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Europe » United Kingdom » England » Hampshire » Lyndhurst November 6th 2011

The November Classic event in the autumnal New Forest - a symphony of browns, gold and yellows at this time of year make it always one of my favourite events. Very early start since I had to help - from putting the tent up before anyone arrived to taking it down again when everybody else has gone - not to mention keeping the computers going once I'd finish my run. The weather was sunny this close to the coast, very mild for November. For the aficionado, this is some of the best running in the New Forest - vague vegetation boundaries, navigation across all the paths with little to follow, herds of ponies standing sullenly in the darkest thickets they can find, roe deer bursting out of their hiding place when they think that you're getting ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Hampshire » Southampton November 4th 2011

Ok, so I'm pretty sure that by now I should be excited to the point where I had become unbearable to those around me, constantly harping on about where I'm going, people I'll encounter, experiences I'll have, inexplicably amazingly wonderful adventures I'll be undertaking? So then, why is it that all I have is this overwhelming feeling of impending doom? Flying!! I hate flying!! What the hell am I doing? I keep repeating it to myself. What the hell am I doing embarking on an adventure that without the 'flying' bit would just be a lame drive up to heathrow and back home again? It's a necessity. Unfortunately. To make all of the good stuff real, the 'flying' bit inevitably has to happen. But the anxiety was almost so overwhelming last weekend that I almost panicked ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Hampshire » Southampton October 16th 2011

Something occurred to me recently. I was driving through the New Forest to go to work at the Pottery and thinking about my travels and all the wonderful places that I hope to see and feel and experience. What occurred to me was this; all of those beautiful places must be home to someone? And I wondered to myself if they look upon those places with sheer wonderment as I know I will. Do they form a part of the ranks of people who every day discover something new and incredible in these landscapes? These ranks made up of countless travellers before me and countless more to come. Visitors in these lands so new and interesting that we must attempt to capture its very essence in a million photographs or a series of intensely descriptive journal ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Hampshire » Southampton October 11th 2011

At 7am on Thursday 10th November 2011 I will wake up, if indeed I have even slept, I will double check my packing list…I say ‘double check’ but chances are that by this point the ‘double check’ will be the distant and long forgotten ancestor of the ‘septuple’ or even ‘octuple check’…I will say a teary goodbye to my wonderful man, who has made this whole thing possible and I will embark on an adventure. One of the biggest I’ve had to date but hopefully not the last. There is so much world to see, after all. It’s going to be a whistle stop tour of North America, New Zealand and India. There was so much more I wanted to cram in but in three months I was asking a lot. So, given that I won’t ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Hampshire » Southampton October 11th 2011

Ok, so I think I may have become a little obsessed with the planning of my RTW trip and have gotten to the point where I now have a ten page excel spreadsheet outlining where I am going to be on every day that I am travelling (except of course the 29th November 2011 which never exists for me...the mind boggles??). It details names, addresses, telephone numbers and email addresses of everywhere that I'm staying en route, which of course being anally retentive in this area, I have booked well in advance. It includes daily activities, times, prices, whether it's booked or not booked and even daily budgets for food (which, no doubt, have no real relation to what will actually be spent). The crazy thing is, is that I am the least well organised, anally ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Hampshire October 8th 2011

I am a 4th Year Student, Studying Tourism Management at Bournemouth University. I am currently starting my Dissertation on Dark Tourism, and what motivates tourists to go to these places. So, therefore could you please let me know what reasons you decided to visit these places such as; 9/11 Memorial, Auschwitz, Anne Frank and many many others. Also what you felt when you were there. Any answer would be amazingly helpful, Thank You!... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Hampshire » New Forest September 17th 2011

17 Sep Sat Perth, Hong Kong, Heathrow, New Forest Our trip to London was relatively uneventful. Leaving at 10:15pm meant it was fairly easy to sleep or at least nod off while watching movies. We had a very short stop over in Hong Kong, not even enough time to do a spot of shopping. As it turned out, because it was 6:30am, the airport shops weren’t even open. The transit ticket checkers at Hong Kong didn’t like our on line check in printed boarding passes, so after waiting in a long queue, we had to queue again, and wait for a carded boarding pass to be printed with the exact same information and bar codes! We arrived in London slightly early but this was all undone as David’s bag didn’t arrive at the same time as ... read more
20110917P017 Dave Barry Sally local pub The Trusty Servant
20110918P023 New Forest horses have priority
20110918P028  this donkey very interested in Dave in car

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Hampshire » Romsey September 4th 2011

Looking out of the hotel window this morning we were greeted with our first rain since arriving in England. This surprised us, as although we have generally had cool cloudy weather with some promising days, there has been no rain. In the hotel dining room we enjoyed breakfast as “morning after” wedding guests appeared, feeling quite good but with the occasional ache in the foot and leg department. It was now time for farewells. This is always the hard part and we suppose this is the sign of having experienced a wonderful occasion the day before. Before we drove back to London we had to say farewell to our daughter at Romsey railway station because she was off to Wales to take part in opera master classes. On the road it seemed everyone was heading back ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Hampshire » Romsey September 3rd 2011

There were big sighs all round when the sun was trying to make an appearance but no hint of rain. The wedding service was in Bishopstoke, some distance from Romsey and so a very careful plan of action had been prepared to get everyone there on time. Our chauffeur for the day was also an usher and so we had no trouble getting there early. Those who arrived early had the task of preparing the church for the wedding as a ceremony had taken place earlier in the day. So, seats had to be reorganised, bouquets attached to seats and flowers placed on display to make sure the church was ready to receive the bridal party and guests. The church is of a Norman design and just over a hundred years old but the parish has ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Hampshire » Romsey September 2nd 2011

After a quiet morning preparing our wedding clothes we headed on a mid-afternoon drive to the wedding venue, Romsey, near the south coast city of Southampton. When we were planning our trip we decided it would be a very good idea to be in the UK for our daughter’s birthday. This year it coincided with our daughter’s brother-in-law’s wedding and we were invited. So with all our wedding clothes carefully packed in the car we headed out of town. It seemed as though everyone else had decided to head out of town at the same time. We were assured the traffic is often even busier. The rest of the drive south went relatively quickly although there seemed to be occasional slow periods as we passed off and on ramps that lead to other motorways or large ... read more
King John House 1250, Romsey
White Horse Hotel, Romsey
Market time in Romsey

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