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Europe » Switzerland » North-West » Lucerne August 29th 2021

La route continue... nous descendons encore et le thermomètre aussi... quoique... la première nuit nous avions 10° à 5h du matin... ce matin à 6h... comme quoi je dors mieux... 14°... La pluie est au rendez-vous mais nous irons tout de même visiter la ville de Lucerne, même si nous la connaissons par coeur... Lucerne, petite ville suisse connue pour son architecture médiévale très bien préservée, se trouve au milieu des montagnes enneigées sur le lac des Quatre-Cantons. Sa vieille ville colorée (Altstadt) est bordée au nord par le Museggmauer, un rempart de 870 m de long datant du XIVe siècle. Le pont Kapellbrücke (pont de la Chapelle), construit en 1333, relie la Aldstadt à la rive droite de la rivière Reuss. Si le pont de bois célèbre dans le monde entier est le sujet le ... read more
Bâle vers Lucerne
Après installation au camping, nous voici à Lucerne
un incontournable...

Europe » Switzerland » North-West » Lucerne July 5th 2020

Bonjour à tous, C'est gagné. Je n'était pas, contrairement à d'autres années dans l'euphorie du départ. Inconsciemment ce confinement a dû nous retirer un peu d'énergie, et nous mettre en léthargie mentale, je ne suis pas le seul a ressentir cet effet. J'ai puiser le complément de motivation qui me manquait, par le fait de '' foutre le camp" de cette France qui me semble t'il, part à volo, de toutes ces manifestations, informations permanentes qui sapent le moral de tous les bons français. Après seulement une journée dans les Alpes Suisse, j'ai le sentiment ce soir de revivre. Voilà pourquoi je dis c'est gagné. J'ai quitté Lyon ce matin, traversé le Bugey, sous une bonne pluie, j'espère que ce ne sera de mauvaise augure pour la suite du voyage comme en 2014, 72 jours de ... read more
Lac Lungeren
la route du jour
Paysage Suisse

Europe » Switzerland » North-West » Lucerne October 20th 2019

I patiently waited at the airport for my sisters to arrive (my sister Dana and our childhood friend, Lindsey - just saying sisters makes it easier). Thankfully, I arrived early as their plane came in about 20 minutes early. I saw them come out from the arrivals hall and we made our way to get our rental car. Since they had just flown overnight, I drove. The roads are generally in great condition, though I did find some of the signs confusing. It was amazing the amount and length of tunnels we drove through, not just this first day, but everyday. I find it very interesting as an engineer. Luzern / Lucerne I recommended our first stop to be Lucerne / Luzern, a cute city on our way to the Lauterbrunnen valley where we were to ... read more
Dance Macabre

Europe » Switzerland » North-West » Lucerne October 2nd 2019

Wednesday morning was free before out afternoon bus transfer to Basel and the Viking Rhine cruise boat. Susan and I made the most of it and, once again, Susan was the guide. She knew of the Rosengart Collection art museum. The museum is one of impressionism, cubism and modernism and displays works by Modigliani, Cézanne, Matisse, Renoir, Dufy, and Soutine, with an emphasis on Picasso and Paul Klee. The well curated collection was assembled by Siegfried Rosengart (1894-1985) and continues to be overseen by his daughter, Angela. It is said she is in the museum every day, and I am certain i saw her. A most interesting painting on display is her portrait painted by Picasso, who the Rosengarts knew very well. On the other side of the Altstadt is the Lion Monument. We took one ... read more
Lion Monument
Swiss Cow
Swiss Boy

Europe » Switzerland » North-West » Lucerne October 1st 2019

Mt. Pilatus, 6,982 feet (2,128 m) overlooks Lucerne. Our objective today was to travel to the peak. Yvette mapped out the route for us, a combination of boat, cog railway, aerial tramway and bus! What an adventure! Boats plying Lake Lucerne depart from the quay across from the railway station at 0:38 past every hour. We arrived in time for the 9:38 boat, the first of the day. The Lake Lucerne boats are both sightseeing craft as well as providing transportation from Lucerne to nearby communities, including Hergiswil and Stansstad. In between is a breathtaking scenic panorama. The rain of the previous day had abated and the morning was sunny, providing a clear view of the Swiss landscape and numerous villas with boathouses. Mt. Pilatus itself continuously unfolds in differing aspects as the boat rounds the ... read more
Wilhelm Tell
Lakeside Mansion
Lake Lucerne Panorama

