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Europe » United Kingdom » England » Warwickshire » Warwick June 11th 2017

Time is like grains of sand that slip through your fingers. One minute you have them in your hand and the next they are gone. Slowly slipping through grain at a time. It hardly seems five minutes since we set off for Greece. All that planning. All that excitement. All that waiting . Time has flown since we got home. We have rattled around the house. Like marbles in a box we roll around from room to room. So much space after living in a white box on wheels. It always seems odd to come home and takes us time to adapt to our much larger surroundings. We also have that feeling of being let down. The holiday has gone and all we have are the memories. What memories though. The weather since we arrived home ... read more
Charlecott Manor gatehouse
Time waits for no man
The hall

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Warwickshire » Warwick September 23rd 2016

Geo: 52.2819, -1.58447Well, it is The Globe pub at Warwick, not Stratford Upon Avon though we have spent a very pleasant few hours wandering through Shakespeare's delightful home town. There was a food fair there today so we had traditional Indian and Spanish food for lunch.Yesterday we shopped to we dropped at Rugby - took all of 20 minutes - and then found ourselves a pleasant spot to stop for our last night on Cameo, our trusty canal boat. We went rambling around the countryside before having pizza and and a can of ale for dinner!We returned to Rose Canal boats this morning and have traded our lovely 54' long home for a car and set off for Shakespeare country and then on to the town of Warwick which is very pleasant. We have visited the ... read more
Christine of Rose Canal Boats
Obligatory Photo of Shakespeare's Birthplace.
Steam engine at the Food Festival!

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Warwickshire » Warwick June 26th 2014

Day 10 - The Royal Road Today we have another long trip planned. It would normally take us about 3 hours to get from Wychnor to Salisbury. On the way, we planned to spend a couple of hours at Warwick Castle and maybe stop at a few other locations. Just before Warwick we stopped at a ruined castle complex called Kenilworth Castle. The original buildings were built in the 1100s and addtions were made until the 1600s. After the English Civil War the castle wall was torn down so that it couldn't be used as a stonghold again. Many of the buildings had areas that were still accessible. Michelle enjoyed climbing through the halls and finding small dark nooks to explore. The Castle was one of the English Heritage sites. We bought a pass that lets ... read more
I saw the Light
One Lane
Castle Ruins

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Warwickshire » Warwick July 14th 2013

Dayna does to Warwick Castle with Mummy, Daddy, Aunty Debs and Aunty Em on the hottest day if the year so far.... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Warwickshire » Warwick May 15th 2013

An diesem Tag bin ich von Stratford-upon-Avon nach Warwick gefahren, welches für seine Burg berühmt ist. Diese habe ich mir natürlich angesehen. Danach habe ich in einem Teehaus einen Tee getrunken. Zurück in Stratford war ich dann noch das erste Mal auf dieser Reise in einem Pub.... read more
Warwick Castle.
Lord Leycester Hospital in Warwick.
Die Avon in Stratford.

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Warwickshire » Warwick May 2nd 2013

Stratford on Avon and Warwick. On the 30th April we set out to travel three hours on English roads. Narrow roads with cars parked on both sides and parked in both directions are somewhat of a challenge, especially since in the narrow space between the parked cars , locals drive very fast. Broadway was our first destination and it was said to be the epitome of Cotswold villages It was where I purchased my pullover twenty years ago and I needed a replacement since it was full of holes. I bought two for the price of one, so was happy. On to Stratford, using the Satnav, which took us on the scenic route via the Scottish border. We arrived nearly an hour later than we should have as a result. I spoke harshly to my Lady ... read more
2 Thatched Cottage Broadway
3 Transport Broadway
4  Royal Shakespeare Theatre on the Avon

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Warwickshire » Warwick April 11th 2013

Welcome to Warwick Castle ! Britain's Ultimate Castle ! Quite a statement indeed ! I first visited Warwick Castle on a cold January afternoon and although I could appreciate the sheer size and medieval magnificence of the Castle, I saw virtually nothing of its grounds still under the spell of winter. So when I revisited the place this year in late June, it was with a totally opened mind and I decided to walk to the Castle fron the town that bears its name. Warwick is a pretty town filled with manicured gardens and picturesque black and white buildings which offers a nice selection of restaurants and tearooms. I accessed the Castle from the Gate located just a stone thrown away from the High St through delightful back gardens in bloom and discovered the delightful Thomas ... read more
Warwick Castle 2
Warwick Castle 3
Warwick Castle 4

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Warwickshire » Warwick September 21st 2012

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Warwickshire » Warwick September 6th 2012

hey hey hey its will middleton! and ive just been to WARWICK CASTLE! it was soooo cool there was alsorts of stuff to look at there wil be some pictures of it although i ha one problem if any of you have ever been on a ghost tour and one of those ones that you cant run away from because youved paid for it or youre stuck inside a mental asylum (its happended to me before @_@ lonnies) well thats what the castle dungeon is like its a ghost tour except is more gross horror stuff so as we were walking up the stairs to the dungeon (me my sister my mum and dad were all going) it became too much for me and my sister so we left before it even started (im not a ... read more
Will the Archer
Helmets - heavy
I'm not putting that on my head

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Warwickshire » Warwick April 25th 2012

What a good nights sleep. Peace and quiet and watching the stars before the night sky clouded over and the rain started . The dripping on the roof lights sounding like gentle drumming but it felt very reassuring. Before the darkness fell we watched rigs arriving and leaving. Caravans of all shades and sorts – some old – some new. Motorhomes – Roma home types and larger outfits. It was interesting scrutinizing their gadgets from miniscule satellite dishes to wheely containers for waste water. We found those interesting and possibly useful but pondered on where they could be stored. Some rigs had aluminium foil blinds which I did not like although I guess they have some merit. We have found in the six weeks since we purchased Suzy that we have developed a coping strategy. There ... read more

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