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Europe » Vatican City » Vatican City January 8th 2007

Sua Eminenza alza gli occhi dal documento che stava studiando, mi vede e con fare adusto mi fa cenno di entrare. Non è esattamente un invito, piuttosto il mal dissimulato colpo di coda di un cavallo che cerca di liberarsi dal fastidio delle mosche. Mi riceve controvoglia: pessimo inizio. Mi ci erano volute settimane per ottenere un appuntamento, poi, una volta fissato tale colloquio, cause di forza maggiore lo avevano tenuto lontano dal palazzo vescovile proprio quel giorno, a quell’ora. Stavolta m’ero presentato quindi senza appuntamento previo, adducendo l’urgenza come causa. Ed è vero: stasera parto! Lo studio del vescovo è piccolo e modestamente arredamento; stilisticamente a tono col resto del palazzo ma assolutamente privo di ostentazione alcuna. Solo l’enorme crocifisso d’oro che porta al collo stona con l’ambiente e finisce col dare a Sua Eminenza ... read more
Di Camminatori e... Mucche
Un Michelangelo Vero
Un Falso Michelangelo

Europe » Vatican City » Vatican City January 8th 2007

His Eminence raises his eyes from the document he was studying, he sees me and with austere manners signals me to enter. It’s not exactly an invitation, it’s rather the badly disguised blow of tail of a horse tryin to get rid of annoying flies. He’s clearly receiving me in bad will: an awful beginning. It had taken me weeks to get an appointment, then, once fixed such a meeting, causes of act of God had held him away from the episcopal palace: just that day, just at that hour! Hence, this time I showed up without any appointment, adducing the urgency like cause. And it is true: I’m leaving in the evening! The bishop’s office is small and modestly furnished; the style is in line with the rest of the palace with no sign of ... read more
A True Michelangelo
A Fake Michelangelo
Inside the Basilica

Europe » Vatican City » Vatican City January 3rd 2007

I went to the Vatican today. I climbed up the cupola of Saint Peter's Basillica. The walk is quite exhausting as there are many steps which curve up, some of which are steep and narrow. The top offers a great view of the Vatican and Rome. I got to see the Pope (one has to get tickets beforehand). He holds a general audience on Wednesdays, and the room is completely packed. I got in an hour before it started but I still got seated at the back. That ended up being great, because the Pope enters through the back, and allowed us in the back to get right up close to him (a few people touched him). The atmosphere was wild, like a rock concert: people were screaming and shouting wildly and standing up on chairs ... read more
Saint Peter's Basilica
The Vatican from Above

Europe » Vatican City November 11th 2006

11 de Novembre Sono le nove e mezzo We are just finishing colazione (breakfast); we are sitting here at the hotel restaurant, drinking not-very-good coffee, waiting for Carrie. Today is "Vatican Day". We'll start with St. Peter’s Basilica, then go to the Vatican museum, visit the Sistine Chapel, and at 2:30 we have a reservation for an archeological tour of the excavation of the necropolis below St. Peter’s. Our hotel is in the Vaticano area, so it is a very short passeggiata. St Peter’s Basilica - -We just completed a visit to the cupola of St Peter’s Basilica. 320 steps (plus many more to get to the rooftop piazza where the counting started) and all well worth it. Just before the 320 step climb began, we had a fabulous view of the interior of the basilica ... read more
View from the top
Inside of the dome
The Swiss Guard

Europe » Vatican City October 23rd 2006

Back in Roma on Monday, 23 Ottobre, we chose to buy tickets for one of the hop on-hop off buses. These are pretty good values as the tickets are good for 24 hours. The plan is to cover everything to San Pietro on the bus and then come back around after to hop off and see the sights missed before the Vatican. We were able to cover a lot of real estate and save our feet. We did a drive by at Circus Maximus, which is now a place for joggers; not a single chariot in sight. Behind it is the other side of the "condo's" overlooking Foro Romano. We first hopped off in the morning at the Vatican, awed by the size of the piazza and St. Peter's Basilica. The line to enter St. Peters ... read more
Circo Massimo due
Basilica di San Pietro
Basilica di San Pietro due

Europe » Vatican City October 4th 2006

Hi all, Yes, yes I am still alive & I am in Scotland. I have been very slack with the computer but I am hoping to make up for it now. I last left you after Venice so now the story continues........ We had a long & boring trip from Venice to Roma. It wasn't the longest in hours but we all kinda got bus - fever & went a little silly. We started throwing things at each other & lauging over the most stupid things. Daz, our bus driver made a couple of extra stops for us that day, he said to keep us from going completely bonkers but me thinks it was more to protect his coach. The others were joining us in Rome so that too might have had something to do with ... read more

Europe » Vatican City September 27th 2006

Continued from last entry: The next day we headed on our long journey to Rome. We didn't go to the hotel first, Louise took us on a tour even though she wasn't allowed to. We saw but didn't go in the Colloseum. We went in the Pantheon and sat on the Spanish Steps. We saw the Trevi Fountain and were supposed to throw three coins in. One for good luck, one to come back to Rome and one for true love. I only threw in two, since I think i've already found true love and partly because I don't want to jinx it. We saw the Italian National Monument that the Italians don't like. We had to get some sleep because we had the whole next day in Rome and had to get up early to ... read more

Europe » Vatican City September 5th 2006

Because we had heard about the nasty queues at the Vatican, we decided to arrive bright and early on a weekday. Outside the Vatican, we noticed an extremely horrible line for the Vatican Museum and decided that if we had to choose what we saw of the Vatican because of time constraints it would be St. Peter’s Basilica. And as it turns out this was unfortunately the case. We really do not know what we can say about the Vatican other than that we were extremely overwhelmed by it. The architecture and the detail of the entire place were just very impressive. And it is also great to be able to see the heart of the Catholic Church. It is overwhelming to think about that being the place where the Popes are chosen, where they live ... read more
The St. Peter’s Dome from the terrace on the Basilica
St Peter’s Basilica
The Amazingly detailed St. Peter’s Dome Roof

Europe » Vatican City » Vatican City August 16th 2006

Oh yes... Vatican! This visit meant a lot to us because of the Pope - John Paul II. We really wanted to see his tomb, he was such a wonderful Man ... and he was Polish! Anyway, we got up very early as wanted to get to Vatican asap (one day out of a week in Rome). Our faces became cheerful the minute we entered Vatican City ! What we saw was absolutely amazing. Actually before we didn't realise how big St. Peter's Square was! When you see it on the TV it seems quite tiny... The queue to the Apostolic Palace was unbelievably long and at the beginning we felt like we were never going to see the official residence of the Pope. Surprisingly it was moving fast, so it took us only about 15 ... read more
view from the Copula
Swiss guards

Europe » Vatican City July 27th 2006

We went to see St Peters not to long back and there was one thing I found. It was a lovely building and all that but they would not let you in. The Vatican and St Peters I really wanted to see the Sistine chapel but hey maybe another day. ... read more

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