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Europe » Vatican City May 7th 2011

GUN 8 günlerden CUMARTESİ: Bir haftayı devirdik. Sabahleyin bir Roma'lı gibi geç uyandım. Güzel bir kahvaltı yaptım ve yolun karşısında ki alış veriş merkezine gittim. Bizim yatağın altı bana batmağa başladı o nedenle bir "yatak altı" aldım. Turhan aga bize bir şişme yatak hediye ettiydi ne var ki yatak şişince 20 cm yükseldi ve bu Ayşe'nin klostrofobisini azdırmağa yetti .. Şimdi altımızda sadece dolgu maddesi olarak kalıyor. Bu yatak altı takviye babında alındı... Öğlene kadar tüm rutin yapılacaklar yapıldı . Yıkandım …süslendik ve "Roma here we come"… Otobüsümüz bizi Cornelia'ya bıraktı . Oradan bir Metro ve işte Vatican şehrindeyiz. Şehrindeyiz diyorum zira Vatican aslında bir şehir/Devlet … Vatika... read more
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Europe » Vatican City July 9th 2010

Europe » Vatican City July 9th 2010

A few more. So many pictures it's hard to choose.... read more
July 9 Part 3

Europe » Vatican City July 9th 2010

July 9th Rome Italy Day 2 - Well we had a great day visiting the Forum, the Colleseum and we spent the morning in the Vatican. It is presently 39 c here in Rome and there is a Transit strike, so traffic is gridlocked everywhere. However, the good news is (as my father used to say) "it's 39, but it's a dry heat!!!" We experienced our second disappointment of our trip today - the first, which I don't think we told you, is that when we arrived in London, it turned the Queen wasn't there for us to see - turns out she was in Canada, of all places! Then we tried to make an appointment to do lunch with Pope, and he was unavailable. Now I suppose when we get to Monaco the Royal Family ... read more

Europe » Vatican City July 8th 2010

More Rome pictures....... read more
July 8 Rome

Europe » Vatican City » Vatican City July 5th 2010

So the plan for Monday was to check out the Castel Sant'Angelo, hit up the Mausoleum of Augustus, and see where I went from there. I had forgotten the cardinal rule of tourism in Europe. Almost _nothing_ is open Mondays. And the Castel was not the exception to the rule. And the mausoleum? Undergoing extensive restoration work and completely inaccessible. Not even a good photo opp. So I caved. I found a tour group that would take me through the Vatican museum to the Sistine Chapel, and while we'd have to wait in queues, they were much shorter cues than the poor suckers doing it on their own. I wasn't going to do the museum because it was so bloody crowded (designed for 5-10k visitors per day, they're seeing roughly 30k/day in peak periods). And it ... read more
Fontana di Trevi

Europe » Vatican City » Vatican City June 13th 2010

June 10 and 11, 2010. Geographically and from a traveler's perspective, the Vatican City has always been a part of Rome, but thanks to the 1929 Lateran Treaty, this tiny enclave within the Italian capital became the world's smallest sovereign state. The Vatican City has its own postal stamp, its own radio station, and an army of Swiss guards. But unless you're keenly aware of your geography, you won't be aware that once you left the Tiber River's east bank, you have technically stepped into a different country. It's no big deal actually, although for those counting their countries, it's one more tick off the checklist. The Vatican City may be the world's smallest nation but it's definitely no pushover. The UN has granted it a permanent observer status in the UN, while the Pope isn't ... read more
St. Peter's Basilica
Photo 4
Photo 5

Europe » Vatican City » Vatican City April 9th 2010

For our last day in Rome, we had planned to see the Vatican and the Sistine Chapel. By the time Allison and I got there, the lines were absolutely insane (as expected, I suppose), so we just decided to take pictures of the Vatican from the outside before getting in the enormous line for the Vatican Museum and the Sistine Chapel. Despite the mass amounts of people telling us that it was a 3 hours line and trying to sell us super expensive tickets to cut to the front, we waited it out and were moving pretty quickly. We made friends with the Canadians standing by us in line, and after about a half hour of waiting, Mackenzie and Michael popped out of nowhere tapping us on the shoulders! It was fabulous to re-unite with a ... read more
Piazza del Popolo

Europe » Vatican City » Vatican City March 22nd 2010

22 March - Monday We woke about 9:30 am to another nice much for the 10-day forecast with rain every day. Our new room was located on the fifth floor away from any road or alley so the only noise to disturb us was the birds...cackling in this case. Will heard from his friend that we wouldn't be able to get tickets for the Vatican until the afternoon. I was puzzled about this, as I was not aware from any guidebook that there were limits on the number of tickets...wait in line and you get a ticket. Nevertheless, we decided to take a taxi to the Villa Borghese and then walked from there to the Piazza del Popolo, after which we would go to the Vatican to get tickets. The Borghese Gardens were ok, but ... read more
Tamara at the Borghese Gardens
Piazzo del Popolo
Vatican Museum

Europe » Vatican City » Vatican City March 19th 2010

En medio de Roma y con completa independencia se encuentra el Vaticano. Lo que es considerado como algo aparte de Italia no se puede desmarcar de lo que lo rodea, Roma y su arquitectura. La Basílica de San Pedro ocupa casi todo el territorio de este micro estado europeo y este palacio cobró preponderante importancia cuando lo visité, ya que en el año 2000 fue cede principal del juvilleo de jovenes. Una vez dentro de este palacio que es la basílica de San Pedro me di cuenta que todo el oro ocupado para la fabricación de la cúpula y las paredes internas es necesario para demostrar la grandeza que las creencias de quienes creen y todo comentario contra la exageración de los materiales usados está demás, ya que desde el punto de vista del arte, y ... read more
La cupula - The dome
Una de las tantas puertas en al entrada principal - One of the many doors at the main entrance

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