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Europe » United Kingdom » England » Hertfordshire » Watford July 24th 2018

Myself and Sheena had been planning to take this trip for a long time, and finally, we got around to it! We were so excited in the months running up to it and when the day finally came, we could hardly contain ourselves. We got to Dublin airport in plenty of time, parked the car and headed in on the shuttle bus. We had a Burger King (durty!) and legged it to the gate only to find the plane was delayed. We were half an hour waiting to board and then another half hour or more on the plane waiting to take off. Finally, we got going and ordered a couple of drinks. After 2 sips, they announced we'd be landing in 10 minutes! We got to Heathrow and made our way to the underground which ... read more
Mamma Mia!
After the Show!
Visitor's Entrance to the Ministry of Magic

Woolly says – It’s amazing what a good night’s sleep can do and feeling that my body clock had adjusted somewhat I was eager to take up Nanty Carys’s suggestion of exploring some of the villages in the area. As we drove through the leafy countryside it still felt strange to see fields of rape seed and animals, Jo and I both miss the wandering cows of India and the wonderful elephants. Britain though has some of the most beautiful vistas you can find and as the car pulled up next to the village green, I remembered how quaint the country is. There has been a settlement in Finchingfield since historical records of the area began and the village had been recorded in the Domesday Book as Phincingfelda, a name that probably means 'the land cleared ... read more
Wonderful building
Views across Finchingfiled
Lovely cottages

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Hertfordshire » Royston May 13th 2018

Woolly says – It had been a long journey with nearly twenty four hours’ worth of travelling, luckily our second flight provided me with a TV to watch and a cosy pillow and blanket to snooze under for its thirteen hours duration. As our transport sped away from Heathrow my sleepy eyes stared in wonder at the small green fields where horses and cows grazed, passing over the small houses that accommodate so many of the British population in contrast to the high rise blocks that Singapore and Bangkok had given us or the stilted houses and shacks that much of our journey had included, it seemed strange to be back and cold, very very cold even with the sun poking its head out through the clouds. Our arrival at Nanty Carys and Nuncle Les’s house ... read more
Inside the cave
Inside the cave
The tiny spot of light at the top is the gutter outside the betting shop

The A1 rushes by not a couple of miles from the sea of tranquillity that is Letchworth. Letchworth is the world’s first Garden City, created as a reaction to and a solution for the squalor and poverty of urban life in Victorian Britain in the late 1800s. Letchworth was the brainchild of Ebenezer Howard, the visionary Victorian social reformer who was inspired by the new towns being built for their workers by such as Unilever, Cadburys and Rowntrees. The developments at Port Sunlight, Bournville and in York prompted his writings to turn into reality in a bid to halt the rush of workers from the country to the miserable fate that awaited many in London. Howards’s book, “Tomorrow: A Peaceful Path to Reform”, was published in 1898 and the first Garden City Association conference was held ... read more
Wimpole Hall
Letchworth Garden City
Wimpole Hall

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Hertfordshire July 27th 2017

The last two weeks have vanished. Tomorrow we return to France. Today we go shopping and then have a family lunch date. With a finite time for this holiday it is hard to plan in advance how much time is to be spent in each wonderful place we have visited. That is what has happened in the UK section of our trip. As on previous trips we’ll be back. We start the day with a shopping trip to nearby Watford. There appears to be a great deal more development since our last trip. We shop our way through various stores collecting a few necessary items needed for the last week of our trip. Our toothpaste doesn’t quite last the journey. Lunch today is in the country village of Sarratt. Our daughter has enjoyed a drink at ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Hertfordshire June 8th 2017

2 weeks to go! Time to start packing...or panicking! Flights booked, house sitter sorted. Jabs all jabbed. Visas all stamped. ..what could possibly go wrong..? A... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Hertfordshire » Kings Langley December 2nd 2016

Geo: 51.7302, -0.45118After a full English breakfast, we hit the road by 8.40am to maximize our time in Oxford. We wandered down past the remains of the Oxford Castle, learning that Oxford has been a university town since the 12th century, and past Carfax Tower, in through the covered markets which were built when Cpt Cook was still discovering Australia. It is always lovely to come around the corner and see the Radcliffe Camera - one day, I want to be able to enter it! - Then we saw the Bridge of Sighs replica (or tribute!), the Sheldonian Theatre and a couple of peeks in the cloisters of colleges before we joined a tour of the Bodleian Library. Our guide was the cliche of an older English gentlemen, maybe military (there was some comment that he ... read more
Bridge of Sighs

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Hertfordshire » Saint Albans October 16th 2016

Having heard about historic cathedral in St Albans, we decided to visit there on 3 October. Mark took a day off on that day. St Albans is 19 miles (31km) northwest of London and is a large town within the London commuter belt. The Thameslink serves frequent services, both express and local, calling at major stations. We took the Thameslink service from St Pancras station – it was just 20 minutes journey to the destination. After leaving the station and crossing over the railway bridge, we found Victoria Street which would lead to the town centre. We were going to pop in the tourist information centre, but the town hall’s building was which housed the tourist information centre was under the building work – and Mark found the tourist information centre has moved somewhere in the ... read more
medieval ceiling
medieval wall painting
Shrine of Saint Alban

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Hertfordshire September 15th 2016

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Hertfordshire » Saint Albans August 21st 2016

Photos of The Cathedral & Abbey Church of Saint Alban and Verulamium Park...... read more
Roman Wall of St Albans
Ye Olde Fighting Cocks
Ye Olde Fighting Cocks

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