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Europe » United Kingdom » England » Bristol County » Bristol June 13th 2019

Really heavy rain during the night, amplified by the fact that we were pitched where a tree hung over us! Still managed to get a reasonable sleep, even though we did wake before the 0800 alarm we'd set. Reason for the alarm was to catch a bus into Bristol, both to have a look at the place and to meet FB/Twitter friend Kaycee for lunch. Moved the van closer to the gate to reduce walking on the wet field, then went off to the bus stop. Bus was about 10 mins late, which made it a bit tight for our lunch appointment (which had to be 11.45, so Kaycee could be back in her office by 1). Google Maps has, shall we say, an "optimistic" view of our walking speed! Still, we made it - and ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Bristol County » Bristol June 12th 2019

Really need to remember to do this blog every day! Spent a lovely day in Frome with Andy and Anne, including a pub lunch with Anne's bro and s-i-l, Geoffrey and Diane. Andy and Anne's new (ish) house is lovely, and they're adjusting to this retirement business just as well as we are. It was good, too, to sleep in an actual house for a couple of nights! Then (Weds) on the road again. Note to self - next time we leave Andy's, ignore the Sat Nav and turn LEFT. The alternatives are really not ok for motorhomes! Found a caravan accessory shop on the edge of Bristol, who were able to help us with most of the bits we needed (still no replacement for the kitchen tap though!). Rocked up at the campsite at Bitton ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Bristol County » Bristol October 13th 2018

Well, who knew that Bristol was lovely?! Most of us never get past Bath Spa, and certainly not up onto the bluffs of Clifton Village, an historic community of Georgian house marching along crescent terraces like king-sized (literally) dominos, overlooking the Avon Valley and Bristol. What brought me here, frankly, was my budget: well-located ATC hosts afforded me a three-day visit that would cool off my credit card. (If you haven’t yet heard me testify praises of the Affordable Travel Club, email me and I’ll fill you in...) Karen is a director of television documentaries (mostly BBC) and James is an ER nurse - delightful and interesting folks! Their home is the ”downstairs” portion of the type of home featured in the series “Upstairs, Downstairs,” and they’ve done wonders with it. My pix can’t do it ... read more
“Longest crescent in England”
“Our” courtyard
VIew of Bristol from terrace

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Bristol County » Bristol December 13th 2017

Getting ready Well packing for a three part trip is hard at the best of times, but packing for the summer in zero degrees c (32 f) was really hard. However, I think I may have it cracked and if I haven't, then all the more reason to not have any photos of me on the blog (badly dressed is just not something I can live with). The real reason for this post is to see if I have set the blog up properly. Hopefully those poor victims (sorry, I mean good friends) who have signed up for my oversees gloating will receive an email telling them that my wit and wonderment awaits them on my lovely blog page. If I haven't set it up correctly, then no one will be any the wiser and I ... read more
The Olive Tree
Ruins and Roots

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Bristol County » Bristol December 8th 2017

This may be my first blog, but it is not my first adventure. My next big adventure is planned and I am heading off to New Zealand away from the British cold and onto beautiful sunshine. I will be arriving in Queenstown on Christmas day for a three part holiday. The first part of my holiday is visiting my daughter and seeing what Queenstown has to offer. Then I am off on my own, including NYE in Queenstown listening to live bands (and those of you who know me well; know this is a bit of a thing of mine) and watching the fireworks over the bay. Then touring TeAnue, Milford Sound and Foirdland on my own using busses and boats to get around and generally exploring. The third and final part of this holiday is ... read more
Bristol Street Art
Bristol Street Art

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Bristol County April 8th 2017

Day 7: Bristol > Bath His side – Bristol, the historic port town of slavery, docks, the teen drama Skins, Banksy, and I am sure other things that I am not entirely aware of. We were leaving Cornwell and heading back to the midlands. Georgia and I continued to play our competitive game of ‘spotto’, which is where you get points for spotting a yellow car before the other person and yelling out ‘spotto!’ Yes, in case you’re wondering; we’re both adults. This game left us both slightly anxious, which did not assist with arriving in Bristol. Bristol it turns out loves congestion. And odd round-a-bouts. We made the most of the afternoon, strolling around the waterfront before heading to a pub, where we ate a meal and slept in our campervan in their car park ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Bristol County January 15th 2017

Whilst browsing on Trip Advisor recently, looking for places to visit around the Bristol area, I found a tiny attraction called Blaise Hamlet. Located on the outskirts of town, on Hallen Road, Pet and Ben hadn't been there so we piled into the car and decided to track it down. It was a little hard to find, accessed via an iron gate directly off the footpath. If not for a sign next to the gate, we would have missed it completely. Blaise Hamlet is a small village green surrounded by nine unique English cottages, complete with brick chimneys, dormer windows, and thatched roofs. Originally built around 1811 for the retired employees of John Harford, the owner of Blaise Castle Estate and Blaise House, these cottages are private homes today and not open to the public. Owned ... read more
Blaise Hamlet
Blaise Hamlet
Blaise Hamlet

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Bristol County » Bristol October 24th 2016

Destination Conwy with a solid detour via Holmfirth; home to Judy’s father, Jack. Jack’s parents were £10 immigrants to Australia and Judy was keen to see from whence her lineage sprang. Holmfirth was a delightful village oasis in a seriously industrial area just south of Huddersfield, with a genuine babbling brook running through it. Lunch next to the café from the “Last of the Summer Wine” tv series which Ron has never experienced. Judy recognised the café at once, and was touched by the charm and by the family connection to Holmfirth; pondering what life had been like for her grandparents, their bravery and the uncertainty that they surely must have endured when moving to a new land on the other side of the earth. Back in our chariot, backed out of the parking space and ... read more
2.Conwy Castle
3.Conwy Suspension Bridge
4.Great Western

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Bristol County » Bristol September 21st 2016

Tre byer på en dag Jeg skulle til Bristol i dag, men inden da, havde jeg et par andre steder, jeg gerne ville se. Det handlede lidt om, at få udnyttet mit tog pas, så meget som muligt. Jeg startede med at tage til Salisbury. Jeg ville gerne se Stonehenge. For mig, ligesom så mange andre, er Stonehenge et must, når man er på rundtur i England. Jeg fik lagt min bagage af på en pub og så tog jeg tour bussen ud til Stonehenge. Landskabet på vej derud, var helt fantastisk! Der var vildt mange mennesker ved Stonehenge, en del flere end jeg havde regnet med, da det ikke længere er ”ferie” tid. Grundet at der hvert år kommer så mange, så må besøgende ikke længere komme helt tæt på stenen. Det er kun nogle ... read more
Katedral i Salibury
Rundtur i Bath
Katedral i Bristol

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Bristol County » Bristol February 28th 2016

Sunday 28th February. Embark Marco Polo We embarked the Marco Polo at around 7 pm and, for the first time, sailed out of Avonmouth docks down the Bristol channel. We couldn't see much as it was dark. We went down to dinner at 8.30 and met our new dining companions who are called Brendan, June, Malcolm and Mia. Brendan and June are ex-teachers (Brendan's subject being Geography!) so this should be an interesting trip. We went to see the "Welcome Aboard" show and were surprised to see that Daniel was still aboard as a PH (Performance Host) and Katie had been promoted to Assistant Cruise Director. Lee, the new Cruise Director, is a young chap from Barrow and there is a new singer called Emma. We followed this up with the "Meet the Singers" show in ... read more

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