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Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Marbella February 10th 2018

Very often, we find that gaining strength and body mass can help dive deeper, because when we have bigger muscles we can generate more air in our body. Each muscles are fueled by oxygen, and the harder the muscle works, the more oxygen it requires. To dive deeper and longer, you need to make good use of this oxygen, and in order to do so , you and your body need to be very calm and relaxed. Relaxation helps considerably to be a good free diver, that way you can be more aware of the messages sent by your body, for example, spasm in the diaphragm are the first signals letting you know that you are running out of breath and therefore time for your ascension back to the surface. But when you control your mind ... read more

Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Marbella February 6th 2018

Yoga is a Sanskrit word meaning "unite" focus on blending in the physical and spiritual level, and brings a multitude of therapeutic benefits. Yoga practice is an essential part in our life. Yoga existed many years ago first in India and found it's journey to the western countries, it is now firmly rooted in our culture. The Practice of yoga provides all the physical benefits, but it also helps in the mental aspects. Yoga self practice must be adapted with full awareness in order to benefit from the positive changes, to be able to relax and release from anxiety and depression. Depression is mostly due to fatigue, and stress. Yoga effectiveness derives from the ability to release tension and cortisol level in the body. The emphasize is on deep calm profound breaths to allow the body ... read more

Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Marbella January 17th 2018

Puerto Jose Banus is the most famous nautical and tourism place in southern Europe. The port is a great luxury marina, and more then that it is a city within a big city, Marbella. Jose Banus has constructed a big statue of himself, a local property developer as the luxury marina and shopping complex for the Jet-set and the super rich. So, if you like places for boats, cars, fame, food, shopping, party, this is the right place for you.... read more
La concha
La digue
La digue

Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Marbella May 13th 2017

Geo: 36.5099, -4.88635Today we visited Marbella, a city and resort area along the Costa del Sol, just east of where we are staying. We parked in the city centre, and then headed through a maze of narrow streets that twist and turn past white Andalusian buildings. The buildings are adorned with flower filled balconies, chic boutiques and trendy cafes. We stopped and enjoyed a coffee in Plaza de Los Naranjos. Then we continued our walk through the winding streets and down to the beach promenade. On the Avenida del Mar we viewed an interesting exhibition of Salvador Dali sculptures. Today is lovely and sunny, so we got to see this part of the Costa Del Sol at its best! We stopped to enjoy some gelato before heading back to our car. On our drive back towards ... read more
Dali sculptures in Marbella
Plaza de Los Naranjos
Coffee area in Marbella

Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Marbella October 4th 2016

Geo: 36.5099, -4.88635Down time and downtownDAY NINETuesday, October 4, 2016Today is a day of leisure and relaxation. Nothing on the agenda from Tauck and only breakfast included. Friends who know me well know I don't do relaxation well. I am an obsessive compulsive doer so this isn't my best day on the tour. But my traveling companions are delighted, included my roommate.I have been getting very little sleep, averaging 4-5 hours between traveling all day and blogging and editing photos at night. I rarely go to bed before 2 am. Which was true again last night but this morning I didn't have to set an alarm. Patrick woke me up at 9:40 so I guess I needed to catch up on the Z's.I thought I had a manicure at 10 am, according to our tour guide. ... read more
Tempora duck entree
Barcy and Anne along a blue pot wall in Marbella
Me with my feet in the Mediterranean

Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Marbella October 3rd 2016

Geo: 36.5099, -4.88635Monkeying AroundDAY EIGHTMonday, October 3, 2016From Seville we headed south to Jerez de la Frontera, Spain's horse and sherry country. We toured the Royal Andalusian School of Equestrian Art, located on the grounds of a 19th-century mansion designed by the architect of the Paris Opera, Garnier. First up on the tour were some carriages and coaches (can you imagine? two coach museum tours in one itinerary?) and then a visit with some of the famous Andalusian horses. Several have medaled in dressage at the Olympics. They are exquisite. Mostly we saw them being groomed, and others being trained. We saw academy students taking lessons in the arena.On the same site, we were given a tour of the House of Sandeman, one of the places producing Spain's famous sherry. Following the tour, they offered a ... read more
Barbary apes at Gibraltar -- eating a peach
View from our room at Gran Melia in Marbella
Walking to and from Gibraltar

Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Marbella July 6th 2016

Marbella...I even was close to live here some 20 years ago... My first visit was with my parents...when I was 12. That was my first plane ride was that one....on Finnair from Luxembourg to Malaga...they give us nice reindeer for lunch, a first for me, and even some teenagers games....yes, that was the time, long time ago, when flying in Europe was still better than a bus ride! Than came the middle of the 90's, and I made my way back to Marbella, working as a golf teacher for Club Med in March-April. I was at University! Trust me, in top Universities in Belgium, we do have lectures in March and April, but I was on my own at Club Med, and do get a top degree at the same time. it was a challenge, ... read more
Little evening in Puerto Banus
Ronda, hasn't changed much in 30 years!
I shoot a 81 on La Quinta today...not bad with only 7 clubs!

Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Marbella August 27th 2014

Hola everyone! A few things we have noticed on this trip in Europe is that dogs are allowed in shops, restaurants and buses. Some girls copy the Paris Hilton's of this world and carry their small dogs under one arm..... We're really getting the hang of an afternoon siesta after a great lunch and some wine - finding it very easy to do.. On Monday we did some stuff around the house, had lunch and pretty much relaxed at home during the day. Yesterday we decided to go to the Rock of Gibraltar and check out one of the golf courses we'd been advised to go, thought we might go there for lunch. Well, we travelled for ages and could see the Rock in the distance and followed signs, as it turned out - the wrong ... read more
John having his lunch
Massage parlour
Part of an old fort

Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Marbella August 25th 2014

Hola! Well here we are in Marbella, Costa del Sol, Spain. Such a different place with amazing scenery. Hills and barren mountains in the background, with very lush green golf courses and the Mediterranean sea on the other side - can see it out of my window as I do this blog. So let's go back a few steps first. We caught the train late in the day to Rome, strangely enough our tickets weren't even checked so wonder how many people get a free ride? There is a machine that you put your ticket in to but we didn't as we didn't have the usual type of ticket that it takes. A non Italian speaking man told people around him that they were on the wrong train - a group of chinese girls in particular. ... read more
View from La Cala (not Santa Maria)
View from La Cala golf resort
Saw this one in a window

Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Marbella January 17th 2013

Marbella has the remains of the old Muslim walls, Marbella's casco antiguo. The old town has a maze of picturesque winding streets and charming little plazas, with plenty of outdoor bars where you can sampletypical Andalusian cuisine. At the center of this intricate pattern of alleyways is Plaza de los Naranjos, with the 3 to 4 century old town hall and fountain. Getting lost in this maze is the best way to experience this historic town. Marbella also has the modern and opulent section c... read more
Historic Marbella
Historic Marbella
Historic Marbella

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