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Europe » Vatican City October 8th 2007

Well, let me just say AMAZING! The long, long, long, long line for the Vatican was definately worth while. We planned to get up early this morning to go see the Vatican, unfortunately the alarm didn't work. We were able to hop the metro and be there by around 8:20am, and the line was already stretched around the block. It was around 10:45am by the time we actually made it to the entrance, which was great compared to most! We decided a tour would be best for a place such as this, so we knew what it was we were looking at. Therefore, we had to wait until 12:00 for the next tour. At least we could sit down while we waited. When we started to walk around the museum it proved to be a spectacular ... read more
Ceiling in the Old Apartments of the Vatican
Walls of the Apartment
St. Peter's Square

Europe » Vatican City October 4th 2007

HAIL TO CAESAR We woke up early today to have another fabulous buffet breakfast which is spoiling us rotten. All the cheeses, pastries, and meats, etc are fantastic. Thank god Faith and I do a lot of walking. Weather has been fantastic. We had a fantastic tour of the Coliseum, Vatican and the Pantheon. Words cannot describe the beauty of these magnificent statues, paintings, and buildings. Tomorrow, the Boughese galleries. Enjoy the pictures more to come. Buona notte Neil and Faith ... read more

Europe » Vatican City September 28th 2007

I love this hostel. Its so family oriented. The main room where we have breakfast is like a dining room in someone's home. We all gather here every morning and night and bond like we all know each other. Francesco and his family own the hostel and they are sooo super nice. They go grocery for us and we can use anything they buy. Endless yogurt, cereal, cookies, soda, gelato! etc. After a fun breakfast, my attitude turned a little south. :( I checked my finances and realized that I had spent so much money in the span of like 16 days. How the heck did all that money fly by? I haven't bought anything. I'm backpacking, yo, no room for shopping. Its not really that kind of trip. I would love to buy stuff for ... read more

Europe » Vatican City September 28th 2007

Quick Entry, but I made it to ROME and oh jesus, its pouring rain! I will survive. Side note: I want to write so much more in my blog and realize that i havent been telling a lot of the funny stories ive encountered along the way. Understand that I usually only have like 15 min on the internet where i check my email and then try to book my mext trip. sometimes there are people waiting behind me so I write these entries in like 5 min. youll just have to see me when i get back and ill fill you in with all the GOOD stuff.... so yeah, its raining sooo much. I got off the plane, had to get on this massive bus and then they dropped us off at the Termini train ... read more

Europe » Vatican City September 18th 2007

Its still pretty warm here and other than some rain showers this morning the weather has been cooperative for walking and touring. We had dinner last night with Barb's friends Michelle (who Barb works with)and Jim last night - they've been traveling Italy for over 2 weeks. It was nice seeing and talking complete American with them, though we learned some more Italy by dining with them. Leaving for Florence tomorrow. No real plans today, mostly shopping and wandering. Yesterday was the Vatican - The Sistine Chapel is Unbelievable and that's and understatment. No pictures can describe it's beauty and amazine talent it took to paint it. Ciao!!!!!!!!!!... read more

Europe » Vatican City September 15th 2007

Hey Guys! Just spent the day in Rome, was pretty cool but way too hot! Was gross and sweaty all day long. We had to get up Super early to get into the Vatican City and see The Sistene Chapel. It was nice, but not worth waiting two hours in a line for. If I was on my own I wouldnt have bothered. By the end we were all so grumpy and just wanting to eat! (we being Myself, Belinda, Naomi and Rachel the girls Ive been hanging around with most and sharing rooms with) We went to see some ruins, The Roman Forum and the Colleseum which were much cooler. We also went to this Monk tomb and all the walls were decorated with Bones and skulls and skeletons. It was awesome. Anyway I had ... read more

Europe » Vatican City » Vatican City September 2nd 2007

Pleasantly I found the Italians far more affable than the Greeks. Better value too. My train was in no hurry to arrive in Rome as it spilled its passengers out onto the terminal at 6pm. I had been on the go 36 hrs non-stop. Thankfully, my hotel was close by. The very beautiful and very friendly staff could only give me a bed for one night. "That's fine" I managed to smile back. "We'll sort something out tomorrow". All I wanted to do was rest, in a bed, lying down. A bed that stayed put and didn't leave your hips bruised the next morning.... read more

Europe » Vatican City August 25th 2007

Today we venture through Rome - the historic capital of the Roman Empire. The day started with a trip from Rome to the principality of the Vatican City. Sounds a bit weird to do an excursion to another country, when we only just got here! The Vatican City is the smallest country in the world and is actually surrounded by the city of Rome. The guided tour was lead by Chincia again, who introduced us to Rome yesterday. We were all handed personal radios as we waited in the queue. Chelle struggled with her ear-piece. She doesn’t do earphones, and only uses the old school headphones, so it took a while to convince her to just stick it in her ear. On to more important things - apparently about 14,000 people visit the Vatican City, EVERYDAY! ... read more
Ear Piece
Self Portrait

Europe » Vatican City August 22nd 2007

Vatican City, is a landlocked sovereign city-state whose territory consists of a walled enclave within the city of Rome. The City is the smallest sovereign state in the world at 0.44 square kilometres (108.7 acres). Vatican City is an elected monarchy that is ruled by the Bishop of Rome — the Pope. The Pope is ex officio head of state and head of government of Vatican City and the term Holy See expresses the totality of his governance and pastoral ministry. The Vatican City State has the distinction of having the smallest and oldest regular army in the world, the Pontifical Swiss Guard. Vatican City also has its own post office, fire brigade, police service, commissary (supermarket), bank, railway station, electricity generating plant, and publishing house. The Vatican also controls its own Internet domain (.va). Saint ... read more
Musei Vaticani 2
Musei Vaticani 3
Musei Vaticani 4

Europe » Vatican City July 31st 2007

Ciao! Early Tuesday morning I took a stroll alone and stumbled across Via Vittorio Veneto. I walked down the grand avenue and noticed that it is lined with luxury hotels, shops and cafes. There is even a Harry’s Bar. I was thrilled, as the avenue was clean; there was no graffiti on the buildings and not a gypsy in sight. It reminded me of Santana Row back home. I also noticed that there were many good looking Italian men dressed in expensive suits. Yes! I couldn’t wait to get back and tell the rest of what I found, especially Skye. I would have to put off strolling back down Vittorio Veneto, as we had a tour planned for the Vatican Museum and Basilica of St. Peter’s both located in Vatican City. Vatican City is a small ... read more
Vatican City
Vatican City

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