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Europe » United Kingdom » Northern Ireland » County Antrim » Antrim October 7th 2009

We went up to Moure Mountains at 1st of October. We had stopped at track roud junction (grid ref. 357223), than we follow roud east for 75 m, than we ternd north-north-west direction. Next point of this trip was wall track junction (grid ref. 353233). Than we went north-west direction from wall junction to stile at the forest end on right (grid ref. 353235). Whan we went north-east - follow the path. Next stop was beside other stile (path 1 junction) (grid ref.354249). From this point we went south-east - follow the wall, up to Long Seefin (grid ref.357240). From this point we went down to track roud junction where we have our bus. This time I have learnt how count time needed to travel including heigh gained. At this week I could practice my map ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » Northern Ireland » County Antrim » Antrim September 25th 2009

I have been at Moure mountains at the Trassy Track. There I learnt how to use a compass and a map. Also I learnt what is about in groups outdoors activities; eg: team go as fast as the slowest person in the team. I have developed well orientation at range and commynication skills, eg: good listening and spek to member of team. I have to improve map reading and using compass.... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » Northern Ireland » County Antrim » Antrim September 25th 2009

At this week we went to a Moure mointains. We have been stop at the Fofanny Dan Car Park and than we went over Ott Mountain with Slieve Lough Shannach at the left. Than we went to Lough Shannach and we rest there at copple of minutes. At the way back we went over Carn Mountain. At the time of trip I learnt how to read grid references from map because ours main aim was find good direction and way idependetly (without lectors help). Also at this time I could practise using compass, and I think I improved it. But I have to practice map reading more, because at this time I did a lot of mistakes, and without my team I could be asly lost.... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » Northern Ireland » County Antrim » Antrim September 19th 2009

I’ve just been to check in the mirror to see if I’m turning green. I’m feeling so Irish today that I think I’m going to have to write this blog to the sound of an irish jig… Yes… I can see it now!!! … ahem … *cue fiddley-type music with a tin flute and a concertina, good for toe tapping or swinging a knacker lass ‘round a room… as I swing a big green hat on, cock me right eye and light me bac-heater!” THE IRELAND SONG - To be sung in a Belfast accent I’d loike te say that everythin’ gone rightly as I’d planned, I’ve found me way te Eire with me shillelagh in me hand! And round de countryside I went, N’ by me side a buxom wench! And loads o’ the coin ... read more
Fishy Abble Joozing
The Daily Takings
Giant Egg vs. Normal! Ouch!

We drove to Troon to catch the Ferry across to Ireland, to a place called Larne. We then headed north along the Antrim Coast, North East of Ireland on our way to see the Giant’s Causeway. The drive along the coast was stunning and every chance we got we stopped and took photos, just breathtaking scenery. Went through a small fishing village called Ballygalley, found out that the word Balley means........ “Place of”. The next village was Cushendal, had lunch and went exploring. Walked down to watch a local couple fish off the rocks along the coast, they had not caught a thing but it was great to talk to the locals. The next stage of our Road Trip took us through Ballycastle, passed the Dunseverick Castle and headed down to the Giants Causeway. This place ... read more
Antrim Coastline
Bridge & Creek

Today I had to get up early for a full day tour up to the Antrim Coast 150 miles away. Not as early as Thomas who got up at 430 am but still. Got up in the morning with Tobias because he had to leave just as I did anyways on his way to work today. I made sure I had all the necessities for the weather and what not. You never really know with the weather. Got myself a Timmy's coffee can you believe they have it here!! Thomas says its his favorite as well and hopes that his friends will bring some back for him after there travels. Got to the International Hostel where the tour pickup was and checked in before jumping on board. I sat beside this girl who never said a ... read more
Tobias's backyard
Carrickfergus Castle
On the way out of town

Europe » United Kingdom » Northern Ireland » County Antrim » Antrim January 16th 2009

I went to Belfast the other day with some traveler friends. I usually don't like to do tours, but they really wanted to take one and convinced me that I should go. I am glad I did, it was worth it. We took a tour from Belfast to Derry to Giants Causeway and a few other places. What ·I liked best about the tour was listening to the history of Northern Ireland. I wasn't completely ignorant to what had happened there, but I was not an expert by any means. Since I don't want to sit here and write it all out here are some pictures instead. Oh, and can you tell, it is cold here, and windy. ... read more
this is awesome
political mural
Giants Causeway

Europe » United Kingdom » Northern Ireland » County Antrim » Antrim November 10th 2008

This is a side story from “4 Days and 3 Nights around Ireland” which will be published shortly. For those of you who know me, which again is most of you, I do not do well with fear. I have always had an incredibly vivid imagination so when I’m put into a situation that looks remotely spooky or even worse I’m shown something horrifying, I will be in nightmare land for days. Well, on the car ride from our B&B at the Brown’s to finding a wee bit of nourishment we spooked ourselves silly. First of all, Brian and I had the brilliant idea of walking down to the Causeway at night. I claimed my night vision was superb, but we had no idea the causeway was a few kilometers walking distance from the parking lot. ... read more
not a single light
Brian is next on the haunted mansion wall

Europe » United Kingdom » Northern Ireland » County Antrim » Antrim August 9th 2008

ALLELUIA, ALLELUIA…….. Today the sun decided to shine and finally we can go to the Giants Causeway! Last night we went to an Italian and both had pizza. Both of us were unable to finish our meal after all we had eaten that day so we decided to take it with us and have it today. Portrush, where we are staying, is a sea-side town full of amusements, slot machines, guesthouses and chippers. The beach stretches for what seems likes miles to another beach called White Rocks. This beach has a ‘blue flag’ and seems to be very popular. This morning we had a bit of a sleep in until 9 o’clock! Breakfast is included in our stay at the Clarmont Guesthouse. After some very nice scrambled eggs, bacon and toast we were on our way ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » Northern Ireland » County Antrim » Antrim August 9th 2008

Today was a bit more of a lazy day, though it was good! I got up a little later than usual, but made it to breakfast before it ended with 2 minutes to spare. Whew! Gotta get that free toast and tea! I hung out for a bit, not doing a whole lot, and waiting for my friend Jenni, so that we would walk into the city centre together. I was going for info on what to do this afternoon, and she was looking for a pin that said Belfast, or Northern Ireland. She left me at the info centre, so that she could get back to the hostel to grab her bags, meet the two American guys, and get on her 1pm bus. I, on the other hand, grabbed a sandwich at Tesco (supermarket) and ... read more

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