel was we found it and what a fine. It is beautiful - an oasis within which to cleanse ourselves and become human again after another hard day’s drive. I hope some of ... read more
The Square in Esfahan, Iran
Hotel Nuh, Dogoubayazit
Ishak Pas Palace

Middle East » Iran » East » Yazd October 8th 2009

Yazd A city with deep Zoroastrian roots. Initially, before going to Iran, I've read that majority of the Iranian's are Shiite Muslims. Little did I know that I would actually go to a city where the number of Zoroastrians would outweigh the number of Muslims. A city deep in history, with much to offer. So let's begin our tour of Yazd, shall we? First up, I went to the Amir Chagmagh Complex, where we had to climb winding, steep spiral staircases. Alright, did I mention that I have an extreme fear of heights? Plus, the fact that I get claustrophobic easily does not help either! Nevertheless, I had to psycho myself, saying that I made the decision to come to Iran to experience new things, so why waste the time and money in coming here when ... read more
Turquoise Against Adobe
Zoroastrian Crematorium
Zoroastrian Crematorium

Middle East » Iran » East » Yazd April 30th 2009

Od rana dzis zwiedzalismy Yazd. Miasto zbudowane z materialu jak lepianka, a wielkie i piekne. Rano padal deszcz i nie sposob bylo dojsc, w ktorym domu mieszkaja ludzie, a w ktorym nie, ktory wybudowanao w zeszlym roku, a ktory 300 lat temu. Nasz hotel znajduje sie w starym tradycyjnym domu z trzema wewnetrznymi dziedzincami, na kazdym sadzawka, a same korytarze prowadzace z jednego dziedzinca na drugi pozwalaja sie zgubic. Cale przedpoludne platalismy sie w labiryncie ulic starego miasta, starajac sie dotrzec do poukrywanych meczetow i lazni. Chodzilismy tak w kolko ze 3 godziny, az w koncu okazalo sie, ze do kazdego z miejsc mozna dojsc po prostu idac po strzalkach od glownego meczetu. Wczoraj jedlismy kolacje z widokiem na ten meczet, a dzis weszlismy do srodka - tutaj juz nie musialysmy owijac sie w przescieradla. Udalo ... read more
Ten meczet zostal otwarty specjalnie dla nas
Czyli trzeba sie owinac przescieradlem
Ivan w opuszczonym domu. Tu bedzie tradycyjny hotel.

Middle East » Iran » East » Yazd April 29th 2009

Dzis bedzie bez zdjec. Wyjechalismy z Shiraz,gdzie zostawilam swoja juz zaprzyjazniona dziewczynke z kawiarni internetowej, ubrana od stop do glow na czarno, ktora jak tylko mnie widziala, oferowala kabel USB. Jak gdzie znajde kabel, bedzie wiecej zdjec... Z Shiraz do Yazd jechalismy w 5 osob plus bagaz -wiec troche jak sardynki - lokalnie skladanym peugotem, ktory moze nawet nie byl taki starutki, ale nasz kierowca eksploatowal go bezdusznie. Zupelnie tu sie nie przejmuja speedbumpsami - przejezdzaja przez nie bez hamowania, a pasazerowie wala glowa w sufit. Peugotow jezdzi mnostyow, duzo tez jest marki KIA, no i lokalnych peykanow, ktorych juz nie produkuja, ale nadal jezdza i smrodza. Peykan byl podobno idea szacha, ktory chcial kazdemu Iranczykowi dac samochod, tak jak Polakom dawano male fiaty. Po dordze mijalismy mnostwo autobosow, ktorymi wieziono klakierow, bo wlasnie w Shira ... read more
City of Abarqu
Ten cyprys ma podobno 4000 lat...

