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Europe » Vatican City April 18th 2008

Oh well, That is what made it less crowded most likely. Wow, the church is so massive! It was almost overwhelming to take in the beauty of everything inside and out. I was really in awe of the peace I felt here. We had spent a good hour inside St. Peter's Basilica, looking at all the details. It was crowded, but not overly. We had talked about how quiet it was in there even with thousands of people inside. I know it is out of respect, but still hard to believe the stillness. The Vatican Museum was amazing! I love the details in everything. Even with all our technology, they cannot reproduce the beauty of the walls and ceilings in there. The Sistine Chapel is truly a sight to see! Oh how I wish I could ... read more
St. Peter's Basilica
St. Peter's Square
St. Peter's Square

Europe » Vatican City » Vatican City April 9th 2008

April 4, 2008 Katie and I woke up, got ready, and went to the complimentary breakfast the hostel offers. It was very good, as most breakfasts seem to be over here. We needed to figure out how to get into Rome since we are staying in Ostia, technically, which is right outside of Rome. The lady at the reception desk told us what to do. We went outside to pick up the bus. This ended up being a special one to the school, so the bus driver took us back. He stopped right in front of the bus we needed so the driver could let us on so we didn’t have to wait again. It was the tight bus, and we went to the train station. We rode the train til what we thought was our ... read more
me in front of St. Peter's Basilica
Vatican Museum entrance
tapestry portraying the death of Julius Caesar

Europe » Vatican City March 8th 2008

Rome - Day 8 - Vatican -- March 8 ---PART I To say that the Vatican is amazing would be an understatement. It was the single best, most incredible thing I have ever seen, or probably will ever see. It had been a dream of mine over the course of the last two years to see the Vatican. Literally a dream. There was nothing I wanted more than to see the museums, the paintings, the sculptures, and to learn the history of the amazing, centuries old Vatican. We had to be up extremely early to be on the bus on our way to the Vatican. To be honest, this was the best day of the entire trip. Nothing could top it. We arrived at the Vatican after a 45 minute bus ride. We had a tour ... read more
Cortile della Pigna
Cortile della Pigna

Europe » Vatican City » Vatican City December 30th 2007

Ciao! I am really loving Italy. It's such an adventure everywhere we go. Especially trying to upload photos in an internet cafe. So far I haven't found one that has worked for me which is kind of disheartening, but I'll live. Today has been long, but quite wonderful. We woke up at 5:45 in order to get to the Vatican early enough without a long wait. Standing in line was something in itself. When we got off the metro at our stop, some people literally started running to the Vatican. It was 7:30, an hour and 45 minutes before it even opened! But I should have figured, it was free entrance today into the Musei Vaticano... also the reason why we were going today as well. But we got there and were pretty close to the ... read more
The imposing basilica
Gallery of Maps
Nothing but paint

Europe » Vatican City » Vatican City December 3rd 2007

Today I woke up early and well-rested for my tour of the Vatican Museums. Apparently, it’s impossible to go in as an individual; you need to be part of a group. Since I had to pay for a group tour, I decided to upgrade and go with a guided tour. Seeing attractions, it’s sometimes hard to know whether to spring for guided tours or audio tours. #1 - I’m cheap, and on a budget here! But also, it’s just how much can you take in constantly having a voice yapping at you. That said, I’m really glad I had the tour guide here, because the Vatican Museums are a maze! So many rooms, so much stuff. It’s no wonder they say the Vatican is so rich, with so much art and priceless artifacts it’s unbelievable. And ... read more
Sistine Chapel
Sistine Chapel
Staircase in the Vatican

Europe » Vatican City November 24th 2007

All roads lead to Rome, the lovely reader. So I'm walking along a road ... in Rome yeah, and suddenly found myself heading towards another city. Now I've done my share of boning up on ancient history, so how could this be happening? Oh, hang on ... now I get it, the road was heading for the fortified Vatican City deep within the bosom of the eternal city. Vatican city is an independent city-state and the home of Il Papa, who continues the ancient tradition of leading the Catholic Church, while ably protected by implacable Swiss guards. I arrived recently on a flight to Rome and invite you to take a walk in my shoes, as I embark on new travel adventures exploring many of the world's famous travel destinations in Western Europe. Travel sights just ... read more
Trevi fountain, Rome
Carvings from the Forum Romanum
The Colosseum, Rome

Europe » Vatican City November 4th 2007

Hello all, Peter and I have finsihed our bus tour and are now back in Rome. Let me say, thank goodness for wheels on bags because even though the cobblestone streets seem great from a distance, they are a bugger to navigate with bags in tow. We have had a wonderful tour around Italy, I especially liked the north. Yes, the hills of Tuscany are truely beautiful. We had a great time in Florence, then onto the Lake region - Lugano (in Switzerland ) was absolutley beautiful as was Lake Maggiore. Stayed behind the fortified walls of the old city in Assisi - wow! it was like going back in time only without the smells I am assuming. venice was great, but it rained all day - bummer, not too heavy though. We did manage to ... read more
Jane in Verona
Lake Maggiore
Peter ouside the Colosseum

Europe » Vatican City October 21st 2007

Back in Italy, went to this hostel I emailed but they didn't have my booking!!! ended up sleeping on a matress in the common room for the first night.......and the next day they said they have 2 more nights booked for me. OK. The place was cool with satalite TV! haaaa..... So the next day had to wake up early to give make the room available for breakfast, so I headed out early to start walking around Rome. It was FREEEEZING!!! " walked around the Colosseum........and the ruins in that area... then walked over to Transtevere to go to the marketplace....long walk but passed through a lot of quiet local neighbourhood! very cool. I like the style mediteranean....colourful....old...but cute at the same time! Although, the place can get a little dirty.....traffic a little crazy...and lots ... read more
What could this be??
In shades...
marble carvings

Europe » Vatican City October 10th 2007

This trip is getting to be pretty challenging. As our bags become heavier and multiplying our trip is getting more tiresome. We spent a good chunk of the day just going from our nice peaceful Cinque Terre on this tempermental train to ROME. At first it was 25mins late, then in the middle of the road it stopped for about 25 minutes because I'm guessing there was some sort of power issue or obstacle on the road, not sure, this was from my VERY broken Italian with this sweet old Italian couple sitting in our same train compartment. Then the whole way there it at some points it would just kind of crawl. Anyhow enough of the complaining. After the nice little couple left we got the train compartment *couchette to ourselves and pulled the seats ... read more

Europe » Vatican City » Vatican City October 9th 2007

Hi everyone, it has been difficult to find internet cafes in parts of Italy. We left the Villa on Saturday and on our way to Naples Carolina and I got separated from the rest of the group due to the train taking off too fast and people crowding on the train. We ended up having to take a taxi through Naples and we thought we were going to die. . I have never been so scared in my entire life as we were in that taxi. We were saying our last prayers. . . we finally hooked up with the others and went on to Sorrento. We arrived in Sorrento and after 6 months of no rain they decided to have a torrential storm and the streets were flooded. It was so bad we couldn't get ... read more

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