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Europe » Norway » Eastern Norway » Oslo March 24th 2001

So. We've finally made it Norway! We nearly missed our flight due to Heathrow being so so huge, we were at gate 1, and our gate was 53 .. *le siigh* Anyhoo .. Norway is so beautiful, although we were more hyped about seeing A-ha the next day we really didnt take many views in, but I soon learnt to USE the new camera I had brought. We met many a good people at the airport .. Brigitte, Karen, Mark, Steve and Emma, who helped us with our Norwegian and train to the hotel. London underground is easy compared to this! We spent the first evening exploring Oslo, trying not to forget where our hotel was, and visited Steve's hotel - the very posh 5 star directly in Oslo town, oohh! :D Anyhoo, we had pizza ... read more

Europe » Norway » Eastern Norway » Oslo February 12th 1999

Today in the hostel I woke up with the alarm of the man in the bunk below me. I think he was German, but at 7:30 in the morning, 6:30 Irish time, I didn't care where he was from. I lay awake trying to collect my thoughts. Ahead of me lay the promise of my first day in Norway and the daunting challenge of my first full day ever of solo traveling. I really had no idea what to expect. My first challenge was working the hostel shower. After thoroghly spraying my medicine bag and my clothes I enjoyed a surprisingly, bordering on painfully, hot shower. I then rolled down to the famed Norweigen breakfast where I picked myself up some juice, some ham and cheese, and some bread. I also picked myself up some cornflakes. ... read more
Folk Park
Viking Ship Museum
Palace Guards

Europe » Norway » Eastern Norway » Oslo May 12th 1993

The guy has a theory. ”There are no fiords”. Even though the cruise ship gracefully sails up the fiord leading to Oslo, the Swedish guy is convinced. He tries to convince some American tourists to accept his statement. It’s all just a conspiracy. Maybe by the Norwegian government, in order to attract tourists. Maybe it’s just an illusion. Many of the passengers are spending the morning observing the fantastic sight. So does the guy with the theory. Yet he claims that this is not a fiord. It is something else. It could be anything else, but not a fiord. Nobody is buying his argument, although it is a very interesting one. Maybe by the time of his return trip home the young lad had sobered up and established new theories that are easier to support. ... read more

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