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Europe » Spain » District of Madrid » Madrid June 4th 1997

I'm usually not the sophisticated culture buff, trying my best to stay clear of museums and such. But I have some time to kill in Madrid, the home of some of the finest art museums in the world. And, since my student ID gets me in for free, what the hell...? My choice is Museo Del Prado, one of three world-class art establishments in the city. The choice is mostly based on the fact that this is where the classical art hangs. Paintings you can actually determine what they are portraying, as opposed to "modern" art. Picasso fans, do not bother here... There certainly are a vast number of paintings. Probably a very impressive collection, had I been better versed in the area. My hope is to find the work of Goya, one of few Spanish ... read more

Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Málaga May 12th 1997

There are beggars, and there are beggars. The reasons for begging for money are endless, and not really of interest for the people being bothered. But there are the kind of beggars that aggressively bug you for money or other valuables. They use an approaching "sales" technique, running all over the place asking for donations. Returning like boomerangs they tend to annoy the hell out of Everyday Joe. Then there are the beggars who stand still on a street corner, sit on a staircase, etc, with a little container in form of a hat, bag, or whatever where people can toss them a coin. The Man with the Cats is a schoolbook example of the latter type. Standing across the street from the little bar, on the same spot on the same staircase. Every day of ... read more

Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Málaga May 10th 1997

There was a time, not too long ago, when people did not have access to or use the communication technology that we today could not (seemingly) possibly live without. Before the breakthrough of the World Wide Web, mobile telephony, SMS, instant messaging, email, digital cameras, Ipods, DVD, or what have you…That was the case for the class of 1996/1997 in Malaga, Spain. Using the Internet basically meant calling the main campus - obviously in Spanish - to make a reservation to use a computer with a insanely slow dial-up connection. Useful for finding information, useless for communicating - nobody had an email address anyway… Few people owned mobile telephones. Making phone calls to the homeland was indeed possible, but the roaming charges were astronomical….Even fewer people owned landphones, and those who did were restricted to incoming ... read more

Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Málaga April 22nd 1997

The concept of a shot bar is really brilliant. A small venue, merely a room, with cheap shots up for grabs by the audience. The list of available drinks is displayed over the bar. This particular "chupito bar" is named Punto y Coma and is strategically located at the center of Malaga. It attracts the better part of the international student crowd. Despite the crowded atmosphere in the narrow alley, it's a good choice for complementing the buzz from the pre-party, before going to the nightclub of choice. The shot list at "Punto" is rather impressive; very extensive and with names and drink combinations certainly inviting for a try. Everything from simple vodka shots to complex absinthe mixes. After knowing the cool bartenders - the beautiful Eva and slightly gay Manolo (or something) - shots "off ... read more

Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Málaga April 11th 1997

Amazingly I had to be talked into going to see Laura. Ms. Pausini was to perform at Plaza del Toros - the bullfight arena - in Malaga. Two blocks from my apartment. At completely affordable ticket prices. And the cute girl had to nag on me to come...Finally we're there, moving around, forward, towards decent seats. The arena is not packed, but yet far from empty. The concert turns out to be something else. I don't recognize many of the songs, but with a voice not at all inferior to that of Celine Dion, the little Italian girl rocks. Big time. On top of that, it's her daddy's birthday. She brings him up on stage, and to use a cliché - the crowd goes wild: "Torero, torero, torero". Not sure he's really a bull-fighter, but in ... read more

Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Tarifa March 31st 1997

Traveling by boat is one of my favorite ways of travel. Don’t know exactly why, but I have always found the big blue fascinating. The ferry ride between Tarifa, Spain and Tangier, Morocco is trafficking a route where the Mediterranean Sea meets the Atlantic Ocean. Makes the ride a bit rocky, when two large oceans come together in one strait, fighting for space when the Mediterranean wants out and the Atlantic wants in. The rocky kind of ride that cause a large proportion of the passengers to feel very sick, completely unable to enjoy the ride to any extent, only wishing to set their feet on dry land. Seasickness however does not become me, it takes more than a wave - even if the waves in this case are rather big and frequent - to throw ... read more

Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Córdoba March 29th 1997

We’re on our way back to the little hotel when we notice the party in the backyard. Of course we enter. There are lots of people. It’s some kind of ceremony. Children walk up on a small stage and receive awards of some kind. We have no clue what this event is all about. We don’t really care. It’s nice, and we clap along when the crowd does. Nobody seem to notice us. Rather peculiar, considering I’m by far the tallest guy there, and my friend is by far the blondest girl there. Food is served. We help ourselves. Still nobody seem to take any notice of us. Or, maybe they do, maybe this is Spanish hospitality….Needless to say, we leave unnoticed…... read more

Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Seville March 22nd 1997

It’s Happy Day in Seville. More on initiative of our group of four than of the calendar. But it’s Happy Day, no sad faces are allowed. The Scandinavian girls in the corner of the Irish pub are surprised when they get their drinks. ”Why?” they ask. ”Because it’s Happy Day”. The US Air Force pilots explain in detail what it’s like being a pilot. ”Just like Top Gun” we nod enthusiastically. ”Yes, like Top Gun” they say, equally enthusiastically. Maybe we shouldn’t make fun of them. After all, they have big, scary fighter planes. We have a small rental car. But for us it’s just Happy Day. Tomorrow is Big Sightseeing Day…... read more

Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Córdoba March 18th 1997

The place reminds us not so little of the place in ”From Dusk Till Dawn”. For those of you who didn’t see that movie; it’s a rather large building with no other buildings surrounding it, outside the city. My friend met this Spanish guy who insisted that we come. Not so much out of friendliness towards strangers, more a faint hope of some action with my friend, a very pretty, very blond little girl. It turns out to be a nightclub, a very large one. It’s location, it’s size and it’s equipment would probably make it an excellent rave party spot. But although it’s Friday night there are no people there. Maybe we’re too late. Or too early. A creepy feeling comes crawling upon us. We ask the Spanish guy to take us back to back ... read more

Europe » Spain » Catalonia » Barcelona March 9th 1997

The port of Barcelona is massive. One of the largest in the Mediterranean, if not the largest. So, logically, many of the grandest and greatest buildings are located around it. As a gate to the city, at the end of Las Ramblas, Christopher Columbus on his column is bridging the port with the rest of the city. MareMagnum fills the gap between the bustling streets and the water. The complex contains a huge aquarium, and a very good one at it. It also hosts a large shopping center. Arcade hall, shops, restaurants, the works. And, on top of it all a big terrace. A miniature golf court in the middle, with nightclubs and bars lining up around it. Something for everyone. A port does not only have to be a dock for ships, sleezy bars and ... read more

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