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Europe » Switzerland » North-East » St. Gallen September 9th 2017

Aus mehreren Gründen war ich heute in St. Gallen. Zum einen treffe ich morgen in Konstanz meinen Vater und seine Lebensgefährtin und ich wollte nicht am gleichen Tag von München anreisen. Zuerst plante ich dafür eine Nacht in Überlingen verbringen. Zum anderen hatte ich vor, nach meinen letzten Ausflügen in die Schweiz 2011 und 2014 wieder in dieses schöne Land zu reisen und nachdem ich zuerst im Herbst nach Luzern fahren wollte, habe ich nun eine weitere Exkursion ins erweiterte Umland von München gemacht. Und zum dritten habe ich einen Sondierungsbesuch in die Stadt gemacht, weil ich prüfe, inwieweit es als Neuselbständiger möglich wäre, meinen faktischen und Steuerwohnsitz in die Schweiz zu verlegen. Dafür bin ich gestern Abend von München los gefahren und nach kleineren Staus kurz nach der Stadt und bei Memmingen abends in St. ... read more
In der Stiftsbibliothek.
Schloß Vaduz.
Gestern Abend noch ein Käsefondue.

Europe » Switzerland » North-East » Zürich » Zürich August 12th 2017

Zurich our last stop on this adventure. We are back in the German speaking part of Switzerland so we now say hallo (hello) and danke (thank you). You feel like you have visited different countries with the multiple languages in Switzerland. We check into Hotel Alph then Christopher and I return our rental car at the airport. We don't need a car in Zurich. We take the train from the airport to Central Station, no stops and we walk about four blocks to our hotel. We walk around and we see hundreds of mostly young people swimming, playing volleybal, skate boardping, relaxing and dancping along the canal. Christopher and Brad decide to join them. They jump off a bridge then float and swim to a climb out spot. There are bars and DJ's playing music along ... read more
Riding my free bike
Beautiful city

Europe » Switzerland » North-East » Rhine Falls July 17th 2017

We did a test drive up to Zurich Airport, Switzerland from Baretswil, Switzerland. We did this to prepare for the next day's real run to catch a flight to Barcelona, Spain. We wanted to check where the car rental return was and a quick run thru the airport to be ready for any possible next day issues. Just something we do to prevent surprises especially flying on other Airlines, and familiarize ourselves with the departing airport. But we always have alternate reasons like today, a trip to the Rhine Falls, Switzerland and a quick visit to Germany. We drove about 45 minutes from Zurich north to Schaffhausen. This is the area of the beautiful Rhine falls - a smaller Swiss version of our Niagara falls !! Fantastic. After two hours wandering around at the falls, which ... read more
Two Rhine falls spectators
Rhine falls, switzerland
Castle near the falls

Europe » Switzerland » North-East » Zürich July 13th 2017

Into our rental car to begin our drive and adventure to Baretswil From Gruyere. A lengthy but beautiful drive through the Alps passing Lausanne, Interlaken, Lucerne, Rapperswil and on to our sweet holiday apartment on a farm in the hills of Baretswil. Definitely a number of hair raising moments for Deb as we traveled through the switchbacks in the Alps 😱😱😱. OMG (was heard many times). En route we made a stop at a beautiful waterfall in the mountains which needed a closer look. It was a beautiful setting and came just at the right time for a short break from the driving. Located in the midst of a village, it was surrounded by gorgeous scenery and homes. A stop in Lucerne for a visit to a banking machine, and a quickie stop for a few ... read more
Drinking cool water at the falls!   Ahhhh.
Lovely village scenery at the falls
River from waterfall

Europe » Switzerland » North-East » Schaffhausen July 2nd 2017

Yesterday was spent with our Swiss friends Bruno and Gertrud at Konstanz. We spent time looking at some of the historic landmarks in Konstanz and hearing the associated stories. Our first stop was at the fountain on Markstatte which had interesting bronze models surrounding it like a rabbit with huge ears, an eight legged horse and a many headed peacock. Bruno did not know the interpretation of the symbols. The main part of the fountain is obviously earlier than these symbolic objects. Our next visit was to the Munster which is mainly gothic with some very impressive wood carved doors and also wood and stone inside. We were looking for a grave of John Hus who had transgressed by being a threat to the church and been burnt alive for his efforts in 1415. It was ... read more
Konstanz Congress Hall
The Rhein Falls

