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Europe » Switzerland » South-West » Fribourg October 3rd 2018

Am 3. Oktober habe ich meinen letzten Ausflug von Bern gemacht. Nach Fribourg. Ich muss aber sagen, dass ich nicht mehr besonders motiviert war und ihn auch entsprechend kurz gehalten habe. Das Wetter war schön und ich bin ein bisschen herum gelaufen. Kathedrale. Altstadt. Zentraler Platz. Kaffeepause. Danach wieder zum Auto und zurück nach Bern.... read more
Spaziergang durch Fribourg.
Spaziergang durch Fribourg.
Spaziergang durch Fribourg.

Europe » Switzerland » South-West » Fribourg December 1st 2011

Germany: 1. Yosh (old Friend, Neu Isenburg, german) 2. His Gma (same) 3. Hari (First Hitchhiker guy from Langen to Darmstadt) 4. Paria and Friends (Guys at Burger King) 5. Bülent Dogru and his Kicker Friends (Mc Donalds Wifi Spot) 6. Christoph and Guhl (Darmstadt) 7. Gorian (Jesus Rules Man, Pfungstadt) 8. Jana ( Nice Lady gave me a ride to Stuttgart), Alsbacher Raststätte 9. César and Bioletta (Mexican Circus Guys) 10. Ernesto, Mario, Manika, Diana 11. Fabian (WG Hoster, Stuttgart) 12. Girlfriend of Fabian (Henna Tattoo, Stuttgart) 13. The beautiful Twins at the Juggling Convention (Munich) 14. Juan and the other Mexican Guys (Jugglers) 15. Rumpel the fool of oz 16. Marina and the Ruhrpott Group (including the Indonesian Michael and the twin couples!) 17, Freya and all the nice Akrobat Ladies from Überlingen 18. ... read more
Super Philiph
With Fäbi last night!
With Sven (Switzerland)

Europe » Switzerland » South-West » Fribourg June 9th 2011

Because the weather continues to be low cloud with drizzle, we thought it best to head to somewhere out of the mountains. We knew that Fribourg was an ancient town that we hadn’t visited so took the train from Grindelwald/Interlaken/Bern/Fribourg – a 2 hour trip which isn’t bad considering the train changes. Bern Bahnhoff was the usual chaos that we remember – people everywhere finding their connecting trains. We called at the Visitor Centre in Fribourg and picked up a walking guide which would take us through the main part of the city and into the old town then steeply down to the river. This city is a perfect example of a medieval town built in the 1200’s and added to in the 1500’s. The Old Town has many churches and fountains, monasteries, beautifully restored buildings ... read more
Old Town Entrance Gate

Europe » Switzerland » South-West » Fribourg August 18th 2009

Today I started having mountain fever and decided to go on my own adventure. I got in my little manual car and headed down to Lake Neuchatel. I needed some time at the beach, swimming in real water, not hot springs. Lake Neuchatel is the only lake in Switzerland that is completely in Switzerland. I ended up in the medieval village of Estavayer-le-lac ... knicknamed "City of the Rose". The beach and the lake were incredible ... I was surrounded by murmuring french and spent the afternoon watching children trampolining into the water. I wandered around Estavayer, which was completely charming. I ended up in an old fortress ... the odd part was I was the only person around! I suppose they were all at the beach. The town is known for it's frogs ... yes, ... read more

Europe » Switzerland » South-West » Fribourg August 18th 2009

More Lake Neuchatel... read more

Europe » Switzerland » South-West » Fribourg July 10th 2009

Danke für den feuchtfröhlichen Abschied gestern Abend! Hindi und Max fliegen heute mit Quatar Airways via Katar nach Kathmandu. Wir melden uns wieder aus Nepal. ... read more

Europe » Switzerland » South-West » Fribourg September 27th 2008

En url= seguimos con más encuentros familiares. Andrea es prima de Mariela y hace unos años se casó con Philipe, que es suizo. Actualmente viven en Basilea, pero estaban visitando a unos amigos en url= ese fin de semana. Tienen 3 hijos. Uno en camino (ya llega en Noviembre!) y 2 que caminan en 4 patas y ladran. Pepe y Santi, al igual que yo, les tenemos mucho respeto (por no decir cagazo) a los pichichos, así que estuvimos un buen rato hasta que se acostumbraron a la convivencia canina. Nos encontramos con los amigos de los chicos en la estación de trenes y, como ya era el mediodía, nos fuimos a comer unas pizzas. Fuimos a url... read more
Las chicas
Tirando piedritas al rio

Europe » Switzerland » South-West » Fribourg September 26th 2008

Conozco a Mariela y su familia desde hace 10 años. Y una de las cosas que siempre quise vivir son las visitas a los familiares que viven en el exterior. Cuentan que la pasan tan bien cada vez que van a Suiza o El Líbano, que dan ganas de ir. Parte de este viaje era conocer, pero también ir a compartir unos días en familia. En url= nos recibieron Salwa, Manolo, Nathalie, Stefan e Idam. Salwa es la prima de mi suegro Andrés y vive en Suiza desde hace mucho tiempo. Nos invitaron a quedarnos en su casa, que es un hermoso departamento en las afueras de url= Nos han recibido de una manera tan cálida que no alcanzan las palabras para des... read more
Manolo firmando el yeso de Santi
Vista desde el departamento
Otra panoramica

Europe » Switzerland » South-West » Fribourg July 24th 2008

Zurich HB station was filled with gigantic life-size blowups of Switzerland’s soccer players. It reminded me of the fanfare at Indian cricket matches. Spanish girl decided to ride with us on the train to Fribourg, and get down at Berne. The train stopped at Berne, the capital of Switzerland and Spanish girl got out, while we gazed out into the city as the train scurried past. Berne was crammed onto a steep-sided peninsula in the crook of the River Aare. We saw cobbled lanes, lined with sandstone arcaded ancient buildings, modern shop signs and a few tiny cars and a tram rattling past. The views, both of the Old Town’s clustered roofs and of the majestic Alps on the horizon, was breathtaking. Zurich to Fribourg by train was 1.5 hours and we reached at 9:30 am. ... read more
with my cousin and nephew
cousin's home
lord nataraja

Europe » Switzerland » South-West » Fribourg January 2nd 2008

Over 40'000 km, 9 countries, 12 languages and 6 alphabets. Jungle, desert, mountains, steppe and coast. From -20m to 3500m and from -10°C to 45°C. By plane, train, bus, taxi, boat, elephant and horse. These are only a few numbers from our trip of the last 5 months. We had a lot of fun during this trip and we want to thank you all for reading our blog as well as leaving comments and messages. Oh yes, Happy New Year! ... read more

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