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Europe » Poland » Pomerania » Gdansk November 8th 2014

Każda podróż ma swoją inspirację i początek. Czasem jest nią rozmowa z kimś znajomym. Tak było w przypadku naszego pierwszego wyjazdu do Azji. Czasem natchnienia szuka się w miejscach bardziej trywialnych. Dla nas była nim, tym razem, telewizja i Anthony Bourdain. Człowiek nietuzinkowy i potrafiący na swój, specyficzny sposób, pokazać każdy rejon świata. Więc panie Bourdain, jutro wyruszamy w świat Pana śladami :). Plecaki spakowane. Od co najmniej tygodnia, jak to u nas :). Jutro lot do Frankfurtu i, o ile Lufthansa znów nie zastrajkuje, w nocy z niedzieli na poniedziałek, do Kuala Lumpur. Lecimy, na początek, na stare śmieci więc stolica Malezji chyba niczym nowym nas nie zaskoczy. Ale Tajwan pozostaje wielką niewiadomą i zupełnie nie wiem jak go odbierzemy. Czy Basia bierze soczewki kontaktowe? Czy w Taipei są bezpiecznie dla nas rozmieszczo... read more

Europe » Poland » Pomerania » Leba September 17th 2014

Kartuzy and Leba in northern Poland on 14 September 2014 Kartuzy was only 30 kms west of Gdansk so we arrived around mid morning. It was Sunday morning so the mall and streets were very quiet....except the areas in front of the 2 large churches in the town. We learned from our host Darek that there was a high church attendance rate in Poland. We saw 1st hand evidence of this in Kartuzy as there were so many people attending church, there were people outside the churches, praying and kneeling as the inside was full.....something we would never see in Australia except on special occasions. We also saw that the town had gone for the largest scrambled eggs to be entered into the Guinness Book of Records. The town had a great 'feel', being of high ... read more
Kartuzy in northern Poland - church and cemetery the latter which is very frequently visited (2)
Kartuzy in northern Poland - church and cemetery the latter which is very frequently visited (3)
Kartuzy in northern Poland - great icecreams

Europe » Poland » Pomerania » Gdansk September 15th 2014

Torun in central Poland and Gdansk on north coast 13 September 2014 After driving on excellent roads, in fact new freeways, we arrived in Torun and visited its Old Town. The key feature of the town was the castle ruins which was established by the Teutonic Knights in Malbork. The castle had a dungeon where they had set up a recording of ghosts and other such scary noises which switched on when people walked into the room. There were several children there when we were visiting, and they were screaming with fright. It kept the kids interested. We then walked through the old town and found a cafe called Queensland Coffee to have our cup of coffee. The waitress couldn't tell us why it was called that (due to language barrier) but we saw on the ... read more
Gdansk in north Poland coast - Green gate
Gdansk in north Poland coast - Tom enjoyed the street entertainment (1)
Gdansk in north Poland coast - map of Old Town

Europe » Poland » Pomerania » Gdansk August 2nd 2014

Ok day three in Poland. The train experience : Sobot to Warsaw 5 hours. One way to describe it: " A Modern Day Cattle Car" Boarding the last train on a Sunday evening . OMG... Why do they sell more tickets than seats? The people, children, Dogs, yes Dogs were piled on top of each other . I am writing this while knowing there are 4 hours left to Warsaw... The aisles are blocked with suitcases, and standing bodies only, no way can you even see the door of the bathrooms so forget seeking refuge there. In my personal inch of space, I have been upgraded to sitting atop a plastic built-in storage box. Next to my ear on the right is a screaming two year old boy who is also clutching a toy cat belting ... read more
No boundaries

Europe » Poland » Pomerania June 18th 2014

Throughout history Gdańsk (Danzig) has been predominantly a German city even though it was well inside of Polish borders. At the end of World War I Poland regained its independence from Prussia but the city of Gdańsk was designated as a free city and put under the control of the League of Nations. The Polish government needing a port on the Baltic Sea and chose to develop Gdynia into a major seaport as it controlled this area. During the 1920’s and 30’s the small fishing village of Gdynia became a major seaport and large industrial city. Walking around the city of Gdynia gave us more of a feeling of a “regular” city where people worked and lived and not a center for tourism. Sure there were tourists here, some of the smaller cruise ships came to ... read more
Dredging Went On Here
Many Green Spaces in the City of Gdynia
Marking the Entrance to Stutthof

