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4th June 2019

I know I'm a bit behind the times, but you did so well! It's good to read this as Kev and I might do the ride ourselves one day - I can tell you though, we'll be on e-bikes!!!
1st October 2018

Definitely a next time :)
30th September 2018

Thanks for sharing your holiday with us, our daily magazine read! Such beautiful, cared- for land in a small country.You will be looking forward to seeing the lovely Taranaki flora now !
15th September 2018

Thank you so much for including us in your blogs, Disey. We admire your activities, and your ability to enjoy evert moment.
15th September 2018

Hi, love the Eibsee Lake and valley, especially the colour! Lovely weather in NZ now,biked through the Spooner tunnel today to the Flat Rock Cafe. Good Tassie score eh Linds!!
15th September 2018

Hi Sheila. Yes, it's lovely here but looking like drizzle today. We leave here on Monday to go back to Switzerland for the remaining time. Nice to hear from you. Disey
11th September 2018
A comfy cow in the Park

Editing captions
Not wanting to be insulting but how do I read that caption??? :-)
11th September 2018
A comfy cow in the Park

Comfy cow
I had to think about that one! Now clarified!
8th September 2018

Dave and I thought of you today as we biked to Wakefield and sat in the reserve with succulent steak pie and crisp flaky pastry.....mmmm. A beaut spring day. We're enjoying your trip, thanks 🌞
8th September 2018

Oh for a nice kiwi pie. Hope you really enjoyed it. Here, it's meat, lots of potatoes, dumplings, some veges, and endless salads all the same. We did discover an excellent sushi bar though. We'd leave the G's for dead when it comes to cooking. Glad you're enjoying the blogs. Disey and linds
5th September 2018
The Hotel Gasthof Paulanerstuber in Wasserburg

Gor some reason I thought you were using e-bikes; next time! Keep up the good work.
4th September 2018

Day 3 Rosenheim
Hi there Dissie - loving your adventures, great story telling and pics, have got a real feel for your trip already. Thanks for sharing. Us three left behind had a lovely catch up last week. Loads of love. x
3rd September 2018
Along the bike path with a monastery in the background

Ennjoying the blog but..... hotdogs for two clean living, fit-as, old persons who look after their health?? Hope they were nutritious abd tasty. Apart from that it looks like a really fun thing to do (minus sore backs) and very scenic. Take it easy and continue to have a great time.
29th August 2018

Phone call!
Sorrry about the call - hope it didn't disrupt sleep too much. Looking forward to reading miore. xxx
13th July 2017

Great Updates
Hi guys loving all the news didn't realise family were joining you what a treat & old enough to enjoy & remember. Every morning after first widdle Jaki reads your blog to us. Love it & enjoy because we have visited some of this area. Travel safely R&J
12th July 2017

It sounds like you had a really lovely day. I would be interested to hear how Tracey and Brendan enjoyed their day in Italy and what Tracey thought of Milan, it is one of the fashion capitals of the world and has a most impressive train station - the artwork on the walls could rival any art gallery.
9th July 2017

I love the family photo with the posy of wildflowers, it is really lovely.
5th July 2017

What a lovely start to Brendan and Tracey's Swiss summer family holiday! Will you all be tempted to get into the lake of Lucerne for a swim while you are there? :)
From Blog: Lucern
28th June 2017

What a beautiful cycle trail you are doing. I got excited after seeing the first sunflowers out yesterday on my way to Germany meaning that it is officially time for a new onslaught of sunflower photos to be taken! Are you cycling with a group? Or have you made your own itinerary?
21st June 2017

Enjoy it's freezing & wet in NZ i'm told, 20 here you would like that!! Are you getting all the sporty news etc-Americas cup etc?
14th June 2017

Cows with lights!!
What have you been drinking!! Each morning Jaki reads your blog to me in bed just before we get up, all that snow & I crawl under the covers!! Enjoy 22 here to day with some rain the first in a month!

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