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Europe » United Kingdom » Wales » Pembrokeshire September 27th 2021

It's always nice being invited to a wedding where you can attach a holiday to. South Wales was the destination. We had been to the Brecon Beacons previously and this time we were able to visit a few more places. We spent the first two days in the Brecon Beacons, one day spent doing a walk up to Sugarloaf hill covered in Brecon and the next day we did a 14km walk around Llyn y Fan Fach and Fan Fawr reservoirs. So far the weather has been pretty decent! We then made our way South to the Gower Peninsula near Swansea for a few days where the wedding was held. Gower is a small area but some nice little spots, one being the Rhosilli coast and beach and Three Cliffs Bay where there are some nice ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » Wales » Pembrokeshire July 10th 2021

LOTS OF SAINTS AND PUFFINS TOO … 1. SAINT DOGMAELS Heading south towards Milford Haven our first stop was only a short distance from Rocket House near Poppit Sands where we had spent a glorious week. Llandudoch in Welsh or Saint Dogmaels (our first Saint), an unusual name and a fascinating place particularly for the history enthusiast. This small parish and community had a peaceful setting next to the River Teifi, a mile downstream from the town of Cardigan. Not much is known about Saint Dogmael who has given his name to this Pembrokeshire village, apart from that he was a native of Ceredigion (Cardigan). He preached both in Wales and Brittany and several churches bear his unusual name. The remains of a 12th century Abbey built on a site of a pre-Norman monastery takes pride ... read more
Y Felin (Welsh for ‘the mill’)
Wandering the ruins
Cwm-yr-Eglwys (English: Valley of the Church)

Europe » United Kingdom » Wales » Pembrokeshire » St Davids May 13th 2019

This year we did a walking holiday in Wales with an additional few days for a narrowboat cruise and two theatre events in London. Our itinerary was dictated somewhat by the arrival of our 3d grandchild (Florence) which was scheduled for late April. However babies don't arrive until they are ready... Departure day from Salt Spring was April 18th on the 0620 Long Harbour ferry. Because it was Thursday, the cost was only $18.40. There was a major rain event but we were off the boat more or less on time into fairly heavy traffic. For those of us loading on Salt Spring the new ferry lets us off last as we are on the lower deck.... The price of gas in Vancouver was $1.71 per litre but it reduced as we went east ($1.50/litre in ... read more
Heading back to St Davids
One of the Joys of Hiking

Europe » United Kingdom » Wales » Pembrokeshire » Pembroke March 25th 2019

We are reaching the end of our first shake down trip of 2019. It has been a funny old trip as we have come to get to grips with living in Gabby again. No longer does it feel strange and items are now to hand. Unlike a week ago when I struggled to find anything. Could we live in her full time? Debateable. She is smaller than Suzy and we would be likely to fall over each other particularly in inclement weather. In the summer with an awning would be a different kettle of fish altogether. Being abroad would too. We love her seats. The Captains seat swivel. We love the table. Two things we lacked in Suzy. We love the made up beds. Such a luxury. Do I miss the oven or the microwave. Sometimes. ... read more
The Carew Cross
Carew Castle
The gatehouse

Europe » United Kingdom » Wales » Pembrokeshire » St Davids March 24th 2019

So let's talk about a quiz question? Where is the smallest city in the United Kingdom? Answer - Thanks to Pembrokeshire council Gabby is currently parked up on a leafy almost empty car park. Out of the front windscreen we can see the ruined but impressive Bishops Palace and the small cathedral of St David. St Davids has a cathedral. a bishop who sits upon his throne and a population at the last census in 2011 of 1,841 . It was originally granted its city status due to having a cathedral but this was lost and only restored in 1955. St Davids appears to be a one man street. Probably it has a High Street or a Main Street, a Church Street and a Chapel Street but little else. Am I being a little unkind now? ... read more
St DAvids cathedral
a close up on the cathedral
The nave

Europe » United Kingdom » Wales » Pembrokeshire » Pembroke March 24th 2019

Gabby the motorhome looks like an agricultural vehicle. She has been driven down miles and miles of narrow lanes and been splattered with mud. She no longer looks gold coloured. The reason she looks like an agricultural vehicle is due to the mud we have driven through as we pulled in and out of passing places. She has rubbed herself on the hedgerows which crowded in on her. She is going to need a serious dose of cleaning when we get home. So why are we heading down all these narrow lanes. We are heading in the direction of Mill Bay. I doubt many find their way to Mill Bay. We read blogs from motorhomers who base their trips on a theme. They follow the mighty rivers of Europe from source to the sea. They follow ... read more
We didnt make it to the headland

Europe » United Kingdom » Wales » Pembrokeshire » Pembroke Dock March 23rd 2019

Right - now for a bit of military history. Gabby is parked alongside a wall. A high one at that. We have parked up on an empty bit of road. Plenty of room for a motorhome and no signs to say you cannot stop for the night. It is free as well which is fantastic bonus. What more could we need. Todays visit is not to a castle nor to a stately home but to Pembroke Dock. So why are we here parked up against the old naval dockyard?. Well there is a reason . Glenns dad served in the Royal Marines and was stationed here at Pembroke Dock. We wanted to see if there was anything left of the old dockyard. Sadly the only thing left was the high wall . The grounds had been ... read more
One of the plaques - I wonder if his ship came in?

Europe » United Kingdom » Wales » Pembrokeshire » Pembroke March 22nd 2019

Gabby the motorhome is parked up on our plot at Kiln Park. First job to try the showers out. They do work eventually but at first the water is cold. It feels as cold as the weather we are experiencing. Gabby is hooked up to the electricity, the gas is working well but there is no WiFi on site. We have to walk down to the restaurant and terrace to get free WiFi. So we don't bother. We are parked up on a plot which sits on an area called Daffodil. Each road has its own name. The field next door Poppy. We have seagulls landing on the roof of our neighbours . They do struggle flying against the wind. Wobbling about we jokingly refer to this as the "s"eagull has landed in deference to the ... read more
Pembroke Castle
This is why we are here
What is there not to love about dark passages

Europe » United Kingdom » Wales » Pembrokeshire » St Davids December 10th 2018

The caveat with a British holiday is always ‘if you get the sun’, but in July 2016 we did, and what a smashing few days we had. After a careful scrutiny of the Met Office’s weather forecasts we booked ourselves in at Caerfai Farm Campsite on the Pembrokeshire coast. It has great sea views and is only a fifteen minute stroll from the centre of St David’s. We had a five hour drive from Lancashire, down through the verdant Welsh landscape on winding country roads. St David’s is really a large village, but it’s classified as a city because it has a cathedral. It’s got pubs and restaurants aplenty and a dramatically beautiful coastline on its doorstep. You can eat, drink, walk, swim, go on a boat trip or just mooch around. Nothing earth shattering, but ... read more
Our accommodation

Europe » United Kingdom » Wales » Pembrokeshire » St Davids October 17th 2018

You may tire of my superlatives when I describe the sights here, but let me tell you: I don’t tire of seeing them! Wales is truly wondrous; they must have invented green. Yes, I know, there’s Ireland ahead (I go Saturday), so emerald is the color of October for me this year... One problem in showing you all this is that, as I drive through all this gorgeous scenery, there’s a dearth of places for me to pull over to photograph them. Along the highways, there are “lay-bys” (pulloffs), but each one is heavily thicketed, blocking the view. And out in the country, there is virtually no hope, as locals ride my bumper if I dare to slow for a driveway or turnoff. So, I’m cheating, sort of - I’ve found some good photos online of ... read more
The Mumbles
This is a two way street
View from my room

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