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Europe » United Kingdom » England » Norfolk » Norwich July 18th 2005

Went and booked my Kiwi Experience this afternoon with STA Travel. Ever so helpful, and really simple and successful for once! So now have a Funky Chicken and Milford Overland. :) Other than that very limited success with Travel Insurance since phoning them on Friday and telling them exactly what I intended to do, I got a reply to call them back, but I finish work at five (office shuts at five). Typical. Phoned again today and requested to be either phoned back during my lunch break, or answer phone message left. Nothing. So very unimpressed.... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Norfolk » Norwich July 13th 2005

You'd think someone didn't want me to go to New Zealand! * I booked my flight and they mispelt my name! * My insurance policy officially sucks, and thus I need to cancel it and get a new one. * The banks are all raising merry hell about the smallest things * Before I got my new job, Bhs convinently had no over time for me, but some for everyone else. = No money! * Searching Youth Hostels, I have discovered the VIP one has nothing available for my stay in Queenstown, thus I need somewhere else * And I'm sure there was something else...... So, I need a new travel insurance policy, please get it right Trailfinders!!!!! I think I will book my Kiwi Experience tonight, assuming I have time following debates about money and ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Norfolk » Norwich July 11th 2005

Still so much to do, the other day I booked my flights £660.10 return Heathrow-Auckland with Singapore Airlines booked through Trailfinders. Recieved my Travel Insurance Policy today, and have a bad feeling it's not exactly what I wanted, even though I mentioned doing extreme sports such as Zorbing, White Water Rafting, Black Water Rafting, maybe even bungy!!! I think I'm not covered for them :S Still hopefully I have an opportunity of cancelling it or something I don't know. Discovered Trailfinders offer a good insurance policy for this kind of thing though. Still need to book my Kiwi Experience. Kiwi Experience This also offers an Oz experience or a Feejee experience. Waiting for my Passport to return. Am intending on booking all my accommodation and main activities before travelling as this will save me carrying money, ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Norfolk » Norwich July 9th 2005

Testing.......testing........this must be working if you're reading it! Have begun my blog now, as I thought I might keep people updated as to how my planning and preparations are moving forwards, it's all a bit manic as I'm trying to also prepare for university at the same time and I start a temporary full time job on Monday to add to my current Saturdays! Phew! Will be worth it though!!... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Norfolk » Norwich February 21st 2005

Matt & I took a day trip up to Norwich (its an hour and 15 minute train ride northeast of Cambridge). We got there and it was just starting to rain, and as we headed towards the cathedral it turned into hail and snow. We toured the cathedral (I think I've seen too many cathedrals now, because they're all starting to look the same), and headed back out just in time to get pelted by more hail. So we ducked into a little cafe to wait it out and have some tea & watched the rain/snow/sleet clear out, but by the time we paid our check, it had started up again. We headed to the castle and toured the historal & archeological parts of that (each part of the castle had been turned into a museum: ... read more
me in front of the Castle
What happened to the sun?

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Norfolk » Norwich August 31st 2004

David and Janice closed their English garden gate on the 1st September 2004 and set out on a three-year journey by motorhome to pursue their passion for travel - it broadens the mind of course, through landscape, history and culture, language and food, and music and art. With common interests in wildlife, photography, writing and walking, their first objective was to venture extensively throughout Europe, wandering with the wind to places of interest: to mountains and wild National Parks, cities and tiny villages, absorbing the sights, sounds and aromas as they went, and recording them in word and photography. This travelogue, now spanning many years, has helped to maintain the threads of ties to family back home and our many friends, old and new, now scattered across numerous continents. It started as an email diary every ... read more

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