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Europe » Vatican City December 17th 2012

Vatican City: the Mecca of Christians all over the world.... read more
Vatican City
Vatican City
Vatican City 5-2005

Europe » Vatican City » Vatican City September 19th 2012

Rome... it was so good. Arrived at the train statio, walked about 5 minutes to my hostel, checked in, then walked around the area i was in for a while. after, i met two brothers from hong kong, and and english fellow. We hung out that night after eating free pasta. We went to a the colloseum and a few nearby places and saw the city by night. we got gilato which is so much better than american icecream. The next day I went to the the Colloseum and the surounding area again but got to in the places, I ran into Justin and Cameron, which were to ausies I ran into in Monaco at a restraunt, and then again when i was leaving Monaco, so the third time I gave them my name so they ... read more

Europe » Vatican City » Vatican City June 25th 2012

Rome 2 with Anna My last day in Rome, and my last day with Anna began with a delicious breakie and a quick trip into town to drop Anna's bag off at her new hostel. We had booked ourselves onto a Vatican tour at 10am and it started at the bridge of angels. There was so much amazing history, I wont go into too much detail as a lot of it wasn't absorbed. There were a few art works that really amazed me. One is done by Michelangelo called the Pieta and is a statue of a young Madonna holding a deceased Jesus. For a few reasons this doesn't make sense. One, she is not young when Jesus died, two she is far too large (8 foot if she stood up) and three the way she ... read more
Girls, just want to have fu-un!

Europe » Vatican City » Vatican City May 24th 2012

These days are starting to all blur together. It was strange how dead the bar was last night but I guess the locals don't party too hard on a Wednesday. I talked to mom yesterday for the first time in a while. Gave her a massive Internet hug. love ya mom. I will never take for granted how there are no gypsys in Canada. Literally everywhere. All selling the same shit. Like, no I don't want your cheap ass Louis Vuitton purse and stop calling me playboy! Remember I said I did laundry at 2 in the morning the other night? Well I had a bit of a scare. I didn't grab my clothes because this girl from our tour said she would hold onto them for me. Well it turns out she only had my ... read more

Europe » Vatican City » Vatican City May 19th 2012

Ciao! Sorry we skipped a day, as you'll see, friday was quite an eventful day... It was our last day in Paris. We started the day at the Arc de Triumphe and then walked down the Champs Elysees. It was gorgeous and super cool, considering all that has happened there. We went through the Place della Concorde and saw the obelisk, where Marie Antoinette and others lost their heads. We also met a few pickpockets, but outwitted them all! We finally came to the louvre, where we planned to spend our last few peaceful hours. Right. At the desk, we were informed that our pre-ordered tickets needed to be picked up back at Champs Elysees, so Sophie and Dad raced back over to pick them up. We finally were able to enter, but our visit was ... read more

Europe » Vatican City » Vatican City March 30th 2012

Well, actually Vatican City is not in Rome. It is a tiny nation itself. But we still consider it part of our visit to Rome. We met our tour guide, Alex Mariotti, outside the Ottaviano San Pietro Metro station at about 1:15pm. David didn't show up, but we liked Alex better. By 2pm we were ready to start our tour, complete with headsets, inside the Vatican Museum. Alex was a fantastic tour guide and story teller. He told the story of Michaelangelo and how he came about to paint the Cappella Sistina. He told us how Michaelangelo was not a painter, but a sculpter, and shared the story of his relationships with the Pope, other artists and his life. After all of that, of course, Michaelangelo was a great artist. By the time we had reached ... read more

Europe » Vatican City October 27th 2011

Thursday, 27th October 2011 Our final stop in Italy and for the whole of the Europe trip was the journey to Vatican City, home for the Roman Catholicism. Vatican City is actually located within the western part of Rome City, reachable via a simple Metro ride from where we stayed if not for the events that followed. This morning, after getting our water supplies from the Conad Supermarket at the basement of the Rome Station, 3 of us were walking towards the Metro direction when we heard a loud commotion. Before we knew it, a group of some few hundred people came charging towards our direction. Our natural reaction was two-fold :- 1) To give way to the "fastest runners" among the pack and retreat to a corner for safety since we wouldn't know where they ... read more
St Peter's Church from a distance
The Pantheon

Europe » Vatican City » Vatican City July 21st 2011

Thursday, July 21, 2011 I spent the sntire day in Vatican City. There was a two hour quick tour of the museum, which rivals the Luvre and the British Museum in size and collection. A long lunch contemplating bad caffeteria food and taking airborne tablets to avoid the onset of a cold. Then the Basilica and a real Catholic mass. I just did whatever the nuns did. ... read more
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Photo 34
Photo 35

Europe » Vatican City May 28th 2011

Whenever I told anyone about my bank holiday plans, the most common response was one of surprise. "Haven't you been to Rome yet?" With a reputation as a fairly seasoned traveller, particularly in Europe, perhaps it was understandable for people to assume that I have been to one of Europe's major tourist cities. This weekend, I was finally getting the monkey off my back. People would also have been surprised that I arrived at Stansted Airport without any drama. The drama this time lay with Sags - I didn't hold out much hope of him making it. Luckily our flight was slightly delayed and he ended up making it comfortably. Touching down in Rome, I hate how Ryanair boast about how they're the "on-time airline". If you give yourself thirty minutes more than you actually need ... read more
St. Peter's Square
St. Peter's Basilica & Square
Castel Sant'Angelo

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