Last Week in Spain

Published: July 1st 2010
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pretty fireworks

I can't believe it!

I can't believe this is the end of my last week in Spain. I get on the train for Madrid tomorrow night at 8. My flight from Madrid to London leaves Saturday morning at 7 so I'm gonna crash in the airport for the night. This time feels like it went by in the blink of an eye. I have missed a lot of things about home while being here and now that Its almost time to go I'm not sure if I want to. Its a crazy feeling.

This last week in Alicante was a good one. Tuesday was the last Spain game that I will ever get to see in Spain (unless I come back of course). We played Portugal and won 1-0 thanks to a sweet goal by David Villa. I am really sad that the next game will be during my flight on Saturday. It was crazy in the streets after Spain won. People really get into it here. I hope we keep winning!

Later that night I went to the final fireworks show. They have been going on since last friday everynight at midnight as a continuation of the festival. I went with Ana, a Spanish girl who is living in my apartment now. My host mom is moving out of her apartment and moving in with her mom to take care of her. She is renting her place out to five people from different parts of Europe who will either be working or studying here. Ana moved in last weekend and She is from Romania. She has been in Spain for eight years and can speak the language perfectly. She is 26 and looking for a new job in Alicante. She doesn't know any english and it was a lot of fun to talk with her. She told me I speak very well but I think she was being nice. It was interesting to hear about her life. She bought me a beer while we watched the fireworks and that was the first time she'd ever seen them! I told her she needs to come to the U.S. for July fourth! Afterward we got crepes with chocolate on them. She insisted on paying for these as well. She was so nice. The other people will be moving in sometime this weekend or next week. Its weird being in

my art teacher and I. I had my final in art today. It was definitely a fun class!
the middle of all of this commotion.

Tonight Lisa and I gave our host mom our gifts. We have a Michigan store downtown with all kinds of fun things. I got her an oven mit with the whole state and all its cities on it, a Michigan shaped cookie cutter, and some maple syrup. She loved all of them. She told us how such wonderful girls we are and she will always keep us in her heart. It was very touching. She is such a great person I only wish I could have communicated all that I wanted to with her. She sounds like she has had some wonderful life experiences because she has had many students live with her before. She gave us some good advice to keep practicing our spanish when we get back home. I've learned so much I really don't want to lose this ability to speak another language. If any of you have any spanish friends let me know!

Well I have two final exams tomorrow that should go pretty well. I gotta go and get some good night's sleep. Adios!!


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