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Europe » Switzerland » North-West » Lucerne July 30th 2019

Our first stop of the morning was to pick up Hector, our local tour guide for the city of Berne. He was very knowledgeable and had quite a sense of humor. Berne was named when a bear was the first prey found after a hunt in the woods. Thus Hector was ready with the "bear" puns. We stopped at the Rose Garden for a wonderful overlook view of the city of Berne including the first area of houses surrounding the church. In the distance the cathedral of Berne rose above the city. From here we made our way to the old city center. Leaving the bus we walked to the Astronomical Clock which tells not only time, but date, moon phase, calendar, day of the week, among other information. A crowing rooster announces the approaching hour, ... read more
The original area settled in Berne
Overlooking Berne

Europe » Switzerland » North-West » Lucerne July 11th 2019

It was overcast today, so no mountain views to be found. I decided to go to the "Swiss Museum of Transportation" which is a museum and more. I only skimmed the actual museum and I still spent over 6hrs here... it's massive! The museum itself is split into 4 parts: train/rail, car, boat and aviation/space. (The aviation was by far my favourite part!) There's also an IMAX screen, a planetarium and the "Swiss Chocolate Adventure" lol. I think I started backwards which worked in my favour because I was pretty much alone in the aviation part for almost an hour lol. Kind of perfect because I made good use of the freedom and did all the simulations haha. This has to be the most hands-on and simulation-filled museum I've ever been to - it's amazing! Quick ... read more
Helicopter simulation
Rescue helicopter
The giant cube for the space simulation

Europe » Switzerland » North-West » Lucerne July 10th 2019

I had to pick one mountain to do near Lucerne (weather is supposed to be too overcast tomorrow, so no views), so since I have the "1/2 fare pass" and since I was excited for the cogwheel, I headed off to Mt Pilatus which looms not far over Lucerne. Tickets were a bit of a shit show. I woke up early to take the first cogwheel up the mountain. I already had my ticket, but then when you arrive in Alpnachstad you need to exchange your ticket for one with a scan code... if you go later in the day they have a separate line for this, but since it was just opening, I was stuck in line with people buying tickets and asking questions. I missed the first ride, sigh. 40min later, I was finally ... read more
Lake on the way up
Hi cows!
View from the summit

Europe » Switzerland » North-West » Lucerne July 9th 2019

Ok trying to repack my bag last night was an adventure haha... that doesn't bode well. But it closed - that's what matters! Anyway, train ride to Lucerne, as per usual, was beautiful - it went along Lake Zurich for a bit, then Lake Zug. So many lakes. Fun fact, I find it fantastic that "see" is "lake" in German. Another fun thing about the train? The graffiti! You're going too fast for pictures, but you still see them all thru the tunnels and stations. Arriving in Lucerne, I didn't feel like venturing to the hostel and hunting for someone (since the office is closed 11am-4pm), so I left my bags at the train station and wandered around town. Ok I love it here. Like proper LOVE it. Lucerne is legit gorgeous. Flowers everywhere, beautiful buildings ... read more
Chapel Bridge
Chapel Bridge
Swan before the attack lol

Europe » Switzerland » North-West » Lucerne June 13th 2019

We have 4 free days until the experiment ends. There are no parkruns in Switzerland, so we do the only sensible thing and set off for Italy. First, we head for Lucerne. Once we have left the cordon of heavy industry along the border, Switzerland becomes much more Swiss with factories giving way to mountains and lakes. Reaching Lucerne is easy. Finding a parking space big enough for a van is another matter. Once we are finally parked, we are quite familiar with Lucerne. We walk to the river and zigzag our way through the old town, crossing the various bridges, starting with the 14th Century Kapellbrücke and finishing with the 15th Century Spreuerbrücke with its macabre Dance of Death roof murals. After, we head for our hotel in the nearby village of Bauen. In Switzerland, ... read more

