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Europe » Switzerland » North-West » Lucerne October 23rd 2023

We are staying in a lovely hotel in Lucerne, Switzerland. It is just beautiful!! Breakfast was at 7 am and bus call was 9 am. I learned late last night that Terry’s 97 year old mother, who is in the nursing home, wasn’t doing well, so Nanci and I decided to leave the tour and head back home to West Virginia. Family is far too important to be away at a time such as this….so we met the tour guide, said sad goodbyes to our group as they headed off for a fun packed day of exploring and we went upstairs to pack. Neither of us regretted our decision. We have had a great trip and Switzerland, Germany, Austria, and The Czech Republic will have to wait till another time. I spent several hours cancelling plans ... read more

Europe » Switzerland » North-West » Lucerne August 10th 2023

We checked out of our lovely hotel in Spiez then caught a post bus to the station before catching a train to Lucerne. Yet another scenic journey and the train station in Lucerne is impressive. We walked to our last nights accommodation which was in a former prison. We were given the library cell complete with barred windows, en-suite and shelves full of books. Handily located in the old town we set off for a wander but the heavens opened so we found a bar. The rain didn't last long so we were able to do a circular walk which included the two beautiful wooden bridges over the river Reuss; the historic city walls with 9 towers ( some you can enter and climb to the top for a great view) ; the Lion Monument and ... read more
Another typical village church seen from the train
The original arch from the old railway station destroyed by fire in 1971
Staircase in the Barabas Prison hotel

Europe » Switzerland » North-West » Lucerne September 9th 2022

An exciting day planned. First to Lucerne across the lake by boat and then the afternoon at the Transport Museum. Got off to a disappointing start as when I went to get bread from the campsite shop at 9am I was told it was sold out. As in the afternoon yesterday i had specially gone to the shop to order some but been told there was no need to preorder I was a little taken aback. Order is firmly made for tomorrow and I had nuts and a date for breakfast. Bob always has some Weetabix handy for emergency ‘no bread’ situations like this.😊 We headed for the boat quai for the 10.35 boat across to Lucerne, having checked the timetable yesterday, only to find this boat doesn’t seem to exist. Totally ... read more
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220909 Lucerne (27)

Europe » Switzerland » North-West » Lucerne September 8th 2022

Moving on to our second Swiss stop today but only to Lucerne which google maps tells me is just an hour’s drive away. No need to use motorways. Bob had contacted the campsite to ask about booking but they said we would be ok if we arrived early enough but note reception is closed after lunch until 3pm. So we were in no rush. Showered, packed up, hitched Smart Arse on the back of the motorhome and off we went. We didn’t get far before we hit a problem. We were both being very careful about looking for obstacles and road closures after the one on the drive in but they got us again. We think that those in Switzerland who plan road closures, assume that all vehicles passing that way are local and know the ... read more
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Europe » Switzerland » North-West » Lucerne August 18th 2022

THU, 18 AUG 2022 – Day 6: Lucerne: Optional Free Day - Today you’ll have a free day to enjoy the Lucerne region. Renowned as one of Switzerland's most beautiful cities, Lucerne is a place you'll definitely want to have your camera at the ready for! All the ingredients for the quintessentially picturesque Swiss experience are here - a cobalt lake and well-preserved old town complete with waterfront promenades, covered bridges and perfect plazas are surrounded by the natural skyscrapers of the Swiss Alps. It's no wonder that Goethe, Queen Victoria and Wagner savoured the stunning views that Lucerne has to offer. There's charm and grace around every corner, but it's not all about history - there's certainly enough of a pulse here to keep things current, with carnivals, concerts and exhibitions aplenty. Overnight – Hotel ... read more
In and Around Lucerne, Switzerland
Mount Pilatus, Switzerland
Mount Pilatus, Switzerland

