World Cup!

Published: June 16th 2010
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watching the game with our flags!!
Can't believe its the middle of my third week here already. The time sure is flying by. I had my composition midterm today. It was easier than I thought it would be but a few parts were a little iffy. I will find out how I did tomorrow. Today our teacher assigned us to visit El Museo de Hogueras which is located on my street. Las Hogueras is the huge festival that is about to take place next week. The museum is really cool and it explained the history of the festival and displayed tons of pictures and statues. These statues are called "ninots" and they burn them during the festival after they have been in the parade. We were assigned questions and I didn't quite get them all answered. I am usually not that interested in reading all that information in museums and it was a tad bit harder in Spanish. I'm going to ask my host mom tonight and see if she can help me.

Today was Spain's first game in the World Cup! unfortunately they lost to Switzerland 1-0. We sat outside a bar again, drank some sangria, and watched the game. It was packed with people

outside the was decorated!
watching. It got so loud every time we thought Spain would score and we were pretty frustrated when they lost. I bought a flag and everything! They play again next week so hopefully they will win. It was still fun all the same.

Today in our conversation class we talked a little bit about Spanish food and customs. Some of these I have witnessed here myself. It is very customary for Spaniards to sit at their table after a meal, drink coffee, and just chat. In Spanish this is called "sobremesa" which can last for hours. It is so different than America where the waiters practically rush you out the door. The camareros barely pay attention to you here. They will serve you once but they never come back to check how the food is or if you want the bill. You have to flag them down if you want another drink. I kind of like it because they expect you to take your time instead of rushing you through your meal. I have gotten better at getting their attention, I used to feel rude doing it. Some of the things I am learning here I think to myself,

some guys started playing the guitar and singing for us
why don't we don't we do this at home? Some things are definitely different here. I had calamari for lunch!!

All of our professors have been commenting on the weather. Its pretty much been rainy the past two days and everyone in Spain has been saying that rain is unheard of in June. I guess I'm a little used to the bad weather living in Michigan but I do miss the beach. The sun is back out today and hopefully to stay.

Well I should get going. There are two twin girls on our trip and today is their 21st birthday. We are going to a karaoke bar to celebrate. Should be fun.
!Hasta Luego!

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a ninot in the museum

this is a tipical dress worn by the women in the parades. super fancy.

17th June 2010

Hey Sam
Nana sent me your up-dated blog, very interesting reading. Sounds like your having fun, thats all part of your experience. Hook me up with your blog, I would love to hear more. Love Uncle Jimmy
17th June 2010

calamari yummm
Lets open up our own restaurant and make it just like you said they are in Spain! ahhaaha ok maybe a little more attentive, americans get so grouchy! but I was just hearing about this one place where the waitresses are supposed to be mean and sarcastic and you just be mean and sarcastic back and its pretty famous ... dude, we could make millions lol ok jk jk
17th June 2010

Yea we totally should!!! Ha i think i know what restaurant your talking about. is it in chicago? I went there once. They were really rude but they were supposed to be. It was pretty funny.

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