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Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Marbella November 28th 2010

We have landed in Spain in the rain. Jim's arm has been fixed!! We set off for the homeward slog to Santander tomorrow. Will see you all soon. Love Jim and Mo xxx... read more
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Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Marbella October 23rd 2010

Hi folks, crossed smoothly over to Santander, through to Marbella via Salamanca, well worth a visit see photos. On campsite at Cabopino, lots of Brits overwintering, sunny with a chilly wind so paddling not swimming in sea!... read more
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Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Marbella October 14th 2010

We picked up our automatic diesel Mercedes at Hertz 1st thing in the morning. We are super lucky as this car has more than enough space for us, our luggage and some extras. The first stop is Ronda. From Seville, this is about a 2 hour drive south. It is an absolutely cute and little town with incredible views. Ronda is where Ernest Hemingway based some of his stories. The bridge and bull ring are two of the popular attractions of this town. We took a stroll followed by lunch in the mountains. We continued our drive south to Marbella. WHOA. It was a ridiculous long windy road through the mountains. As I was driving, all I kept hearing is slow down, yet I was going slower than the speed limit. Sheri clenched every other minute ... read more
B&B in Marbella

Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Marbella December 2nd 2009

So, I never did get to write about Marbella. Marga and her family invited Sarah and I to spend the weekend with them in Marbella. One of Marga's nephews lives there. We camped out in their apartment, did lots of sight seeing, and had some great tapas. The harbor there was lined with so many yachts that it would put Key West's harbor to shame. Seriously, some of these boats were mansions. For those Pennsylvanians out there....they even had their own "spillway". In some areas along the dock the tourists are constantly feeding the fish. The ducks weren't quite walking on the fish...but the fish were definitely huge! It was a great weekend. Marga is so generous; I don't know what I'd do without her here. It was just great to leave Adra for the weekend. ... read more

Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Marbella May 9th 2009

Don't think I can get more lucky. A friend from class invited me to stay at her parent’s vacation home close to Malaga for the weekend. She ‘forgot’ to mention that it was a condo with a huge pool in front, a view of the ocean and has the biggest Jacuzzi I have ever seen. She also didn’t mention that ‘close to Malaga’ really means, in Marbella, one of southern Spain’s ritziest holiday getaways. She also a car, so we cruised the Autopista de Mediteranea through rolling hillsides of olive trees, stucco houses, herds of sheep and remnants of white washed ancient villas. It was the most beautiful drive I have ever seen. I’m still stuck with this cold, and I’ve heard that as long as I am a student in Spain I can get ... read more

Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Marbella October 1st 2008

So the other weekend I went with my rotary group and 2 other exchange students to Granada. It was very cool. I got to skip school Friday so that made a lot better. haha. I still had to wake up kinda early. My host dad Paco took me to some random gas station and a bus met me there with the other exchange students and my rotary group in it. The trip up was very nice. My rotary group consists of about 2 Spaniards. The rest are foreign like me. They all have traveled all over the world. The leader of the club's name is Nina and she is from Denmark. They all are so amazing. When ever I go on a trip with them they pay for everything. The food, transportation, and things we ... read more

Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Marbella August 27th 2008

Geo: 36.5099, -4.88635 GÜN 61 günlerden çarşamba Sabah artık keyfimize ve kafamıza göre kalktık. Ayşe 11:00 e doğru uyandı. Rutin toparlanma işlemlerinden sonra deniz yerine havuzda yanmaya karar verdik. Havuz tam anlamıyla bir çocuk tımarhanesi. Tek sorun tımar olmuyorlar. Etrafımız hep aile dolu, hepsi de çocuklarla savaş halinde . Ehh tabi Akdeniz usulu kamp böyle oluyor. Bu arada kampın full süpermarketi var. Öğlen kampta yiyelim dedik.çok büyük bir yemek salonları var. Güzel bir kayıntı oldu... Biraz dinlendik ve öğleden sonra Marbella'ya gitmeye karar verdik. Hangi istikamete gideceğimizi kestirerek, köprü üzerinden geçerek otobana çıktık ve otobüsümüzü bekledik. Burada otobüs şoförlerinin işi çok ama çok ... read more
Venus plajı
köprüyü geçti gelin

Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Marbella August 26th 2008

Geo: 36.5099, -4.88635 GÜN 60 Günlerden Salı İki aydır yollardayız bugün seyahatimizin 60.günü. Hala boşanmadık ve boşanmayı düşünmüyoruz. Sabah 08:30 da yola çıktık. Bu kez akıllandım ve MIO ya "ekonomik yol" talimatı verdim. Muhteşem keyifli yerlerden geçtim. Önce Sevilla ya doğru seyrettik çevre yolundan Utrera istikametinde aktık Sonra Ronda'yı geçtik. İnanılmaz güzellikte manzaralarla dağları aşıp Akdeniz sahiline vardık. Ayşe tepelerde biraz korktu, fakat fazla bir sıkıntı yaşamadık. Benim gençliğimde Anadolu'yu gezerken, arabanın burnu Van gölün'de Erciş'i geçtikten sonra, Çakırbey'de batı'ya dönerdi. İşte o zaman "artık seyahat bitti" derdim. Şimdi sahile varınca ,... read more
Marbella Amblemi
Utrera bogasi
Ayşe hanım Mabella da

Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Marbella March 22nd 2008

Well we’re off to France next week so it’s well and truly time I finally publish my Spanish blog. I was holding off until I could stop the world moving and get a bit of creativity back to do justice to the beautiful Semana Santa (Easter celebrations) we witnessed in Spain. However life in London never seems to slow down long enough for one to catch their breath - let alone the mind space to write something as beautiful as these magical processions deserved. As it is I am writing this with the boys (David & Brendon) watching some programme about thugs in the background - so I hope that the pictures will do justice for the words I can’t find. Enjoy ... read more
Winter in London anyone?
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Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Marbella December 31st 2007

A sleepy morning was followed by a croissant breakfast on our balcony. Mark and Deb had a nice walk in the sun on the beach. We then headed out toward Marbella. We stopped and walked around Puerto Banus to see it during the daylight. It was very pretty with the white boats and white houses in the bright sunshine. We drove on to Marbella and after finding a parking garage for the bus, walked around the old town of Marbella. Deb found several nice shops for some small gifts. The Plaza de Naranjos (oranges) was a nice spot to sit down and have a drink. Old town Marbella features many tight streets with shops and small plazas with cafes and shops. A surprising amount were open despite being Christmas Eve. We continued to see the abundance ... read more
Puerto Banus marina
Guys at Puerto Banus

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