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Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Marbella May 16th 2006

Hey guys! I´m in Marbella now! I took a bus from Cordoba to here this AM and got in around 1230. I almost missed it because I slept through my alarm clock! This is probably because I was up late watching some Spanish rendition of ´Dancing with the Stars.´When the guy at the end won, all the other danceers ran over to him and were throwing him in the air! Haha! It was funny! Also last night, there was a jazz concert in the plaza where my hotel was. It was great! It was all American jazz and songs that I knew. I had my windows opened in my room and could hear it all! The bus ride here was beautiful! So much of Spain is so different! One second there are a ton of olive ... read more

Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Marbella June 21st 2005

Marbella!!!!! Its the kind of place you dream of for your honeymoon.... All inclusive resort and spa....a pink hotel, a master bedroom suite with huge closets, T.V and a full mini bar..... oh my goodness!!!! It was soooo fantastic. My veiw was incredible. That night with the balcony door open, the ocean waves lulled me to sleep.....It was one of the best sleeps of my LIFE!!!!! From Cadiz, it took three hours on bus. We left around 6 in the morning to make best use of our time in Marbella. Apparently, this beach on the Andulusian coast is a hot spot for many celebrities... i can never get away form the L.A life....crazy....anyway.... Sean Connery..."grasthisis"...has a house out here......Puff Daddy and his entourage is seen out on his yacht, Beyonce and Jay-Z have gotten it on ... read more
My Pink Palace!
En la Piscina!
On the Balcony

Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Marbella June 21st 2005

After week three of classes, and many days laying out by the pool, I had to stop teasing myself and get down to see the real ocean. The south of Spain is known for the their amazing beaches and resorts. I really wanted to go to a Spa.... i know... but after all this backpacking..which is such hard work.... I wanted to be spolied......well, it didnt happen, funds are instead, we got really creative....hostel.....aww man....!! We started our trip on a five hour train ride to Cadiz. A small barrio of fishermen, and a small strip of a beach. Extremely hot weather, and extremely hot guys...i think Cadiz has the hottest men in all of Europe.... Seriously...every where I walked, there was one on his vespa, another with his mother, another with his girlfriend...which is ... read more
The view from our hostel!
The "typical " Cadiz street!
A really cool tree!

Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Marbella February 5th 2005

Hey everyone! I am just trying to get used to this program before heading to New Zealand so I thought I would send you some pictures and notes from my trip to Spain. I was in Spain from Dec 21-January 6th. Our first stop was on the Southern Coast of Spain in Marbella, we stayed in a BEAUTIFUL resort (as you can see from the pictures!) the majority of our time there and did day trips from there...... read more
View from villa
One more pool

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