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June 8th 2017
Published: June 9th 2017
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Contrast 1 - The desert of DubaiContrast 1 - The desert of DubaiContrast 1 - The desert of Dubai

What a contrast between the desert at Dubai and the green of Zurich. Suburban Dubai.
We took the long haul from Auckland with no stopover on Emirates Airlines A380 from Auckland/Dubai/Zurich. Amazingly, we were wandering through Dubai Airport and someone called out my name. It was Heather and Doug from New Plymouth on their way to Sweden! Apart from that the trip was the usual - endure the trip and get it over and done with. One point of note is that Dubai had a population of 30,000 in the 1930's and now has 4 million. That is some growth!! Not for this Kiwi though - very modern, very busy, very hot and very sandy. On the Dubai to Zurich stretch we flew over Iran which showed some spectacular geology with outstanding examples of layered and folded rocks in the landforms.From flying height you could virtually see that the land had been pushed northwards with long folds and steep dips over barren country.

Marc met us at Zurich Airport with one year old Sophia and we were soon back at their apartment in Langweisen near Schaffhausen on the Rhine River. After lunch Irvahn showed us the village around and near their home. They have chosen the location well. It is only a short walk to
Contrast 2 - Green of ZurichContrast 2 - Green of ZurichContrast 2 - Green of Zurich

From desert to the greenery of Switzerland. Suburban Zurich
the river with farmland and forest around the village. Our walk took us along the Rhine on a grassy path and back along a wanderweg through the village which is dominated by an impressive church which looks like it might have been a monastery in the past. The adjoining buildings are now used by a business company and houses a large collection of books.

The river area was busy with boats, canoes, swimmers and picnickers. Great old trees line the river and it's all very pretty. It was typically Swiss with old farm houses and barns, and rolling cropped fields. It's the perfect place for families for walking and playing. Langweisen is within walking distance to Schaffhausen and not far from the Rhine falls.

Tomorrow we will explore the area more when we've got some sleep and some energy back.

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A seat by the Rhine RiverA seat by the Rhine River
A seat by the Rhine River

A lovely place to sit and watch river traffic
Flowers by the wanderwegFlowers by the wanderweg
Flowers by the wanderweg

Lovely wild flowers of poppies, corn flowers and carrots.

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