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After kicking off the summer with a trip to Italy, I didn't really have any further travel plans and thus I wasn’t expecting to be writing again so soon - but here we are! Life has a habit of keeping you on your toes. The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the world of work forever by forcing millions of office workers to work remotely and for many companies across the globe, this forced experiment proved to be a huge success, as employers realised that productivity could be maintained or even improved, and employees realised that they really didn't need to be in the office every day anymore - that work could now be much more flexible and convenient than ever before. I am fortunate enough to be working for a company that has not just embraced remote ... read more
Old Town Alicante

So Sad I am leaving tonight to come back to the USA! After a four hour train ride, three plane rides, and a two hour car ride I will be back in mi casa! This ending is very bittersweet. I am definitely looking forward to going back home and seeing people, as well as eating my favorite foods. I am really sad this experience is over. This was the fastest five weeks of my life. I am so thankful to have had this experience. I have seen a lot of great things, met amazing people, had fun times, and learned a lot about myself and others. There are a lot of things about spanish culture that I may just have to adapt into my own life. I hopefully someday will be able to make it back. ... read more

I can't believe it! I can't believe this is the end of my last week in Spain. I get on the train for Madrid tomorrow night at 8. My flight from Madrid to London leaves Saturday morning at 7 so I'm gonna crash in the airport for the night. This time feels like it went by in the blink of an eye. I have missed a lot of things about home while being here and now that Its almost time to go I'm not sure if I want to. Its a crazy feeling. This last week in Alicante was a good one. Tuesday was the last Spain game that I will ever get to see in Spain (unless I come back of course). We played Portugal and won 1-0 thanks to a sweet goal by David ... read more

Mixed Feelings This weekend was a great last weekend in Spain. I decided to stay here in Alicante and enjoy all that I could before this last week is over. Although I do miss home and a lot of things about America, I am starting to get a little sad about leaving. This time went by so fast! On Saturday morning a group of us made the long hike up to the top of Mount Benacantil to visit the Castle of Santa Barbara. This was something we had been wanting to do the whole time we've been here because look at the mountain everyday we are on the beach. It was quite a hike up there. There was an option of taking an elevator to the top but we're so adventurous we decided to climb the ... read more
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Yesterday was a super tons of fun! After I beached it up all afternoon I went out to enjoy the parade that started at 9. It was so long and went until midnight! It was the desfile folklorico internacional (international parade). I've never seen costumes so extravagant. The music was so loud it filled the city. There were groups in the parade from all over different parts of Spain. There were also people representing Latin American countries. It was definitely one of the coolest parades I've ever seen. Afterwards we went to the beach which was filled with people. I think every teenager in Alicante was on the beach last night. Most people came and brought different things like blankets, snacks, and a picnic! It was really cool because a lot of groups made bonfires ... read more

Yesterday was full of more festivities of this week. One pretty exciting thing I did was see a Corrida de Torros (bull fight)! It was really neat to see. It is pretty gory and brutal because each one of the bulls dies but I tried to go in with and open mind. My host mom told me to look at it as an art form and part of the history and culture of Spain. I went with two of my friends and we met some Spanish men that started talking to us and offered us pipas (sunflower seeds) and a beer. They were pretty funny and they explained a lot about what was going on during the fight. They told us what makes a good torero (matador) good and what makes them bad. There really is ... read more

Craziest festival I've ever seen! Las Hogueras de San Juan officially started on Sunday (20th) and will last until Thursday (24th) night. This is the biggest festival I've ever seen. All of the main streets are blocked off completely and because of this we have to take a different bus to school because the routes are different. There are around 90 hogueras in total which are the statues I mentioned in one of my earlier blogs. They are located all throughout the city on the streets where they are blocked off. Some are enormous and raise up to 30 or so feet. They are made out of wood and different paper materials and painted so pretty. Each one has a different theme and many of them are a satire or critique a certain aspect of the ... read more

Can't believe its the middle of my third week here already. The time sure is flying by. I had my composition midterm today. It was easier than I thought it would be but a few parts were a little iffy. I will find out how I did tomorrow. Today our teacher assigned us to visit El Museo de Hogueras which is located on my street. Las Hogueras is the huge festival that is about to take place next week. The museum is really cool and it explained the history of the festival and displayed tons of pictures and statues. These statues are called "ninots" and they burn them during the festival after they have been in the parade. We were assigned questions and I didn't quite get them all answered. I am usually not that interested ... read more

Awesome Weekend! This weekend was so much fun, I'm really bummed it's Monday again. Saturday was our second field trip that was included in the program. We went to to a city about 30 min away called Elche. It was a nice city but it wasn't my favorite out of the places we've been so far. The coolest thing that we got to see was this area that has the largest concentration of palm trees. There are between 200,000 and 300,000 palm trees that date back to thousands of years ago. It was really cool and very beautiful scenery. We also got to see the Huerto del Cura. This was a garden amongst the palm trees with different types of plants. It was very pretty. From Elche we took a fairy boat ride to get to ... read more
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Finally Friday!!! Thank goodness its the weekend!! can't believe the second week is over if flew by so fast. I'm planning on spending the afternoon at the beach. Classes went well this afternoon. I have midterms next week in two classes, yikes!! USAC offers a really cool thing to the students that they can sign up for which are called intercambios. These intercambios are Spanish students that go to the university who are studying English. You can get paired up with someone and you can meet whenever and however many times you want. They will help you practice Spanish and vice versa. A few of my friends have met with them and it sounds cool to make a new local friend. I just got the info on my intercambio today. His name is Fernando!! I have ... read more

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