Europe » Poland » Pomerania » Gdansk June 12th 2014

Next stop in Poland was the city of Gdańsk, a city that has been fought over since its beginning in the year 997. It developed as a port over the centuries with the Germans arrived from Lübeck in the early 13th century, the first of many to come. The Teutonic Order (a group of warrior monks, similar to the Templar order in many ways came to this part of Europe to spread the teaching of the Catholic Church often resorting to the sword as the primary means of education) in 1308 seized the city and turned it into a major trade center joining the Hanseatic League in 1361. After losing a significant battle in 1410 the Teutonic Order began to lose its hold on this part of Poland. The local population in 1454 decided that they ... read more
While Sailing to Gdańsk
The entrance to the Kanal Portowy and the Wisla River is a busy place
We dipped our ensign as a sign of respect

Europe » Poland » Pomerania » Leba June 10th 2014

We just completed a 31 hour crossing from the town of Stralsund in Germany to Leba, Poland. When you leave Stralsund you must wait for a bridge opening so we left the harbor about 8AM for an 8:20AM opening time. It reminded us of the many bridge openings we had waited for on our trip down the East coast going through the ICW back in 2010. We looked like ducklings all in a row as we waited patiently (and some not quite so patiently) for the opening and then “marched through” so we could continue our journey. You then enter a very large lake which we crossed before going out to the Baltic again. Using this route saves quite a bit of time and keeps you in more protected waters. It is a lovely large shallow ... read more
At 1AM It Is Still Light Enough
2 AM It Is Even Lighter
2:30AM Was Much Brighter

Europe » Poland » Pomerania » Gdansk May 21st 2014

Gdansk, Poland--Wednesday, May 21st Warm and bright sunny blue sky day. Got up early in order to have breakfast and be ready to catch our tour bus by 15 minutes to 8:00. The tour bus was to drive us about an hour through the countryside to Malbork Castle. The German name means Mary Castle. It is the largest Gothic castle in the world with an area of 21 hectares (52 acres) and is considered the largest brick structure ever built. It was built in stages in the 13th century and became the main stronghold of Teutonic Prussia and the seat of the “Great Masters of the Order” by 1309. After several wars and various other crises, in 1457, it became the residence of Polish rulers for the next 3 centuries. It was destroyed during the Prussian ... read more
1405-69 Being towed into port
1405-70 Dockside Gdansk, Poland
1405-71 Part of town through tour bus window

Europe » Poland » Pomerania » Gdansk July 14th 2013

We have said it before but what a difference a good night’s sleep does getting you ready for the days adventures ahead. We had thought that we and a Russian family were the only people staying in the guest house as apart from a little noise at some stage after we went to bed we didn’t hear anything else until we went down for breakfast. Gretchen had ‘met ‘the Russian guy in the kitchen last night when doing the dishes, while he was looking for a bottle opener. However, at breakfast there was another family group who sounded Polish plus the Russians. We all obviously spoke different languages so there wasn’t any chat amongst the tables over breakfast. We could have taken the train into Gdansk but we wanted to stop off at Sopot, Poland’s favourite ... read more
Sopot beach
Grand Hotel,Sopot
Market Square,Sopot

Europe » Poland » Pomerania » Gdynia July 13th 2013

The rain of yesterday had sorted of cleared but the sky was still overcast and the temperature remained cool leaving no other option but to stay in longs and sneakers. We took a look at the lagoon as we left to drive south towards two attractions today hoping that at least one would work for us before we drove north to our next stay for 2 nights in Gdynia,north of Gdansk(formerly known in East Prussian days as Danzig).Had we had more time we might have taken a walk to explore the area a bit more but we wanted to get on in case we found we had enough time to do both the things on our list today. First in our sights was the Elblag canal about 40 minutes down the road in a rural location.The ... read more
The Elblag canal incline out of action
Malbork castle
Inner courtyard,Malbork Castle

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