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Europe » Ukraine » Odessa December 30th 2019

We arrived at Odessa Station early in the morning. We headed over to the Left Luggage Office and dropped our bags off there. I can't remember how much it was, but I presume it was pretty inexpensive. We had a couple of hours to kill before our tour started, so most of us headed over to the McDonald's just across the square. We had to navigate through what felt like an underground maze to get there. My tired, hungover brain just couldn't figure it out. I hadn't really slept on the train and had hoped that by drinking alcohol I would pass out, well it only worked for about 30 minutes and I had spent the rest of the train journey awake. Some food, free wifi, washing my face and brushing my teeth did help and ... read more

Europe » Ukraine » Odessa September 1st 2017

Rano pomale vymotanie z ubytka a smer puzata hata. Tu uz ako obvykle vsetci spomaleny. Uplne nahovno prevadzka. Z vydatnych anglickych ranajok pesi presun na plaz. Este pred vyvalenim sa na plazi lanzheron, navsteva delfinaria nemo . Tu traposenie pri kupe listku na poobedne predstavenie, hovorim, ze chcem o 17/00, kuka na mna, zas to opakujem, radi sa so spolusediacou a nakonec vysvitne,ze predstavenie je o 18/00. Fakt nevim ako ma napadlo,ze je to piatej, no nic kupujem teda na ten cas. Takze vystupenie byva o 12/00, 15/00 a 18/00. Na plazi kopa ludi, s tou vcerajsou sa to vobec neda porovnat, uplna hruza. Dost fuka ale slnko pecie, tak skacem do ladovej vody, slnenie, polehovanie, opat ladova voda a uz len lezanie. Obcas ide okolo ponukac jedla, kukurice Zacina sa zatahovat, ludia pomalicky odchadzaju tak ... read more

Europe » Ukraine » Odessa August 31st 2017

Vyspaty smer ranajky puzata huta v obchodnom dome Pandora. Otvarali az o 9/00, tak vonku pred obchodakom sedenie na lavicke pol hodinku a nasavanie konecne slnecnych lucov. Dnes to vyzera na slnecny teply den, konecne. V restike opat tacka a strasne ale strasne pomala obsluha. Uz vcera na fajeront som tu bol rozcarovany zo zamestnancov, tak reku uz koncia, unaveny. Ale dnes tak isto, zlaty kyjev. Pesi 30.min presun na zastavku elektricky c.18, ktora odchadza z Kulykovho pola blizko zel.stanici. Na uliciach dost deti v uniformach (namornici,vojaci, policajti,hasici), zrejme prvy den skoly i ked je dnes 31 augusta. Elektricka totalne plna. Par ludi co si kupovalo listok, dali predajkyne len peniaze a listok si nezobrali, pri konci jazdy zasa niektory ludia nechali predajkyne listky na jej sedacke. Zvacsa sedava na pravej strane na poslednej sedacke, to ... read more

Europe » Ukraine » Odessa August 30th 2017

Tak nakoniec noc v pohode, cca hodinu pred cielom budi vsetkych rozhlas. Opat sledujem co budu robit ludia na okolo. Skladaju postele, vyzliekaju navlecky a tie odnasaju dopredu k stewartovy. Ten roznasa caj, ja na nho nemam chut a to som si pri objednavke zaskrkol az dva kusy. deku, matrac a podusku davam do ukladacieho priestoru nad postelou. V odese este tma ale pomalicky vykukava uz slnko, je nieco po 5/30. Stanica je ozaj fakt pekna. Check in mam az o 14/00, tak pesi presun na plaz otrada. Pri jedne velkej budove sa zgrupuju ludia, z dialky vsetko monitoruju policajti. Zrejme neaky protest ale takto skoro rano, to sa mi moc nezda. Popod staru lanovku co vedie na plaz sa konecne dostavam k moru. Lanovka samozrejme este takto skoro nejde ale i tak nie je potrebne ... read more

