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Along the bike path with a monastery in the background  

Along the bike path with a monastery in the background

Innradweg Day 1 to Strass im Zillertal

September 2nd 2018
It wasn't a good start to our biking tour with cold, dull weather. Yes, it's plummeted from 30 degrees a couple of weeks ago to 12 degrees. If that wasn't enough we had a head wind (shades of the Danube). But, we have the gear and it was all on for a couple of hours. The Inn River Cycling Trail (the Innradweg) is in superb condition and is well signposted all the way starting at St Moritz in Sw ... read more
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Austrian Flag Once the center of power for the large Austro-Hungarian Empire, Austria was reduced to a small republic after its defeat in World War I. Following annexation by Nazi Germany in 1938 and subsequent occupation by the victorious Allies in 1945, Austria'... ... read more
3rd September 2018

Ennjoying the blog but..... hotdogs for two clean living, fit-as, old persons who look after their health?? Hope they were nutritious abd tasty. Apart from that it looks like a really fun thing to do (minus sore backs) and very scenic. Take it easy and continue to have a great time.

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