Europe » Switzerland » North-West » Lucerne May 2nd 2019

This morning we boarded the bus following breakfast and headed down the steep, winding, narrow road toward the village of Stans, Switzerland. It is the home of the Stanserhorn Mountains and cable car. The mountain railway is the first electric powered mountain railway which also used a steam powered generator as back up. The cabrio (cable car) is the first double decker, open air cable car. Of course we went straight to the air car. We started our ride partway up the mountain on the mountain railway and transferred to the cabrio about halfway up the mountain. This mountain is 6300 feet above sea level. You could feel your ears pop as you ascended the mountain. Once you got to the end of the cabrio line you could walk to the very top of the ... read more

Europe » Switzerland » North-West » Lucerne September 21st 2018

Na het uitwrijven van het prut uit onze ogen, konden we ze niet geloven. Eindelijk konden we zien hoe mooi het wel was! Een prachtig uitzicht over de vallei en de Zwitserse bergtoppen. Het geluid van de befaamde koebellen weerklinkt in de vallei. Het is wel duidelijk nu, we zijn op reis en het belooft de moeite te worden! J Na een kort kattenwasje (waarbij mijn fantastische lief een leuk briefje tussen mijn kleren had achtergelaten), lekker ontbijten in de opkomende zon. Hier werden we vergezeld van een aanhankelijke, domme maar megaschattige, schooierige kat. J Net na het eten, wassen en betalen om dan te bedenken dat we geen Zwitserse franken hebben. Gelukkig deden ze niet te moeilijk over Euro’s. Tent opruimen en vertrekken naar Horw (op moment van schrijven nog steeds geen idee van de ... read more
2018-09-21 13.01.06
2018-09-21 13.09.20
2018-09-21 16.08.02

Europe » Switzerland » North-West » Lucerne June 22nd 2018

Superb day today. All to plan according to Bob's spreadsheet for our trip. One day to take in the special Pilatus mountain trip and to include a boat trip, train ride and cable car. Had been concerned last night about the weather as rain was forecast for later in the day and didn't want that slipping over into daytime today. Yes it rained and it was very cloudy when we got up, quite early, but absolutely dry again so we were hopeful the clouds would clear. First part of the trip was across Lake Lucerne by boat and the boat station was 5 minutes away, just past the lido. Nobody else waiting for our boat except a few sleepy swans and ducks. Arrived on time, to the minute, with Swiss precision and away we went across ... read more
Boat to the base of Pilatus
180622 Lucerne (92)
180622 Lucerne (96)

Europe » Switzerland » North-West » Lucerne June 21st 2018

Moved on to a another town, another campsite, only 15 miles or so round Lake Lucerne, to Lucerne itself. We were pitched up on our new campsite, Camping International Lido, by 10.30am. This is just across a quiet road from the lake with a rather lovely lido between us and the water. Campsite is expensive. a - because everything in Switzerland is and b - because this is a city campsite in a very desirable location and c - because it is not ACSI so no discount. It is however excellent, has everything we need including good sanitaires, a little cafe and of course the swimming opportunities offered at the lido. Nice level pitch, Kisbee positively leapt out of the garage and off we went to visit Lucerne town. Only 10 minutes round the lake and ... read more
180621 Lucerne (36)
180621 Lucerne (129)
180621 Lucerne (50)

Europe » Switzerland » North-West » Lucerne June 16th 2018

Nachdem die zweite Woche meines Projektes in Bern erfolgreich abgelaufen ist, habe ich heute meinen dritten Ausflug von dort gemacht. Zuvor habe ich noch in meinem Projektapartment einen Kaffee getrunken. Wie auch schon in meinem Apartment in Montreux 2003 und bei meinem Kunden liebt man hier Nespressomaschinen. Zehnerpacks der Kapseln gibt es hier überall. Zuhause in München habe ich ja einen Kaffeevollautomat für ganze Bohnen. Nach dem Frühstück bin ich also zu meinem Auto und über die A1 nach Luzern gefahren. Dort war ich auch schon mal zu einem Mittagessen im Jahr 2000 vor der Fahrt durch den Gotthardtunnel. Ich habe problemlos das gewünschte Parkhaus in der Nähe der Altstadt gefunden und habe meinen Spaziergang begonnen. Zuerst bin ich südlich der Reuss zur Kapellbrücke. Über die bin ich dann gelaufen und am Rathausquai entlang zum Starbucks. ... read more
Blick auf Luzern.
Das Rathaus.

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