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Europe » United Kingdom » England » Kent » Dover July 15th 2019

I’ve been on this boat for 4 hours and we’ve not gone anywhere yet. Apparently we are waiting for crew to get here from Heathrow, but it’s a lovely warm evening and I’m sat on deck supping a Tiger beer with my hubby, enjoying the view of the white cliffs of Dover. People who know us were very surprised that we chose to go on a cruise; we usually do everything on the cheap and never relaxed! However, I really wanted to go to Svalbard (which is half way between the top of Norway and the North Pole). Flying there would mean 3 flights: to Oslo, to Trømso and finally to Svalbard. It would take longer to get there and back than the amount of days you could afford to stay because it’s Norwegian and Norway ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Kent » Canterbury July 15th 2019

Hiking from Canterbury to Dover This year we decided to take the first week of our vacation to go on a hike. The trail we chose is an ancient pilgrim route called Via Francigena. The route goes from Canterbury in England to Rome in Italy. We have no intension of walking all of it. We don't have the time. Walking all of it would take maybe three months. But also, it wouldn't be fun. We enjoy hiking but one week is quite enough for us. More than that and it would turn into a project and that is not what we are after. We began the hike in Canterbury. Before we went there we only knew of two things about that city: 1 it has a cathedral 2 there is a book named the Canterbury Tales ... read more
Canterbury city gate
Statue of Geoffrey Chaucer
A gate in the old town

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Kent » Canterbury May 29th 2019

It was dark when we woke. We could see nothing through the sky light. The camp site was quiet as the grave. Well it was 5.30 in the morning. The alarm had woken us up and we were ready for our last breakfast in France. I do the last minute jobs in Gabby. I swung the captains seats round, I pulled the blinds down and let what little light there was in. Glenn went out and unplugged the electric and then we were on our way. We like Guines. It is one of those campsites that we can get out of early. I frightened Glenn to death when I thought that the gates were shut. They were open so we headed off for the train. The journey for the tunnel was uneventful and I vowed to ... read more
Entrance to the cathedral square
The war memorial
The cloisters

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Kent » Canterbury May 6th 2019

As explained in my blog the purpose of my trip to England was twofold; firstly, to discover my maternal ancestry in Devon and secondly to walk the last few miles of the Old Way Pilgrimage to Canterbury. This blog covers the second of these two purposes. 1 - 5 May 2019 Wednesday through Sunday. I arrived on a flight from Denver to Heathrow at about noon and was met by nephew Jeremy. We had just a few minutes before he had to return to London for a meeting. We had coffee and talked about his and Nadine's forthcoming trip to Chile and Easter Island and my plans for my time in England. He has accepted an assistant professorship in Economics at Bristol University in the fall, and his wife Nadine, who is a doctor, will be ... read more
Memories of staying at the White Swan in Stratford with Linda in 1974
Avon River with Shakespeare Theater in the background

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Kent February 3rd 2019

VW campervan hire company Wanderlust on Wheels have recently relocated down to the South East and to celebrate this new customers are given a 20% discount for all bookings taking place before the end of April 2019. Now based in the historic spa town of Tunbridge Wells in Kent, newlyweds Mary and James want to share their campervan so anyone can experience the adventure and freedom of the open road. With several bookings already, their main goal is to provide fun and comfortable adventures to other couples of all ages. The comprehensive insurance covers 23 – 75 year olds but can be amended to cover drivers outside of this bracket. At just over an hour to Folkstone you could jump on the Eurotunnel to France, take your time driving up to Scotland or simply find a ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Kent » Tunbridge Wells October 21st 2018

Our stomachs were rumbling when we drove up to the car park of our next National Trust property . This one was in Kent. We were criss crossing the borders between Kent and its neighbouring county West Sussex. As we drove up we showed our tickets and the young volunteer suggested we parked up on the rough grand to the left side of the car park . There was more room there and also we would see another motorhome parked up. How brilliant that was - for the first time in a long time we were being treated fairly in our larger than a car vehicle . It was nice not be stuck in a corner or being told we were too big to park up. Our first stop after parking up and locking Gabby was ... read more
The old castle hidden away
Scotney old castle
The old castle

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Kent » Broadstairs August 15th 2018

Rosemary and I walked to Broad Street to buy fish (opposite route than going to the sea front). What a richness of fish was in the window and in the display case at the fish monger’s! Rosemary requested three pounds of rock salmon. Watching him fillet them was a thrill, his movements were so quick and so sure. For our expedition we went to lunch at Elham Valley Vineyard, meeting Judy, who had attended college with Rosemary. The afternoon drifted by with glasses of locally made rosé (me) and tea or coffee. I ate dressed crab (taken out of the shell and packed into half a shell) with lots of salad. Enjoying our conversational flow, we eventually ordered more wine and coffee and two pieces of cake to share (coffee walnut cake and carrot cake). Light ... read more
Potential wine
Great appreciation after several glasses of rose

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Kent » Broadstairs August 14th 2018

What an unexpected day in the village! Rather than spending a quiet day at Rosemary’s home, she sent me off to wander through Folk Week, celebrated annually. As I reached the sea front, I became one of thousands walking, eating and watching. At first, I simply enjoyed the sea view at Viking Bay, complete with sun bathers and swimmers. At a certain moment, I realized Morris dancers were about to begin a performance and found a good position for watching and videoing. Of course, many others kept walking across my shot, but life was mellow. The dancers’ enthusiastic amateur skill reminded me of our Jane Austen dancing group, Sprigged Muslin. About three dances sufficed, and I wandered some more. C... read more
Leading Lights Morris of Dovercourt
Bleak House 1801
Steel pan for beginners

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Kent » Broadstairs August 13th 2018

With a little more than an hour to spare before needing to leave for the Lime Street station, I sought out a few missed pleasures. Steady light rain greeted me. Yesterday, I had recognized that City Hall (seen at a distance on the walking tour) was just down the street. The wrought iron railings were freshly painted black with gold highlights. A group of tourists entered the building, which I hadn’t even considered, because it looked closed. The guard who was keeping people from entering the function rooms was happy enough to let me photograph the lobby. The carvings and gilded features were magnificent. In spite of the rain, I walked along the face of the Museum of Liverpool looking for the statues of the Beatles, which I hadn’t been able to fin... read more
Town Hall interior
Wish Tree for Liverpool by Yoko Ono, 1996 and 2018
Beatles Statues 2015

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Kent July 25th 2018

Hi Everyone On Monday we all went to Canterbury Cathredal left the car at park and ride,and got the shuttle bus to inner Canterbury,as the parking is horrendous!!.we had a great time wandering around,they are doing work on the Cathredal,which will be ready in 3 years. On Tuesday we went to the Kent Lavendar farm with our Neighbour Vicki,we had a lovely day and had lunch at a local pub. Kevin and neighbour Barrie took off in Barrie’s sports car,then parked the car and went for a 4hr walk. Today we all went back to Dover to see Dover castle,it was impressive.. Our friend Robyn leaves Tommorrow for London,then carries on her 2mth tour of Europe. Thank you all for travelling with Kevin and I We feel we have been away for so long,we have seen ... read more

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