Europe » Ukraine » Odessa August 25th 2017

Perhaps I've lived a sheltered life, as I can honestly say I've never experienced anywhere like Odessa. It's important to stress I'm not being negative about Ukraine, as travel adventures drive personal growth. After all, it's travel that reminds us we're inextricably linked by a shared existence on this wonderful planet, and the unique cultures and interactions are to be treasured. To be honest I'm amazed to be even posting from Odessa, as the beautiful city wasn't part of my itinerary during the planning stages for this trip. However, after spending a long period in the big Eastern European capitals of Moscow and Kiev, I was craving the opportunity to get to the coast and have a swim in the ocean. So a quick shout out to Lviv, despite all I've heard from other travellers about ... read more
Hotel de Paris
Lovely restaurant
Restaurant in the park

Europe » Ukraine » Odessa April 9th 2017

Geo: 46.4693, 30.7356Brekkies in the over-the-top elegant dining room upstairs.8:30am startTransdneistria – fairly easy transition but had to get out to go look at the immigration officers. We think we're done but young soldier calls us aside and we have to wait for him to take our passports upstairs then bring them back. Good road driving through the country. Signs suddenly in Cyrillic. The outskirts of the town had some fancy cafes, but the parks looked very unkempt. It has a low GDP per capita, but it's hard to tell what that translates to in terms of standards of living. They have their own currency, stamps, and car registrations. But nothing is recognized outside of Transnistria, not even in Russia. (The locals carry Russia, Ukrainian, or Moldovan passports when they travel abroad.) We bought stamps, mostly ... read more
on the road to Odessa

Europe » Ukraine » Odessa September 21st 2016

A few years ago in Belgrade, I had a conversation with an Irish guy that I have never forgotten. I'm sure I have mentioned this before somewhere in another blog entry but we were talking about weird geographical obsessions; a single, unusual place that for no particular reason, you just really want to visit. For me, that place is Minsk and I have already had two attempts to visit the place aborted. For Luke, the Irish guy, that place was Odessa. I wonder if he ever made it; if I had kept in touch with him, I'd have told him that I had now made it - that I had fulfilled his Odessan obsession. And with a new country came new weather. It was cold. And it rained. Oh, how it rained. This was the first ... read more
Inside Spaso-Preobrazhensky Cathedral
Vulytsya Derybasivska

Europe » Ukraine » Odessa July 5th 2014

So we've been in Odessa for about five months now. We arrived to deep snow and a frozen sea, and now the sun has most definitely got his hat on, the beach bars and restaurants are open and buzzing and the city centre is packed with street bars. The situation the east of Ukraine remains violent with constant deadly clashes between the separatists and the government troops, but bar the tragic events of 2nd May, Odessa remains peaceful. Locals here of both sides seem genuinely horrified by what happened on 2nd May and just want to get on with enjoying the summer. But this is not to be a blog about politics. Not because we feel it is not important, but because it is not part of our day to day life here. We follow the ... read more
Grassland at the Spit

Europe » Ukraine » Odessa April 6th 2014

Almost exactly two months ago, we moved here, to Odessa, a city in the south of Ukraine on the Black Sea. It's quite a small city, although the residential areas sprawl. Our school provided us with an apartment in an old courtyard near the centre. You can see our street on the Lonely Planet map of Odessa! We've never lived so close to the 'action' before. No longer do we have to deal with taxis home from the pub at night, trying to communicate our address to the driver and then watch like a hawk to check that he isn't driving us all around the houses (which means not falling asleep in the back) and then check he gives us the right change- we can now stagger back in 15 minutes! The centre is quite touristy ... read more
Opera house
Locks on Mother in Law bridge
A heart full of locks

Europe » Ukraine » Odessa September 25th 2013

Yalta, Savastopol and Odessa Ukraine The weather cleared considerably during the night and we arrived in Yalta on a clear autumn morning. This was the start of a three port visit to Ukraine. Yalta is a beautiful small city built at the base of imposing, cloud capped mountains. It had long been a destination for Russians and Ukrainians seeking a warm climate and beautiful beaches. It has the feel of a resort which is what it has been for centuries. The Russian nobility came here often to take “the cure” at spas along the coast. During the Soviet time the proletariat were sent here for vacations at the huge sanatoria near the beach. Here the working class was supposed to be entertained and pampered in return for their devotion to the Soviet Communist system. ... read more

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