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Europe » Netherlands » Province of Utrecht » Utrecht August 3rd 2009

So I arrived to the Netherlands after a nine-ish hour flight upon which I slept an optimistically estimated 1.5 hours. It was 10:30 when arrived and I decided that I would attempt to make it through the day so I would go to sleep at 9 pm at the latest. Going through customs some Italian boys struck up a conversation with me which was interrupted by some Cal Alum asking me if I went to CAL..I answered yes..and he shouted go bears and talked about his glory days. I'm hoping that this behavior was lack of sleep/ confinement in a small area for nine-odd hours induced but knowing CAL alums it probably wasn't =. I was overwhelmed and didn't know where to get me luggage but finally I found it and got a cart to carry ... read more

Europe » Netherlands » Province of Utrecht » Utrecht July 15th 2009

There is a Chinese proverb that goes like "When one is his own country, one depends on his family. When one is abroad, one depends on his friends". I have traveled enough by now to appreciate the second part of this saying. Yesterday I decided to visit my Dutch friend Peter in the 4th largest city in the Netherlands, Utrecht. It turned out to be an unexpected high note of the trip so far. Amsterdam is an international city swamped with tourists, particularly young tourists, many came probably with a single purpose in mind. The downside of that do not get to see how the Dutch people live and interact with them. Well, it was a good decision to go visit Utreckt, the fourth largest city in the Netherlands. I went to Amsterdam Centraal, the ... read more
Utreckt Church
Exterior of Church
Statue of Liberty

Europe » Netherlands » Province of Utrecht » Utrecht July 11th 2009

A very nice day here today ... a few pics of the ancient Utrecht canal system.... read more

Europe » Netherlands » Province of Utrecht » Utrecht July 11th 2009

Well we woke up this morning to beautiful sunshine for our last day in Utrecht. We plan to squeeze in a cruise on the old canal between conference sessions some time today since it is our last chance to do so. i will hopefully come back with some interesting pics later. Karla and I did our conference presentation yesterday afternoon and it was very well received. Nice to have it over now and to be moving on soon to the real vacation part of the trip. We ate last night (for the second time!) at a Portuguese restaurant not far from our hotel called Algarve. Just a wonderful place. Excellent food and fantastic service. Friendly and unpretentious and so accommodating. The first night we had a dish called Cataplana - we were brought a closed pot ... read more

Europe » Netherlands » Province of Utrecht » Utrecht July 9th 2009

This entry is more of a reflection on the bicycle situation here. I know it is a cliche but honestly the number of bicycles on the roads and in the parking stalls is amazing. I've attached a picture of a bike parking lot at the station in Amsterdam - unbelievalbe. Also, one has to be very careful walking to watch out not so much for the cars and trams but the bikes- they are silent but deadly! 5 pm here now and we are back from our first conference day. Extremely well organized!... read more

Europe » Netherlands » Province of Utrecht » Utrecht July 8th 2009

Today started out with torrential rain but things cleared up nicely around mid-morning allowing us to do a 3 hour walking tour of Utrecht. I tried to pick out the best of the pics -- it really is quite a beautiful old city. We came back to the hotel to rest and do a little work for the conference. The hotel only has 7 rooms and is really very nice. I've attached a pic of the garden out back that goes down to a sliver of a canal. A nice spot to sit and have glass of wine! The owners are very nice and obliging. Two guys who bought the place a couple of years ago and were disillusioned with the chain hotel experience from their own travels. They invite guests to join them for a ... read more

Europe » Netherlands » Province of Utrecht » Utrecht July 7th 2009

Lenora and I left Amsterdam this morning and 30 minutes later after a comfortable train ride found ourselves in Utrecht - a very nice city of about 300,000 (about Ottawa size). Still rainy but sunny breaks here and there. We walked a lot today - about 30 mins into the town centre from our hotel -- did that there and back twice. Hopefully it will balance out the food and drink! We plan to do some touring here tomorrow - boat cruise of the old canal here in this medieval city and some walking about. My colleague, Karla, and I register for the conference tomorrow evening and then on Thurs to Sat it will be conference mode with a few breaks. I've attached a few early pics of Utrecht - for sure there will be many ... read more

Europe » Netherlands » Province of Utrecht » Utrecht June 29th 2009

Now, what a lovely city! We spent a great afternoon in Utrecht, with Guido and friend Marina. The weather was perfect for casual strolling while doing our best to avoid being run down by the fiets. We had an interesting dining experience, out of respect for the fact that Marina is a vegetarian we decided we should eat at the vegan restaurant we found by accident on the banks of the canal. I had no idea what any of the items on the menu were, after all it was written in Dutch and it was also in Vegan, so I put my trust in the waiter and asked of he could suggest something. He said it was no problem, he could put together a plate for me to taste various grains and other organic delights. What ... read more
around Utrecht
around Utrecht
around Utrecht

Europe » Netherlands » Province of Utrecht » Utrecht February 6th 2009

I was lucky enough to visit Jo and Ewen in the Netherlands after a period of prolonged temperatures below zero. They live in Utrecht, a pretty little city in central Netherlands. On my first day in the flat country we took a train ride from the airport into Utrecht past frozen canals with Dutch people gliding along on iceskates, larger canals with cargo boats transporting goods, old and new style windmills and a lot of flat farmland. When in Utrecht they took me on a bike tour of the town, it was awesome to try out the Dutch bikes. There are no hills of note in the Netherlands so their bikes are very basic with no gears and huge seats. Bikes rule the roads and you feel totally safe roaming around on one, despite the fact ... read more
My awesome bike
Speed skaters
Yes the dirty dancing lift

Europe » Netherlands » Province of Utrecht » Utrecht November 21st 2008

Leeds to Amsterdam and Utrecht Having made much of the band Within Temptation on the Iceland blog, we decided it would be a fine idea to go and see them in the Netherlands their home territory. For this trip we were accompanied by our good friends Ela and David. We got the train, a packed Trans Pennine unit to Hull, and then a taxi to the dock. The ferry crossing was good, we availed ourselves with the food on offer (david managed five courses for the evening meal) and entertained ourselves with some beer and cards. Next morning, the 6am call to breakfast felt a bit early so we were a bit bleary eyed. Once on the transfer coach to Amsterdam we we subjected to the most ignorant, toe-curlingly awful moaning and drivel from a ... read more
Note to Highway Engineers
Utrecht old town

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