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December 13th 2017
Published: December 14th 2017
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Getting ready

Well packing for a three part trip is hard at the best of times, but packing for the summer in zero degrees c (32 f) was really hard. However, I think I may have it cracked and if I haven't, then all the more reason to not have any photos of me on the blog (badly dressed is just not something I can live with).

The real reason for this post is to see if I have set the blog up properly. Hopefully those poor victims (sorry, I mean good friends) who have signed up for my oversees gloating will receive an email telling them that my wit and wonderment awaits them on my lovely blog page. If I haven't set it up correctly, then no one will be any the wiser and I can slink into the sunset unashamed and find someone who knows what they are doing to help me out of the mess I have created for myself.

If all goes well then I shall blog later this year from Peru with my frequent travelling companion "travel witch" and in the interim, I may well revisit the adventures that we have had previously just to keep the blog alive and well with stunning images and tales of foreign lands.

I am also hoping to inspire two friends of mine in very different ways:

Firstly, a friend who has moved to another country with the whole family. To immerse them all in a new culture and different way of life. I am fascinated with the cultural differences and different perspectives on holidays and ways of living. We were promised a blog, it hasn't yet been forthcoming. Here's hoping my little blog is a nudge in the right direction.

Secondly, a friend who was glad to return home after a holiday. This is not a concept I am comfortable with; or familiar with. I choose to believe that they just need to go on the right type of holiday with the right travelling companion. Maybe travelling with me via this blog will inspire them to try something further away - longer and a little different from the norm (nothing that involves me ends up being the norm - ask travel witch).

You know who you are!!!

Here are pretty pictures of Cyprus for those who don't want to travel too far away (or a long way away, depending on where you are reading this from)


14th December 2017

It Works
Congratulations, it works, looking forward to your adventures far away, Anni.
22nd December 2017

not long now
by the time I return I am hoping to have the hang of it lol

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