Europe » Switzerland » North-East June 26th 2017

Konstanz is a strange place with a smidgen of the town on the south side of the Rhine and the rest on the north side, all part of Germany. We set off this morning shortly after 9am on a perfect day with a gentle breeze. We knew we had to get back to the other side of the Rhine to where we hired the bikes but finding the correct trail wasn't straight forward and we had to ask for help from a local to get back onto the trail proper. From thereon it was a matter of following the large green arrow which didn't always occur exactly at a bend so there was the odd time we went down the wrong way before turning back. We knew that we had all day until 4pm to do ... read more
A lovely view of the lake from the trail
Stein am Rhein

Europe » Switzerland » North-East » Schaffhausen June 24th 2017

After a farewell to our hosts at Hermeshof, we left Titisee and immediately took the wrong turning off a round about and ended up going the wrong way. It was impossible to turn around as the traffic was so heavy so we nearly ended up back in Hinterzarten. The rest of the trip to Konstanz was uneventful apart from some unexpected showers. We hadn't had any wet for two weeks so it was strange for it to be cooler. But, only temporarily. Marc picked us up in Konstanz with Sophia and we drove back to Langwiesen along the Rhine often seeing the bike trail that we'd be following on Monday. It doesn't look as if it's going to be too taxing energy wise. Arriving back in Langwiesen we greeted our lovely niece again and had lunch ... read more
Langweisen by the Rhine River

Europe » Switzerland » North-East » Schaffhausen June 9th 2017

After a very good sleep we feel we are now into the new zone in the north - thanks to "No-More-Jetlag". I'm not sure how these wee tablets work but since using them over the last few trips we don't seem to get affected by Jet Lag. Since our first day in Gstaad will be late Saturday we were best to buy groceries today since shops are not open on Sunday. We are in the part of Switzerland where Germany juts into Switzerland so it is easy to drive over the Rhine into Germany to do shopping. We went to the Aldi Supermarket which was amazingly cheap compared to Switzerland and New Zealand prices. For example, I bought a lipstick, nail polish, foundation and perfume for 26E - some very girly stuff but why wouldn't you ... read more
Schaffhausen Old Town from Castle Munot

Europe » Switzerland » North-East » Schaffhausen June 8th 2017

We took the long haul from Auckland with no stopover on Emirates Airlines A380 from Auckland/Dubai/Zurich. Amazingly, we were wandering through Dubai Airport and someone called out my name. It was Heather and Doug from New Plymouth on their way to Sweden! Apart from that the trip was the usual - endure the trip and get it over and done with. One point of note is that Dubai had a population of 30,000 in the 1930's and now has 4 million. That is some growth!! Not for this Kiwi though - very modern, very busy, very hot and very sandy. On the Dubai to Zurich stretch we flew over Iran which showed some spectacular geology with outstanding examples of layered and folded rocks in the landforms.From flying height you could virtually see that the land had ... read more
Contrast 2 - Green of Zurich
A seat by the Rhine River
Flowers by the wanderweg

Europe » Switzerland » North-East » Zürich June 2nd 2017

Had a slow start to the day as train to Zurich didn't leave until lunchtime, was expecting lots of tunnels and lots of mountains, got neither! Stephen kept saying I think we are going the wrong way, but we did eventually arrive in Zurich. Get off the train and find the taxi stand, get the first one in line, looks a bit grubby but ok, Stephen asks is he available, yes he says, it will be the taxifare plus 10 francs for the luggage....what???....10 francs for the luggage...well I spose we have no choice, I said, can hardly leave them at the railway station for three days can we, what a bloody rort! The taxi to our hotel was around ten minutes cost us 30 francs for trip plus 10 francs for suitcase.....40 francs all up ... read more

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