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Europe » Vatican City » Vatican City July 6th 2009

While MTV cribs brings some pretty impressive and often ridiculous homes, perhaps there is no more fitting home in the world under this category than that of Vatican City. Not only is the Roman Catholic Church home the world's largest collection of historical artworks (which proves how lucrative plundering can be under God's name), this 110 acre residence of 800 people is literally its own country. In many ways, the Vatican City is a unique part of the world in both political and social aspects. This country is a true theocracy, in which a Divine Right (leader chosen by God) is the government structure, of course putting the Pope as the leader of the country. This is truly the only nation one could visit in which every single part of the country is recognized as a ... read more
Vatican artwork 7
Another view from St. Peter's
Looking up at the dome of Basilica

Europe » Vatican City » Vatican City May 23rd 2009

Ack! i got up at 7:40 but johnny didn't get up til a little late, after i got out of the shower. by the time we were both done getting ready and out the door we hadn't made the bus number 64 to the vatican city in time and as we got over near the stop (which we actually passed, and had to get off and walk back) it was after 9:00, when we were supposed to be there. :o( oh well - instead of doing the basilica at 9 and then the museums at 10:30 we changed the tickets to do the museums at 10:30, have a break, and then do the basilica at 15:00, no biggie. we putzed about for a little bit, walking up and down the street and popping into every ... read more

Europe » Vatican City » Vatican City May 5th 2009

The Vatican City. It has it's own post office, police uniform and is technically a separate country to the rest of Italy. Unfortunately we ran out of time to explore St Peter's Basilica, as we waited hours in the line to the Vatican Museum. Probably should have done the former as the most interesting object in the museums was a 4000 year old mummified body of a small pharaoh. You could still see his fingernails and toenails. One of it's eye sockets had a patch over it, where they would have removed his brains from. It was fascinating! Of course there was also the Sistine Chapel, with the famous painted ceiling by Michelangelo, portraying various scenes from the bible such as The Creation of Adam and The Last Judgement. Unfortunately it was a bit hard to ... read more
the new death star!
egyptian mummy

Europe » Vatican City » Vatican City April 27th 2009

While Mom and Dad were visiting we took a trip to Rome and Vatican City to have a general audience with the Pope and then tour the Vatican Museums and what not. It was so much fun and I'm not sure I've ever seen my Mom so excited or happy to get to see the Pope live. It was pretty cool. He also spoke Italian, German, French, English, Latin and some Spanish/Portugese/Polish. It was pretty cool. Also seeing the Sistine Chapel was amazing and I never thought I would be able to see that either. It was awesome, smaller than I thought it would be, but still beautiful.... read more
Photo 2
Photo 3
Photo 4

Europe » Vatican City » Vatican City April 14th 2009

My internship at the U.S. Mission to the EU was over and my Italian ‘vacation’ had started. (As if this entire trip hasn’t felt like a vacation.) It took me about two and a half hours to get from the airport to my hostel. As soon as I finally found it, the receptionist opened the door for me and asked if I have a hungry friend waiting there for me. I had to laugh because, yup, Michael was there, waiting for me so we could go out and grab dinner together. I was so happy that he was at the hostel as he no longer had a phone and I wasn’t exactly sure where/when I would be able to meet him. I put down my bags and we quickly headed out for some delicious Italian food. ... read more
The Dome of St. Peter
Palm Sunday Mass
With My Palms

Europe » Vatican City » Vatican City April 13th 2009

Rome The ship was to dock in Civitavecchia Italy’s largest passenger port where about 5 cruisers were side by side. This port is known as the gateway to Rome. We had booked our trip into Rome, a 1½ journey by coach. The sun was shining and it was a pleasant 16º, although rain was forecast. Again we were very excited about our first trip to Rome, although we wondered if we would actually be able to get close enough to see anything as it was Good Friday. Where we were heading was the final destination of the route taken by the Pope-the Coliseum, so we expected large crowds. It was a lovely drive in and rural parts of Italy were very green and full of colourful blossom. It was so refreshing to see familiar fields and ... read more
Rome (1)
Rome (2)

Europe » Vatican City » Vatican City April 12th 2009

14 Stations of the Cross On Friday night @ 9 pm Laura, Jordan, and I walked down to the Colosseo to see the Pope do the 14 Stations of the Cross from the Ancient Temple of Rome and Venus. There were supposedly 20,000 people there and from the looks of it I believe it. We fought our way through the crowd to a spot where we could at least make out the Pope's face and settled in for a ceremony that seemed extremely long but was probably due to the fact that it was in Italian and only understood every other word with one verse in English for each station. It was easy to get distracted by the Colosseo right behind us as you can see from my pictures. Regardless, it was was cool to feel ... read more
Laura and I in front of Colosseo
Legistlative Building

Europe » Vatican City » Vatican City February 24th 2009

I’m not a religious man, but that doesn’t mean I don’t respect religion. And it certainly doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate the sometimes magnificent architecture that comes with places of worship. To be truthful, I have often stated that “if you’ve seen one cathedral you’ve seen them all”. This is obviously not true, they are all unique in various ways, but many churches and cathedrals resemble each other. A lot. Same shape, same exterior, same interior, same purpose. A lot of the things that can be found in most churches can be found in St. Peter’s Basilica as well. And then some. This is the boss of all churches. The mothership. Naturally in the sense of its administrative, historical, religious, spiritual, or what have you power as a seat for Christianity. But also and equally important ... read more

Europe » Vatican City » Vatican City November 19th 2008

Although we had an incredibly long day the day before, the girls and I were up bright and early. Learning from our mistakes, we did not stop by breakfast this morning. Instead, we headed to the little cafe we had seen that had everything a girl could want. My breakfast consisted of a chocolate croissant and a double shot of espresso. Amazing. I was finished before we even got out the door. It was an absolutely gorgeous day! For the second day in a row, we headed to the Colisseum but this time, to go in. We walked the same way we had the day before and so we had to stop to take the always-necessary leaping photo (round 2 for this particular photo). The tickets we had bought the day before was a dual ticket ... read more
A leaping photo
Inside the Colosseum

Europe » Vatican City » Vatican City November 6th 2008

We spent a day at the Vatican, where we got a tour of the museum, saw the basilica, and the Sistine Chapel filled with Michaelangelo's paintings. ... read more
Fountain with the Vatican in the Background
St Peter's Square

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