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Middle East » Iran » East » Yazd May 11th 2014

A look at the bride of the Kavir, YAZD, IRAN, April 2014 I recomend you to stay in Yazd minimum for 3 days as there are many nice places to visit over there. Plus, one day for going to Chak-Chak (a village and it is the most sacred of the mountain shrines of Zoroastrianism) and another one day for seeing Meybod. Moreover you can get a tour of saying in desert for 1-2 days and once i tried it 4 years ago and it was such a fantastic experience. there are also many nice old residential houses which are converted to hotel these years and it is a good option to stay there instead of ordinary hotels. ***** i will update this post and will explain more about this city if you are interested :) *If ... read more
An old house,you also see many of these houses using as Hotel in Yazd
Fatherhood's land

Middle East » Iran » East » Yazd May 5th 2014

Yazd has a very precise claim to fame - the oldest continually inhabited place in the world. Folks have been hanging around here for more than 3000 years, though the actual city of Yazd eventuated only 1900 years ago. Given its in the middle of the desert and near one of the hottest places on earth, one wonders why they didn't run away to the pleasant ski resorts of Northern Iran. Instead, they've spent the last 3000 years coming up with some ingenious ways for keeping cool. But more of that later in this entry. Our day started with a short drive from Zein-o-din caravanserai to Yazd. We were bummed and depressed as we had been hoping to spend the prior night star gazing with a telescope in the light-pollution-devoid desert. However the thick clouds had ... read more
Tower of Silence
Yazd Old City
Yazd Jameh Mosque

Middle East » Iran » East » Yazd May 4th 2014

Today was to be one of those useless transit days, driving from Shiraz to Zein-o-dein, an old caravanserai (hotel for caravans). Luckily there were a few interesting highlights to punctuate the otherwise uneventful 7 hour drive. We left bright and early with our driver Hojat and guide Ali. Hojat treated us to a wealth of yummy snacks he had prepared, including Iranian sweets and fruits. A well prepared guy, we discovered during the trip that Hojat had the ability to always have something up his sleeve when you needed it, including a watermelon, oranges, cucumber, car sick pills, mint water, a knife. You name it, he had it, stashed somewhere in his van. Our first stop was Parsargadae, which was the capital setup by Cyrus the Great, the guy who started the first humungous Persian empire ... read more
Aberkouh Ice House
Zein-o-din Caravanserai
Zein-o-din Caravanserai

Middle East » Iran » East » Yazd October 4th 2013

Shiraz to Yazd AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! When are guides and driver, or guide/drivers in Asia and the Middle East going to understand – when you say stop I would like to take a photo, you mean now not 2 bloody km down the road. Also when you say next time we see X can you stop as I would like to take a photo – you don’t get the photo. Why? Cos the driver is in the middle of the road overtaking two trucks, a bus and couple of cars. The only reason that you can see for overtaking was because they were there in front of us. AHHHHHHHHHHHHH! OK Ro, I’ll take a deep breath - INNNNNN and whooooooooooosh! OK I’m over it, got it off my chest. Thursday 3rd October: An early ... read more
Naghsh-e Rostam
Naghsh-e Rabat

Middle East » Iran » East » Yazd October 7th 2012

Until the Arabic invasion that brought Islam to what is today Iran, Zoroastrianism was the main religion across the Iranian plateau. Zoroastrianism was one of the first religions to be based upon the idea of an omnipotent and invisible God. That God is named Ahura Mazda and Ahura Mazda was to be worshiped through light - thus the Fire Temples for which the Zoroastrians are famed. The name Zoroastrian, comes from the prophet Zoroaster (also known as Zartosht or Zarathustra). And the priests of this religion were originally called Magi - yes, many postulate that they were the three wise men from the East that are the Christian bible. The basic tenant of Zoroastrianism is a dualistic belief in the Good Mind (Vohu Mano) and the Bad Mind (Ahem Nano). This dualism brings us day and ... read more
Photo 3
Photo 4
Photo 5

Middle East » Iran » East » Yazd November 12th 2011

The Country So I had this vision that when we crossed the Anatolian Plateau in Eastern Turkey and entered Iran the cold would be over. After all, Iran is a hot desert kind of place, isn’t it? Well yes, Iran is a hot desert kind of place, but a bloody mountainous one. So far we have rarely been below 1,000 metres in altitude, and mostly have been at 1,500m plus. Often we hit 2,100 or 2,200 metres on our rides between places. Which means it’s not so hot in late Autumn! In fact it’s been bloody freezing. On numerous occasions we have ridden roads with snow at the sides. Hot it is not. Forgetting about the cold for a moment – not so easy to do when you’ve been wearing a t-shirt, light merino top, thin ... read more
How cold?
Iranian kiddies at school
Sanandaj scrum!!

Middle East » Iran » East » Yazd November 12th 2011

My Iranian Haircut So, I'd been putting off getting a haircut in Iran because I was bit worried about how it might turn out, what with the language barrier and all. I'd settled on Esfahan as a promising place, supposed to be quite an upbeat and diverse city.... what could possibly go wrong? Perhaps I'll let the photos speak for themselves, because sometimes a picture can be worth quite a bit more than 1,000 words... in extortion money! (Which makes me wonder why I'm putting these on our blog; but hey if nude snorkeling went up there)... read more
After after

Middle East » Iran » East » Yazd August 28th 2010

This is a phrase that we so often heard walking along the streets throughout the many Iranian cities we visited. We can’t say enough good things about the people of Iran. We were there during Ramadan, which was particularly tough due to the restrictions of the whole eating and drinking thing during daylight hours. It was often an adventure to find food for lunch time; we ate mostly in “fast-food” type restaurants or at the hotels where we stayed. We’ve included a few photos from the various places we stayed at during the last 5 days or so in Iran to give you a feel for what we’ve seen and done. On a practical note, for anybody looking to cross the border from Iran to Turkmenistan, we highly recommend you change money on the Iranian side, ... read more
Old City street scene, Yazd
Jamme Mosque detail, Yazd
Jamme Mosque, Yazd

Middle East » Iran » East » Yazd August 24th 2010

Middle East » Iran » East » Yazd July 6th 2010

So I left Esfahan on a coach headed south and I knew it would get even hotter. I could already see the heat give the road and the distant mountains on either side of the motorway a purple haze. Yazd is a very historic city, stuck in the desert between two mountain ranges -it was once an important trade route - Marco Polo stopped here on his to and fro from China in the 12th Century. It gets so hot here in the summer that there are many old wind towers - called badgirs - that capture the hot wind, cool it with water and then distribute it around a house. The old city also had plenty of sights and lots of old mosques. Upon arrival in Yadz I got a taxi to the Old City ... read more
On the way south
Jameh Mosque, Yadz
Wind Towers (badgirs) in old city

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