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Europe » Vatican City September 12th 2015

Another early start today for the Vatican. Up at 6:00 to make sure we met the tour group at 7:55 for the skip the line tour. A sound check with the “whisper” machines and in we go for the walk through the museum. All of the masters are here, Rafael, Michaelangelo, Caravaggio, Botticelli, Leonardo & Donatello. We were just awestruck with looking at these great works of art and this is just a small part of the treasures that the Vatican has. Every room has a selection of paintings, statues, frescoes and tapestries and then we are told that some of these rooms were the living quarters of some of the popes. After a while it all turns into a blur and becomes overwhelming. We walked through the Sistine Chapel (no pictures???) which was just amazing. ... read more
Augustus of Prima Porta
Museum courtyard
Modern art in courtyard

Europe » Vatican City July 27th 2015

Some 13 years ago, I did a boys day trip with Leslie to the Vatican. It was a beautiful and cold day in January, and Leslie was just 18 months old. So for the logistic, we kept ourselves to the Basilica as well as St Peter's Square. This time it's a little different, I'm on my own, and I truly want to see what is it about the Sistine Chapel! You are going to ask me! Is this a game about blogging about every single country on earth? Well, why not, so let's start this little South European escapade with the Vatican! After all, I've got a huge amount of pictures of Rome already! I should have booked my visit online to the Vatican Museum and the Chapel Sistine. But I wanted some flexibility not knowing ... read more
Vatican Museum
Swiss Guard
No pictures into the Sistine Chapel

Europe » Vatican City July 18th 2015

We have booked a morning tour of the Vatican. We need to be there a bit before 8am, so it's another early start after a long day yesterday. We are both feeling a bit tired. It is again really hot, and Issy says she is feeling the heat more here than she did in Marrakech. We arrive outside the Vatican Museum and already there are long lines to get in. We've booked a group tour so we jump to the front of the queue. Before we left home everyone warned us about the queues and the advantages of booking on-line. I'm glad we listened. The operators here seem to have mass tourism down to a very fine art. Our names are ticked off as we arrive, and we are told to stand in a very specific ... read more
Dome of St Peter's Baslica
Tiber River near Castel Sant'Angelo
Tiber River near Castel Sant'Angelo

Europe » Vatican City July 15th 2015

Took a tour of the Vatican. You are not allowed to take pictures of the Sistine Chapel but you could take pics of the surrounding galleries. I also went to St. Peter's Basilica, saw the Pieta and some beautiful sculptures inside. To finish the day I had gelato. Look carefully at the blue flavor.... read more

Europe » Vatican City May 27th 2015

At least, it's the final FULL day in those places. I'll be flying to Orlando tomorrow afternoon, via Oslo. But this morning I spent in St. Peter's Square for a "general audience" with the Pope, and that was a pretty decent way to cap off this Eurotrip. Eno left on Tuesday morning - early. So that made my day a little more subdued than otherwise. I mean, we did travel around Italy for 10 days together, so now I'm just passing my time, really. There isn't any other sight (tourist or else) that has attracted my interest, so I've just been sitting back and soaking in the atmosphere. It's been more enjoyable for me than I would've thought, but then I have been running ragged for the past couple of weeks. After Eno left, I spent ... read more
Those columns are kinda big
The sculpture on all the banners advertising the exhibit
My favorite sculpture

Europe » Vatican City May 25th 2015

Okay - I've been walking back and forth between Rome and the Vatican for a few days now, and since we spent the majority of today in this tiny nation, I'll give an account of all our interactions there. I'll also give you the parts from Rome that happened today, too. They have a post office set up in a trailer in the middle of St. Peter's Square, which is quite convenient for those who want to get Vatican stamps or postcards, or who want to post their cards in the Vatican post box. When we walked through the square on Saturday night, it was already closed. But when we went to the Pentecost service on Sunday morning, they were open for business at least by 10:30. I couldn't believe it - I mean, NOBODY has ... read more
Cortile della Pigna inside the Vatican
Statue of Antinous in the round room
The long Map Room

Europe » Vatican City April 30th 2015

Thursday 30 April: Yes, Asterix you may well have been right. To be fair though, most of the madness we witnessed today can be put down to non-Romans. After an excellent night’s sleep we caught a train into the city and then connected to the Metro line to go to the world’s tiniest country: Vatican City. If we thought the Dubai and London Metros were nuts we hadn’t seen anything yet. When we arrived, we soon established that the queues were ridiculously long. We hadn’t managed to get tickets online beforehand so decided that, with a 3 year old in tow, we would opt for convenience. We found an official tour who would allow us to skip the lines to get into the Vatican Museum and Galleries, the Sistine Chapel, and then St Peter’s Basilica as ... read more
There is no wrong place or time for a lollipop.
Fountain in the Square.
In St Peter's Square.

Europe » Vatican City April 22nd 2015

Back in January we contacted the Bishop's Office for U.S. Visitors to the Vatican and were able to secure tickets to a Papal Audience with Pope Francis. We would like to give a big shout out to the Bishop's Office generally, and to Father Matt in particular. When we picked up our tickets for the audience, Father Matt, a 25 year old seminarian from Florida, instructed us to "get near the wooden crowd control barriers if you want to get up close to the Pope." We followed his advice to great success ... as you can see from the photos. Our audience with the Pope was an amazing experience, but as often happens, the journey was as much fun as the audience itself. First, as it turns out, a Papal Audience is not an intimate little ... read more
Swiss Guard
Date Tonight?

Europe » Vatican City April 27th 2014

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…the moment of truth. Before we left Father John gave us the priestly blessing of safe travel. We arrived and tried to get some recon at 5pm. The mass began at 10am Sunday. We determined they would close the square and got a good camping spot on Via del Conciliazione, which I kept confusing with colazione the Italian word for breakfast, after talking to three guards with three different stories. It started to rain as set up our camp and within a half an hour the police showed up and decided to shut down the street as well. They herded people who were already camping there before us out and they were not happy about it. Many traveled very far to get an opportunity to see the Pope canonized not one but two influential popes in ... read more
A Blurry Shot of the Crowd
Syzmon and I

Europe » Vatican City » Vatican City June 13th 2013

Today we get a tour of Vatican City. It would only be a partial day because we were leaving for Venice at 11:30AM. After breakfast we preloaded all of our luggage into the bus and Mike and Kate drove us to Cipro station where we would meet the bus after the tour. Mike the great driver he is put us directly/illegally in front of Cipro and we all piled out. A few of us were going shopping but most of us opted for the tour. Kate led us to where we would meet our tour guide and handed us off. The tour guide handed out radio boxes with headphones so we could all hear him speak. He took us up a flight of stairs and we could see the walls of the Vatican. We got there ... read more
Pope's old transportation

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