Europe » Switzerland » North-West » Lucerne August 17th 2022

WED, 17 AUG 2022 – Day 5: Black Forest - Lake Titisee - Rhine Falls - Lucerne region - This morning we head into Germany’s Schwarzwald (Black Forest), home of delicious Black Forest gâteau, cuckoo clocks and Hansel and Gretel! Pick up an authentic German cuckoo clock from a local family business in the heart of the forest. Arriving on the shores of Lake Titisee, explore the spa town of Titisee and grab some lunch. We’ll then cross into Switzerland and stop off at the stunning Rhine Falls, the largest plain waterfall in Europe. You’ll have some time to explore, with the option to take a boat ride on the falls. Once in Lucerne, your tour leader will give you a quick orientation tour to introduce you to the city before we travel on to our ... read more
Black Forest Village of Hofgut Sternen – Breitnau, Germany
Black Forest Village of Hofgut Sternen – Breitnau, Germany
Black Forest Village of Hofgut Sternen – Breitnau, Germany

Europe » Switzerland » North-West » Lucerne August 29th 2021

La route continue... nous descendons encore et le thermomètre aussi... quoique... la première nuit nous avions 10° à 5h du matin... ce matin à 6h... comme quoi je dors mieux... 14°... La pluie est au rendez-vous mais nous irons tout de même visiter la ville de Lucerne, même si nous la connaissons par coeur... Lucerne, petite ville suisse connue pour son architecture médiévale très bien préservée, se trouve au milieu des montagnes enneigées sur le lac des Quatre-Cantons. Sa vieille ville colorée (Altstadt) est bordée au nord par le Museggmauer, un rempart de 870 m de long datant du XIVe siècle. Le pont Kapellbrücke (pont de la Chapelle), construit en 1333, relie la Aldstadt à la rive droite de la rivière Reuss. Si le pont de bois célèbre dans le monde entier est le sujet le ... read more
Bâle vers Lucerne
Après installation au camping, nous voici à Lucerne
un incontournable...

Europe » Switzerland » North-West » Lucerne July 5th 2020

Bonjour à tous, C'est gagné. Je n'était pas, contrairement à d'autres années dans l'euphorie du départ. Inconsciemment ce confinement a dû nous retirer un peu d'énergie, et nous mettre en léthargie mentale, je ne suis pas le seul a ressentir cet effet. J'ai puiser le complément de motivation qui me manquait, par le fait de '' foutre le camp" de cette France qui me semble t'il, part à volo, de toutes ces manifestations, informations permanentes qui sapent le moral de tous les bons français. Après seulement une journée dans les Alpes Suisse, j'ai le sentiment ce soir de revivre. Voilà pourquoi je dis c'est gagné. J'ai quitté Lyon ce matin, traversé le Bugey, sous une bonne pluie, j'espère que ce ne sera de mauvaise augure pour la suite du voyage comme en 2014, 72 jours de ... read more
Lac Lungeren
la route du jour
Paysage Suisse

Europe » Switzerland » North-West » Lucerne October 20th 2019

I patiently waited at the airport for my sisters to arrive (my sister Dana and our childhood friend, Lindsey - just saying sisters makes it easier). Thankfully, I arrived early as their plane came in about 20 minutes early. I saw them come out from the arrivals hall and we made our way to get our rental car. Since they had just flown overnight, I drove. The roads are generally in great condition, though I did find some of the signs confusing. It was amazing the amount and length of tunnels we drove through, not just this first day, but everyday. I find it very interesting as an engineer. Luzern / Lucerne I recommended our first stop to be Lucerne / Luzern, a cute city on our way to the Lauterbrunnen valley where we were to ... read more
Dance Macabre

Europe » Switzerland » North-West » Lucerne October 2nd 2019

Wednesday morning was free before out afternoon bus transfer to Basel and the Viking Rhine cruise boat. Susan and I made the most of it and, once again, Susan was the guide. She knew of the Rosengart Collection art museum. The museum is one of impressionism, cubism and modernism and displays works by Modigliani, Cézanne, Matisse, Renoir, Dufy, and Soutine, with an emphasis on Picasso and Paul Klee. The well curated collection was assembled by Siegfried Rosengart (1894-1985) and continues to be overseen by his daughter, Angela. It is said she is in the museum every day, and I am certain i saw her. A most interesting painting on display is her portrait painted by Picasso, who the Rosengarts knew very well. On the other side of the Altstadt is the Lion Monument. We took one ... read more
Lion Monument
Swiss Cow
Swiss Boy

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