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Europe » Switzerland » North-East » Appenzell May 27th 2017

Today's itinerary consisted of a lot of driving again, but in this case the driving was also the sightseeing. I drove north from Bolzano over the Brenner Pass to Innsbruck, Austria where I turned left and drove on to Switzerland. The entire journey involved driving past snow-capped Alpine peaks. My head was swiveling as I looked at the magnificent views (see photo) and I only wish I could have pulled over more often to take pictures. At one point we were detoured off the motorway (freeway) and I had to drive 20 miles or so on back roads. I got up high enough that there was snow on the ground and the views were wonderful (see photo with my car in the foreground). Eventually I made it to Switzerland and I stopped to take a picture ... read more

Europe » Switzerland » North-East » Zürich » Zürich May 1st 2017

Someone said to me once that living in Europe is easy to tick off the countries as distances and prices are small... and that's true! With low-cost airlines, the price of flying London to Rome is cheaper than actually getting to the airport by train from anywhere in the UK, kind of ridiculous and bad for the environment, but that's how it is. We do travel a lot by car in Europe as well, but we don't always have the time and I have decided to visit at least one new country every year, so driving from UK is not always an option... long weekend in Zürich it is! Switzerland is country number 5 for Ella... she has already been in more countries than her age! :) Zürich is not expensive, is extremely expensive! but one ... read more
View from the flat with the Üetliberg on the background
The glamour of plane travel
Way down the Üetliberg

Europe » Switzerland » North-East » Zürich March 19th 2017

Zurich! Last big stop of my Europe trip. I've traveled to Zurich a number of times in the last 9 years for work and many times traveling around together the area or around during Zurich. This trip brought me mixed emotions. My aunt and uncle live in Zurich, which gave me a good reason to add a stop in Zurich. I hadn't intended on going to any places I'd been before but the free lodging, free laundry, option to see family and option to see some old colleagues one last time felt like a good reason to go. Oh yeah and also the option to leave luggage while I traveled around in Europe on trains :) So yes convenience was a HUGE reason!!! I was so happy to see my family in Zurich as well as ... read more

Europe » Switzerland » North-East » Zürich March 2nd 2017

After a sad farewell to Venice I headed off to Milan where I was fairly disappointed. Mainly because I realize outside of shopping there wasn't much I found exciting to do. Didn't help it was raining and cold. And while the Duomo was nice, it was well rainy and cold. And yes I know it's still winter but my mind is still in Asia temperatures!! But don't worry I did some shopping at places where they said "high end fashion outlet". Truthfully the prices still looked pretty high end and less outlet but it was warmer in the stores :) I'm now in Zurich for a 1.5 day stint. Everyone always makes fun of the fact that I have a relative in every country and most of the states in the US. Well let me tell ... read more

Europe » Switzerland » North-East » Zürich February 14th 2017

In September 1946 Winston Churchill gave his famous United States of Europe speech at the University of Zurich. During the speech the iconic wartime leader asked for cooperation amongst the great European nations, specifically Germany and France, to avoid the horrors of the world wars ever occurring again. The ironies of this speech are not lost on the Swiss today, as this historic moment is considered by many the catalyst for the formation of the European Union. The Swiss themselves, however, are notable absentees from the Union. The country maintained neutrality for the entirety of the two world wars that tore Europe apart in the 20th Century, it’s certainly unpredictable the way history tends to play out. The local economy remains a powerhouse of Europe, with Zurich a magnet for international business, banking, and finance. There's ... read more
Zurich fountain
Lovely building
Central Zurich

Europe » Switzerland » North-East » Zürich January 2nd 2017

Has been a wonderful trip but time to head home. Long flights ahead: 12.5 hours Zurich/Singapore, 3 hour stopover in Singapore and then 8 hours Singapore/Brisbane. Thank you to Sarah for getting Maddie home from the cattery for us - can't wait to see her 😀. So signing off. See you all soon.... read more

Europe » Switzerland » North-East » Zürich January 1st 2017

WE MADE IT!!! Sat up until 12.00 midnight to see in the new year. Sterling effort considering we have both been awake since about 4.00 am and I only managed to catch a small nap on the train from Innsbruck. Thank you Zurich - what a crazy night it was! Leading up to the fireworks show at 12:20 am (don't ask why because I don't know) we kept hearing random fireworks going off from probably about 9.30 pm. Thought perhaps it may have been an early show for the kiddies - but no. In Austria & Switzerland you can buy your own fireworks and set them off on National holidays. This would be Ross Nelson heaven! And surprisingly, apparently Bruce Ballard heaven too! We went out onto the street near our hotel as midnight drew closer ... read more

Europe » Switzerland » North-East » Zürich December 31st 2016

Departed Innsbruck at 9.50 and arrived into Zurich 1.20pm. Train trip was nice and comfortable. Distinct change in scenery when we entered Swiss territory - heavy frost on the ground and a few frozen waterfalls but no snow. Checked into hotel (really lovely) and then went for a walk down towards the lake to see where the fireworks would be taking place. Also scoped out the rooftop terrace at the hotel which has views towards the lake but it will probably only fit about 10 people on it. First impressions - Zurich looks lovely but blanketed in heavy fog at the moment. We shall see what tomorrow brings. Hoping it might be clearer as we want to go up to Felsnegg via cable car to take in views. Looking for something for dinner we passed a ... read more

Europe » Switzerland » North-East » Romanshorn September 22nd 2016

22/09/16 – donderdag - dag 19 Kressbronn Grijs en fris. Verwarming moet op. Zo warm mogelijk aangekleed. D.w.z. Alles aangedaan wat we bij hadden om 's middags met een beetje zon te vertrekken voor fietstocht van 80 km. Eerst tot Meersburg, waar we de ferry namen naar Konstanz. Dan de grens over en langs de Zwitserse kant van het meer tot Romanshorn waar we terug met de ferry de Bodensee oversteken tot Friedrichshafen en zo terug fietsten naar Kressbronn.... read more
Hagnau am Bodensee
Hagnau am Bodensee
Meersburg op de ferry naar Konstanz

Europe » Switzerland » North-East » Küssnacht am Rigi September 10th 2016

10/09/16 – zaterdag – dag 7 Sempach – Vandaag de koninginnen rit van 105km rond het Vierwoudstedenmeer. Wanneer we 's morgens willen vertrekken, staat mijn voorwiel plat. Iedereen wacht tot ik de binnenband vervangen heb. Ondertussen wordt de oude gecontroleerd op gaatjes. Niks gevonden. Er wordt verondersteld dat dichting het ventiel (Duits type) losgekomen was door te schokken. Of zit er een 'mol' in het gezelschap? De rit gaat eerst naar Luzern. Halfweg worden we langs de weg in Rothenburg vergast op een tornooi voor paardenkoetsmennen. 2-spannen, 4-spannen, 6-spannen moeten door een opgelegde hindernispiste. Spectaculaire stuurmanskunsten, alle deelnemers en hun passagiers zijn opgetut in de traditionele klederdracht van 100j geleden. Mooi schouwspel. Luzern, dat we in het midden van vorige eeuw bezochten als 14 jarigen op onze eerste buitenlandse reis naa... read more
Rothemburg - Tornooi mennen
Rothemburg - Tornooi mennen
Luzern - druk druk

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