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Dear All Greetings! This is my fourth and final blog entry on my summer trip 2020, travelling in the north-east of England from Newcastle to Hull. I had so far visited some really quite amazing and special places, and on the second Saturday of my trip, I was once more heading with my backpack, and sword in hand, to explore another undiscovered part of this country for me – the northern city of Kingston-upon-Hull, or simply just Hull. I had really enjoyed my time in the North York Moors National Park, particularly having chosen a lovely farmhouse BnB to base myself in. On the Saturday morning, I caught the country bus number 95 once more in Glaisdale village, back into Whitby again. I wasn’t there long, as I’d joined quite a long queue at the bus ... read more
Princes Dock, Hull
River Humber
Me, Humber Bridge

So it’s finally done, on so many levels – the planning, the arrangements, the trip and the return home. And then there’s this blog thing – finished at last! Here are my final thoughts, a summary of our experiences, bits that I forgot to mention and a few random photos. The trip: This was never intended to be another Round the World trip. We’d initially planned on going to Jordan, Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan, Korea, Taiwan and Australia, then home again. At that point, it became more cost effective to buy a Round the World flight ticket rather than pay for individual flights and it made sense just to carry on going round on the basis that it was cheaper (as long as we didn’t consider the costs of the additional hotels/trips/food and drink, etc and we ... read more
Kathmandu, Nepal
Lhasa, Tibet
These boots are made for walking, Bhutan

Europe » United Kingdom » England » East Riding of Yorkshire January 20th 2019

On our last morning, we rose early and packed to leave and move on. Not just to move on, but to return home, at the end of what had been a wonderful trip. I wasn’t ready to stop our travelling. I’m not sure I ever will be ready to stop travelling but we’re not Richard Branson so needs must! We checked out and the bell boy said he would let us know when our transport arrived so we sat in the foyer and mooched about the library while I looked out over the Potomac River and reminisced as we waited, reflecting on the amazing experiences we had had over the past few months. As it happened, we really didn’t need the bell boy to tell us when our transport arrived. It was the only vehicle to ... read more
Waiting for a ride
Watergate library
Just browsing

Europe » United Kingdom » England » East Riding of Yorkshire » Hessle September 21st 2017

Preparation, preparation, Preparation! Nothing shocks me! It is actually happening! Ella and I are doing a road trip to Morocco! .....And so it begins.... We have managed to come by a converted camper van. It belonged to the father of a family friend, and now it is for sale. Ella has often talked about wanting one, but I'm not sure that she honestly believed she would actually get one! The deal was done on Sunday 6th August. It is a red LDV Convoy. It's a beast! It is actually 20 years old, but as we know it's full history, and the amazing skill set of its prior owner, we are confident that this is a great buy. The previous owner was a well known mechanic on the racing circuit; he also worked independently, restoring and building ... read more

Patience is a virtue. All good things come to him who waits. These proverbs are coming into my head on a regular basis. I can hear my mum, my dad and my gran saying them over and over again. I have patience but it gets in short supply when the weather is poor and I feel the need to head off for sunnier climes. Suzy still stands forlorn marooned on her island and unable to hit the road. The driver in our house has attacked with matock, pick axe, saws and hammer one of the three tree stumps in the way of her escape route. The weather has been too unkind to continue with the other two . It has been a roller coaster ride of dark and gloomy days, days where it felt as if ... read more
The town cross
The gate house
On the top of one of the buildings

Europe » United Kingdom » England » East Riding of Yorkshire » Hull September 16th 2016

The short rail journey between York and Scarborough was through mostly wide and flat terrain, though both city and town are hilly. Scarborough is delightful, the first sea bathing resort in the UK, in the 1770’s. Architecture is Georgian and Victorian as well as more recent, and seems to be a thriving seaside resort still. It helped having a lovely bright sunny afternoon for our visit. Two sandy beaches are north and south of a high headland which had the castle on it. We didn't go up to it, but it apparently has 3000 years of history attached to it. The harbour is busy with pleasure craft and fishing boats and there are buoys and flags out to sea that suggest shellfish nets. There are grand looking hotels on the high cliffs, donkeys on the ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » East Riding of Yorkshire » Hull January 5th 2015

My unfulfilled dream is to go to Blackpool and experience the quirkiness of entertainment from another age... especially the penny arcades. This trip was yet one more time that my dream was not fulfilled, but I cam close with the Withernsea arcade.... bad carpet, the smell of stall cigars, archaic, an interesting culture mix of lerkers, hopefuls, no-hopers etc and of course the completely overworked and disinterested teenage attendant. We made our way here early on our last morning in Roos to satisfy my curiosity before catching the Hull train to London. The arcade did not disappoint and 1 hour later, hands blackened from the oily and stained 2 pence pieces we walked out smelling of victory and a tacky coffee mug we traded in our 400 odd tickets we'd won from an assortment of games ... read more
Winning at the Seafront arcade at Withernsea
More winning, payout time...
Hull station

Europe » United Kingdom » England » East Riding of Yorkshire » Hull December 23rd 2014

23 December This was another early start road trip that saw us on the road for nearly 12 hours - we're on our way to Ripon Cathedral, Fountains Abbey / Studley Royal and finally Rievaulx Abbey. First stop was Ripon Cathedral, and its 1300 years of continuous use and history. Highlights included: 1. a stop down in Wilfrid's whitwashed crypt from the original stone church on the site (672 AD). 2. The 15th C. timber carved choir - one of England's oldest and best preserved. These choir stalls were ornately carved (especially the misericord) depicting highly imaginative story lines from biblical and popular folklore. the highlight is the stall said to have been Lewis Carroll's inspiration for the white rabbit of Alice in Wonderland (his father was dean at Ripon). 3. This is one of the ... read more
Historic Ripon Cathedral
Lewis Carroll's inspiration for Alice In Wonderlands White Rabbit down a hole
Ripon Cathedral Interior

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