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Europe » Spain » Galicia » Vigo October 9th 2013

Today began with munchkins and ended with How I Met Your Mother, so I’d say that’s a pretty successful day! I got up again to the sound of some tacky alarm and the sound of children’s groans, I got dressed and then got breakfast ready before helping Susi get the kids up and ready. After a grueling time with Lucia, who was in a BAD mood, I walked them to school and began one of my favorite parts of the day—walking back from dropping them off from school, because I know that the possibilities of my day are ENDLESS. Today I wasn’t too tired to I talked to Susi in Spanish some (GO ME!) and then I dozed and read in bed. I then went to meet some girls for lunch and fro-yo (again: ... read more

Europe » Spain » Galicia » Vigo October 8th 2013

Ahhhh, school. It's a little strange to be In School again after more than five months out...but what I just realize is how much I ADORE school. I'm trying to hard to pick up Spanish, to both understand and speak the wonderfully useful language. Which means Tuesdays and Thursdays my life revolves around my lessons at the universidad de vigo. Every other day of the week is simply filled with flash cards! Today was no exception, it began earlier than I would have liked--with taking the babies to school before I napped before taking the bus up the many hills to the university. Once there I ran some errands and then headed to class, where I spent two hours being slightly confused but happy to be learning (past tense today; something I need a lot of ... read more

Europe » Spain » Galicia » Vigo October 7th 2013

A day back and I am happy and content. Getting back at night was VERY interesting! It comprised me waiting an hour for a bus that never came to find out that it doesn't run on Sundays (boooooo!), so I walked home from the bus station; and let's just put it this way---it's usually a 45-60 minute bus that was super 11pm...when I was sure I was going to be mugged...again...but I made it, safe and sound! Thus, I lived to tell the tale. Once home, susi and I chatted for a while before going to bed. She to me that I didn't need to work in the morning---because she's an angel. So this morning I had a nice lie in. After which, aka at 11am, I got up and hot the gym. There ... read more

Europe » Spain » Galicia » Vigo September 30th 2013

Ah, another week begins! So this was my first, well second BIG test in which I was to face the ultimate challenge: kids in the morning! AHHHH! So I rose early, got dressed, set the table and then dared to do the impossible: GET THEM UP, DRESSED, FED AND ON TIME TO SCHOOL!!! And I tell you what it happened; I bribed Marta with sweets, was stern with George, coaxed Lucia out of bed and got Elena up last! Then they all were fed, cleaned and off to school. I thought I had a victory when “it” happened: Elena decided to get cry-ey…meaning we were half way there when she needed the toilet, which she then needed to cry about for the remainder of the walk; then she didn’t want to go to school so she ... read more

Europe » Spain » Galicia » Vigo September 27th 2013

RAIN RAIN GO AWAY! Oh how the wind howled, how the rain poured and how the kids fought with umbrellas against it all! Needles to say, this weekend will been a rainy one. The dash to school was quite the adventure this morning before anther wet adventure to the gym! I then headed out to face the storm one more time for coffee and shopping with Jen. There is something I have recently discovered…that I ADORE leather…so of course when I found a leather belt…you can imagine how things went down hill (or up hill depending on your perspective!). After some nice grown-up time, I went to get the kids and eat Paella at home before we hung around inside because of the rain. I then battled the rain with my comrades: Marta and Lucia to ... read more

Europe » Spain » Galicia » Vigo September 26th 2013

I have found the secret to being a good au pair: TAKE A NAP! I realized that I have been having no energy for the kids, so today I took a nap…well I went back to sleep after taking them to school! And I felt so much more on top of it and awake with energy that I came up with ideas of what to play with them, was funny and charismatic and had fun with them on the play gym and at the park. It was a great feeling to be settling into my job here, getting used to the hours, kids, work, people, language etc.; it’s all an adjustment! And adjusting I am! Sometimes I have moments of sadness or panic, but one should always have those if one is doing something worth wild! ... read more

Europe » Spain » Galicia » Vigo September 25th 2013

Ah kids, watching them makes me wonder if I’ll ever have any of my own, and if I did how I would raise them. I thought these were kind of strange thoughts to be having but when I went out with two other au pairs today they said exactly the same thing…to the “T”! That it really makes you think about all of that “further down the line” stuff; what we all really realized was that the most important factor in all of that is WHO you marry and have kids with, WHO your partner is. We all also realized that we were going to have kids a long way down the road! Haha! Apart from that lovely revelation I had a pretty good day, it began with a fast workout at the gym after I ... read more

Europe » Spain » Galicia » Vigo September 24th 2013

Well I had my first big show down with one of the kids today…George, Crowkay, as they call him decided to really test the limits tonight, my first extended period of time without their parents. He and I had just had our first alone time together and it went really well, we took a long walk and went to some shops around Vigo. But as soon as the other siblings got home he really acted up, hitting the others, yelling and stuff and then he wouldn’t listen to me, he kept saying “you can’t do anything to me” so I grounded him for tomorrow and his parents have backed me up, so I guess that’s one win for the au pair! The rest of the day was much better! I got up and got the kids ... read more

Europe » Spain » Galicia » Vigo September 23rd 2013

I have realized the secret to being a good au pair---NEVER FEEL AWKWARD ABOUT ANYTHING. Really, it’s true. When I’m not sure what to do, I stand there in the corner of the room, being, some would say, awkward. When a teacher at school speaks to you in Spanish and you nod in all the wrong places; when the mother is going on about how her daughter is entering puberty…the usually daily events that you must take with a grain of sand and try not to laugh or cry. Today was my second really normal day, it began with taking the munchkins to school, then coming home and cleaning up, oh and having a super strange conversation with the mum about how to have…”the talk” with her ten year old. It was weird to be on ... read more

Europe » Spain » Galicia » Vigo September 22nd 2013

“BEACHING IT UP!” Was today’s theme. I woke up earlish and got going, Jen and I met at the bus stop and caught the C3 to Samil, the popular beach around here. We then spent five and a half hours lounging in the sun until I turned very brown and we were desperate for ice cream (Helado!). I then went home on the bus (which is great because you get to really see different parts of Vigo) and cleaned up at home and did some house keeping before my family returned. I’m excited to see them, which is a VERY good sign! I then spent the latter part of the evening playing games, making supper and laughing with the kids before tucking them in to bed. It’s funny how looking after someone else’s kids makes you ... read more

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