Middle East » Iran » East » Yazd March 18th 2009

I needed to drain my thoughts to someone. The build up of information from 3 days in Shiraz was going to send my crazy. Enter Yazd the real western travellers hub. Nowhere else in Iran is the cities sites and hotels so congested. It also has Iran’s first true hostel. This place helped me put everything into perspective. Yazd like some cities in the world, claims to be the ‘oldest living city on Earth.’ Continually inhabited for around 7000 years. Since Marco Polo days it has been known for its silks and fabrics. It is a brilliantly designed city. Perfect for its existence in the desert. Intertwining narrow streets with mud brick houses. Basically the place looks dead just mud walls of faded brown and yellow hay. The only signs of life are the sounds from ... read more
Jemah Mosque
Towers of Silence

Middle East » Iran » East » Yazd November 3rd 2008

It's hard to leave one place after one month and I have to do it for the second time in this trip. As one of my friend wrote on his blog this is "a school to learn to say goodbye": traveling you must say goodbye to so many people that maybe have been very interesting to speech with and to know about their life. But you must say goodbye and maybe you'll never meet again. In that moment it's so important for me to say what I think about who is living directly. I am still learning to do it. Thanks to all the people that I met in the Silk road hotel in Yazd and help my travel to go on, first of all to the staff and the manager of the hotel that gave ... read more
me and bell
kaluts desert

Middle East » Iran » East » Yazd October 12th 2008

Since Tehran we have been travelling west across Iran . Everywhere we go the people are wonderful, usually greeting us with 'Welcome to Iran'. I have had a man stop the traffic for me and a family invite me to their home in Northern Iran if I am in the area! After Tehran (which was fantastic) we stopped in Yadz. Yadz is one of the oldest regions in Iran and we spent the day following the walking tour around the old city. Lots of little laneways so we pretty much spent the day getting lost, finding ourselves again and then getting lost again. It was a very pretty little city and I really enjoyed our time there. After Yadz we headed to Persepolis - which is the ruins of an Ancient City ruled by Darius the ... read more
Inside the Mosque in Shiraz
Old City of Yadz
Yadz Old Town

Middle East » Iran » East » Yazd October 6th 2008

We arrive in Yazd early on Friday morning. Pat and Christina decide to join me in meeting up with Mansour. While waiting for him to arrive we meet a couple from Geelong who are cycling through Iran. We all find it odd that five Australians are standing at a roundabout in a town in the middle of the desert in Iran at eight o'clock in morning. Mansour and Maria arrive and the first question he asks is "why would you want to come to Yazd? Its shit". This is a reassuring comment from our supposed guide. We dump our bags in one of the awesome hotels and after breakfast go on a walking tour of the old city. And its a very old city, allegedly 7000 years old. We see the qanats and water storage tanks, ... read more

Middle East » Iran » East » Yazd July 1st 2008

Yazd is a small oasis city in southern central Iran, in the middle of the desert. The landscape during the journey from Esfahan did not look like it changed much in seven hours, though admittedly I was not looking out of the window all the time, allowing the bus to rock me to sleep.The city's water comes from underground qanats miles away in the mountains. Here the women are almost exclusively dressed in chadors and the men a little too friendly! The weather is hot, hot at 35 degrees C, but as a dry heat was bearable as long as you were not too Gilbert and Sullivan about it. Water ran everywhere though. And, like all over Iran, many street corners have their water cisterns where you can refill your water bottle. It is fine to ... read more

Middle East » Iran » East » Yazd June 8th 2008

We arrived in Yazd from Isfahan on the 6th June. The bus journey was good, a nice air conditioned very punctual bus. We're staying at Kohan Kashana traditional hotel, which means courtyards, fountains and general lovely atmosphere, all for 300,000 rials a night (twin room, inc. breakfast, en suite). I've managed to get ill, by eating a camel burger on the 6th. Severe stomach cramps and all the usual food poisoning joy followed, until finally last night I decided I'd better go to a doctor (the LP says to seek medical attention immediately if suffering abdominal pain as well as, erm, bad stomach-ness). We duly headed off, saw a doctor who spoke just about enough English, and then went to find a pharmacy. He had prescribed a syrup to treat the actual bug, some fairly strong ... read more

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