Europe » Switzerland » North-West » Lucerne September 30th 2019

Our United Airlines flight from Washington Dulles arrived in Zurich right on time at 8:00 a.m. My first visit to Switzerland! We met the Viking representative in baggage claim, who directed us to our transportation to Lucerne. The bus ride took about an hour. It was raining, but I did have a glimpse of the Swiss countryside. It was noticeable right from the beginning that the Swiss prefer to tunnel roadways through their mountains rather than go around or excavate them. Arriving in Lucerne, we were treated immediately to striking views of Lake Lucerne and the Kapellbrücke. The coach brought us to the hillside Art Deco Hotel Montana, opened in 1910. Two Viking representative greeted us. One was an American expatriate who had married a Swiss, the other a Czech who had lived in Lucerne for ... read more
Jesuitenkirche - Jesuit Church of St. Francis Xavier
Jesuitenkirche - Rococo High Altar

Europe » Switzerland » North-West » Lucerne July 30th 2019

Our first stop of the morning was to pick up Hector, our local tour guide for the city of Berne. He was very knowledgeable and had quite a sense of humor. Berne was named when a bear was the first prey found after a hunt in the woods. Thus Hector was ready with the "bear" puns. We stopped at the Rose Garden for a wonderful overlook view of the city of Berne including the first area of houses surrounding the church. In the distance the cathedral of Berne rose above the city. From here we made our way to the old city center. Leaving the bus we walked to the Astronomical Clock which tells not only time, but date, moon phase, calendar, day of the week, among other information. A crowing rooster announces the approaching hour, ... read more
The original area settled in Berne
Overlooking Berne

Europe » Switzerland » North-West » Lucerne July 11th 2019

It was overcast today, so no mountain views to be found. I decided to go to the "Swiss Museum of Transportation" which is a museum and more. I only skimmed the actual museum and I still spent over 6hrs here... it's massive! The museum itself is split into 4 parts: train/rail, car, boat and aviation/space. (The aviation was by far my favourite part!) There's also an IMAX screen, a planetarium and the "Swiss Chocolate Adventure" lol. I think I started backwards which worked in my favour because I was pretty much alone in the aviation part for almost an hour lol. Kind of perfect because I made good use of the freedom and did all the simulations haha. This has to be the most hands-on and simulation-filled museum I've ever been to - it's amazing! Quick ... read more
Helicopter simulation
Rescue helicopter
The giant cube for the space simulation

Europe » Switzerland » North-West » Lucerne July 10th 2019

I had to pick one mountain to do near Lucerne (weather is supposed to be too overcast tomorrow, so no views), so since I have the "1/2 fare pass" and since I was excited for the cogwheel, I headed off to Mt Pilatus which looms not far over Lucerne. Tickets were a bit of a shit show. I woke up early to take the first cogwheel up the mountain. I already had my ticket, but then when you arrive in Alpnachstad you need to exchange your ticket for one with a scan code... if you go later in the day they have a separate line for this, but since it was just opening, I was stuck in line with people buying tickets and asking questions. I missed the first ride, sigh. 40min later, I was finally ... read more
Lake on the way up
Hi cows!
View from the summit

Europe » Switzerland » North-West » Lucerne July 9th 2019

Ok trying to repack my bag last night was an adventure haha... that doesn't bode well. But it closed - that's what matters! Anyway, train ride to Lucerne, as per usual, was beautiful - it went along Lake Zurich for a bit, then Lake Zug. So many lakes. Fun fact, I find it fantastic that "see" is "lake" in German. Another fun thing about the train? The graffiti! You're going too fast for pictures, but you still see them all thru the tunnels and stations. Arriving in Lucerne, I didn't feel like venturing to the hostel and hunting for someone (since the office is closed 11am-4pm), so I left my bags at the train station and wandered around town. Ok I love it here. Like proper LOVE it. Lucerne is legit gorgeous. Flowers everywhere, beautiful buildings ... read more
Chapel Bridge
Chapel Bridge
Swan before the attack lol

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